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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Email Spam from Co-Workers and Writing

I'm on a 22,000 person distribution list for updates to computer systems within my company. The downside to mass emails happen when someone decides to "reply all" to the list. It spiraled from there, ending up with 700+ emails that all had the same logic behind it, "stop emailing me," which wasn't logical at all, because by sending that, they added to the spam emails. At one point, people were calling IT, our help desk for my foreign friends who read my blog, to stop the spam emails, which they contributed to by replying. It was such a mess.

Emory came over and showed me how to block the unwanted email chains on Microsoft Outlook. It only works as long as people don't change the heading to the email, which they did in their plea for people to stop emailing because it was blowing up their boxes. I think some of those emails had to be a joke. I don't see how 5,000 people within such a supposedly high functioning and reputable company could not understand how "reply all" works.

Despite the laughter, there were tears. Many of my fellow companions had to turn their emails off, me included. It was distracting. The rest of my sentiments on it I'll leave unsaid. One thing I'll say, I should've taken that "reply all" moment and spammed people on my website and books available. I'm working more on my marketing side.

Wednesdays are free pie day at Village Inn, a little restaurant kind of like Denny's. I think Denny's is universal, I'm not sure. I got a vegetarian skillet and Emory ordered a skillet that looked like country fried chicken. Afterwards, I got strawberry pie and he got cherry. It was just what the doctor ordered.

I'm in the middle of downsizing my clothes, which is no easy feat. I have Halloween costumes, formal wear, work clothes, square dance dresses, robes, coats, etc. I'm trying to decide what needs to go in the air tight bags, which I love because the make your clothes itty bitty and easy to store.

Writing Update:

HBA: 105/134 pages edited.

Mystery: I'm in the middle of looking up documents on building a town and I need to run to the library for research books. Excited about the project, but not sure when I'll actually get to it.

Novella 2: co-writer and I might make another novella because this last one did so well. We're only talking right now. Nik does the comic con's and I have other projects I'm trying to get going.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ostrich Festival

We went to the Ostrich Festival on Saturday. Some fun facts about these massive flightless birds:

*An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain! Also, the ostrich's eye measures almost two inches across, which makes it the largest eye of any land animal.

*The ostrich is the largest and heaviest living bird in the world.

*An ostrich hen can lay somewhere between forty to hundred eggs in a year. One ostrich weighs 1600 grams, which is equivalent to the weight of about twenty-four chicken eggs and takes two hours to hard boil. An ostrich's egg hatches in forty-two days.

The festival wasn’t as flamboyant as I expected for an ostrich festival. I thought it would be centered more on the guests of honor. Instead, it was a cheaper version of the state fair. We watched the ostrich races which wasn’t disappointing. It was so funny and I do believe I might be utterly in love with these birds. They are such beautiful creatures.

We also watched Axe Women, which are competitive women loggers. It was exciting how fearless the women were. They had these heavy, razor sharp weapons that they swung so close to their legs. I’m glad we got a chance to see this. What I didn’t know is that some colleges apparently offer this as a sport. If you want to do something unconventional with your life consider throwing an ax at a target.

We didn’t do any rides this time. We also forgot to try an ostrich burger, though I’d been going back and forth on that notion all day. I have an aversion to most meat products. I like fish and I like eggs. Beef, pork and chicken are usually not going to be the first thing on my list. I have a lot of food holdups. So I’m not sure if I dodged a guilt bullet by not eating it, or if I built onto my curiosity for new and exciting foods.

Only one vender that I saw was really selling anything ostrich related. You could buy broken shell for 50 cents and ostrich toe nails for $8. I was debating on buying some broken shell. A full shell was $25, unpainted. I didn’t see any painted shell, but those are usually $$$.

Writer Update

HBA: 97/133 pages. edited.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Zoo Safari and Writing

This year, I volunteered for Zoo Safari. It took over for Zoo Brew, which I’m glad I did at least once, now that there won’t be another Zoo Brew for the time being. I have an awesome Zoo Brew staff shirt that I trimmed and feminized. There were no fancy shirts for Zoo Safari. Our attire was black shirts and blue jeans. I helped with photography. People stood in front of a giant green screen.

Next year, I’d like to go as a guest. All the things I generally like were present, free food, fun music, freebies, and animals. There were tons of photo ops, which I’ll take in a heartbeat. The shift was a little cold, though it was cold during the Zoo Brew too.

Whenever my aunt comes to visit, she gets very unsettled by how many books we own. I have found a solution. I was looking in a magazine and found bookshelves that have see-through doors on the upper half and closed wood on the bottom. I will put all my writing books in these shelves and whatever series I plan to keep. I have tons of books, some of which are like shoes, they just don’t fit. So I do need to go through my stacks and decide on what I’m doing with it all.

I’ve also decided that it’s probably time to downsize, which I don't say lightly. I'm a dragon and I guard my treasures. I love shopping. I did Valentine’s Day 50% off sale, found tons of awesome stuff. I’m making goody bags for Halloween, and I found pirate stuff 50% off in the Valentine’s Day section. I think next year, I might spoil my associates with some goodies.

Writer Update:

HBA: I wrote 2,000 words at another location on a scene in my novel. I get home to put the scene in and realize I wrote it from a different POV. I tried to work it into the POV that was already chosen, then scrapped the notion. I liked this part of the story in my alpha werewolf's prospective more than my assassin's prospective. Why? Because my alpha werewolf is just a little easier to relate to. Not that I don't find humor in both their personalities, except, the assassin is a bit difficult and I think it's easier to show what the assassin doesn't understand about the werewolves from the werewolf's point of view.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Zoo, Chocolate and Writing

The Chocolate Affair was a lot warmer this year. Last year I went dressed for a snow day, though it doesn't snow in Phoenix. My first stop was at a booth with homemade root beer. I'm such a sucker for that stuff. I have root beer candy, suckers and drinks. We met up with my writer buddy, Danne, and checked out the RWA booth that always has a spot at the event. Our friends were busy selling books.

I bought three cupcakes, a pie in a jar, marshmallow dipped in chocolate with graham crackers and homemade caