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Monday, July 28, 2014

Fan Fiction and Writing

I know I've been super immersed in fantasy media about otherworldly things when I start to feel the need to classify myself as Christina who hails from the land of United States. I've been super obsessed with hierarchies, social and religious politics and universe rules. Yes, I've been watching too much Star Trek and reading too many DC and Marvel comic books. Right now, I'm on the original 1960's Star Trek.

I haven't been editing this past week like I should. I've been working on other projects, the ones that I do privately for myself. I had a panic attack thinking I lost the little fan fiction I was writing about Beast Boy on Teen Titans. I found it, reread it and laughed. Yep, super cute and completely in character with the funny Cartoon Networks version of Teen Titans. I have a darker one that I'm thinking about writing, with the Arkham Asylum. I like dark and I like funny. I need the yin and yang of the story spirits. Mysterious little creatures they are.

The dark I take in small doses: Hemlock Grove and Supernatural. I just started watching these on Netflix.


HBA: 30/149 pages edited.

If you like the way I blog, take a look at my book links at the top of the page and check them out. You can read chapters for free.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Frogs in Yogurt and Writing

My girl friend mentioned this thing called Disney Bound, where you can dress like your favorite Disney character with a twist, so you can STILL go into the park. There is a rule where adults can't dress like characters. I'm out on the prowl for outfits that I can creatively enhance so I can start being characters. I was thinking about doing Disney themes for Halloween so that small kids can come to my house for treats and not be scared. I like this new super idea.

Disney Bound Little Mermaid Start
I found this dress, it's gorgeous. The back train drags on the floor, so I'd need heels, of course, but it's super short so I couldn't bend over, and I'm a little uncomfortable with the under length. This is the right track. I'm going to look for a gorgeous, long red wig and some things to decorate the dress with. I now have an idea on what I want for the Little Mermaid.

There is a frog in my yogurt! Mmmm.... I almost felt bad eating it, but boy was it tasty! Makes me want to go get another treat!

I walked into a chair in our living room, and eight days later, that bruise is still smarting. It's starting to turn purple. Before it was just yellow and pinkish. At first I felt this was good research for my assassin, since he sustains a pretty nasty bruise. Now, I realize I might have underplayed his bruise. It's not like I can forget it. I can feel the knot moving when even my clothes brush against it. This is far more complicated than I first gave credit. I don't think his bruise is as bad as mine, considering the different in how it was received, but research just the same.

Writing Update:

HBA: 25/149 pages edited.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Escargot and Writing

I've been working on Remembrance Therapy stories. My dinner a few nights ago brought on a great memory that I could, and maybe will still write about, but I wanted to share anyway right now. Emory found this great "World Buffet" restaurant by the freeway. It was mostly Asian food, but this is the first time I saw escargot in a buffet. It was right next to a LOT of things I can no longer touch, and not by my own conscious decision. My body made the decision for me when it decided it was going to become allergic to all my favorite sea foods.

Giant Escargot
My story was about the first time I tried these in elementary. As you can see, these are GIANT escargot and so rubbery, my butter knife was no help in making it bite size. I like them small when you can pop the whole thing in our mouth. When they are big like this, you can see things that I'd rather pretend aren't in my mouth.

Be looking for some of my Remembrance Therapy stories. I read one to Emory and it wasn't a story I shared with him in passing, so he was a little surprised. I was a child who liked to dream a lot, and I tried to live out a lot of those dreams.


HBA: 22/149 pages edited on novel.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vanilla Plants and Writing

I went temporarily insane thinking I could actually harvest vanilla plants out here in Arizona. I looked up the growing Do It Yourself plans. Yeah… These plants need full sunlight, not a problem in Arizona. It’s the temperature control that’s the problem. The plants need an atmosphere of 90 degrees and humid, plus constantly being misted. Now the site did talk about vanilla bean plants in California, which I’m not surprised. California’s weather seems great for growing just about everything. Arizona is great for growing weeds and cactus. People do have plants, and in neighborhoods, it’s easier to keep fruit trees. One of the houses I looked at to buy had two orange trees in the front yard, which I think is funny. No one really protects their fruit. It’s like a free for all. These orange trees were more like shade trees, because they were higher than the house and the lower branches were cut off, so you’d need a ladder if you wanted oranges off them. Long story short, I’ll just work a little harder so I can buy vanilla powder off the internet.
When my mom goes on vacation, she likes to collect rocks. She’ll write the location and year on the rock and that’s her treasure. I must’ve gotten my naturist side from her. When they went to Texas, she had a huge dilemma. With sadness in her voice she stated, “I went mining twice, once at a gold mine and once at a prism mine. I found no gold, but we were unearthing tons of prisms. I had to dump my rocks in order to bring home what I found in the mines.” I was very sorry she lost her rocks, but she wasn’t kidding about what she found. The chunks of rock with the prisms stuck inside are about the size of a softball and heavy. Suitcases can only weight so much before you have to pay extra to ship them, so I don’t know if she was able to keep her suitcase under 50 lbs.
Writing Update:
I applied to be the secretary of our Romance Writers of America meeting. It has to be voted on and there are tons of women there who might have more time than I do, to do it, but some friends convinced me that this is a great way to learn everyone’s names and be part of the bigger picture, so I agreed. I’m a little nervous because my current schedule is grueling. As I write this, I just realized I double booked my Saturday. Dilemma.
HBA: 10/140 pages edited. These pages aren’t double spaced.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

NaNoWriMo Outlines

I finally tried Zumba. It fit my schedule so I thought, why not. I sit a lot, obviously, as a writer, so having a chance to work out my lumbar was exactly what I needed. The first fifteen to twenty minutes was great. I could feel my spine and shoulders really loosening up. Thirty minutes in, I was still thinking, “This is EXACTLY what I need.” An hour in, I was exhausted and ready for the class to be over. Hey, I am on my tush for at least eight to ten hours a day. I can’t believe I use to walk for 13 hour days as a tour guide. I miss doing that, but I am a true believer in continuing on a worldly journey of many opportunities, and boy, do I have a lot of those.

NaNoWriMo is in 4 months. I’ve pulled out my pen and notebook and started jotting down the main concept of my next HBA novel. I’m hoping to get a fairly good jump start on my first draft during NaNo since we all know that first drafts for me, are sometimes just a stew of everything until I weed out what works. I’m a little jealous of the writers who have to rewrite their drafts very few times. There is a writer at my meeting who has a new book out every month and to clarify, she’s a legacy published author so she’s not just putting unedited stuff out there. You know she isn’t rewriting her novels as many times as I do. Emory keeps telling me that one day, I’ll get to that point, but I wonder if I will. I seem to lack foresight and when I push it, I never like what I come up with. I might move a little faster on my projects eventually, but I don’t believe I’ll ever be one of those writers that can have a finished product from start to finish within a few months. I don’t have the time and my thoughts are about as organized as my lifestyle… which means I’m not organized at all.

I’m working on the edits of HBA book 1. I remember April 2013, telling my friend about the characters and setup. I can’t actually remember when I started working on a finished draft of it, but since then, it’s already been a year and I’m in my final edits. Between that, I’ve had a number of other stories I’ve worked on and while I was waiting for the HBA edits to come back, I started working on the first full draft of the mystery I’m working on. So it’s not like there is major room between projects, it just feels like it takes forever to get one project done. How do the writers, who have a project ready to go every month, do it? Are there any suggestions on this, besides having a much better outline?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Seeds, Migration and Writing

Before my mom went to Texas:

She said: "You know, when our family migrated from Scotland/Ireland, they stopped in Texas."
Me: "How many people is that?"
She said: "The people who are Scottish/Irish."
Me: "So I'm related to half the Scot/Irish in Texas?"
She said: "Heavens no! You're related to EVERYONE who is Scot/Irish in Texas."
Me: "That makes more sense why you told me never to date anyone from Texas."

My mom's parents migrated to the west. I migrated six times since then. My mom says I migrate every two years, while my other migrating family stayed between three states. The point of this story is, when my family comes back from Texas, Emory and I will be at the airport to pick them up... Then we're supposed to go to IHOP for breakfast to meet my cousin's new boyfriend.

I spent the weekend at the Phoenix Zoo where I helped collect seed samples from the Arizona and African trail. It was a lot of seeds and I can't wait to get the seeds separated from the pods. I worked a little on the large project, but I am far busier than I'd like to be. I also put some pine seeds in the window to see if they would sprout.

When I was helping another volunteer pick the seeds, we were up on the back end of the aviary. I mentioned that I saw a Sonoran Coachwhip snake slithering up around that wall about a month ago. She said she was going to be careful. I found myself staring very intently on the ground, because the snake is the same color as the rock and dirt. It's not one of the poisonous snakes, but a bite still hurts. I backed out and we continued up the trail. I wanted to see the green house, but we didn't make it that far.

Writing Update:

HBA: I got the edits back. It's time to get to work. A friend of mine said, "If you edit too hard, you'll rewrite the book." I hate to say it might go that way. As writers, we know better than that, right? It's hard to keep myself focused. Just make the edits I see... and maybe rearrange a few paragraphs.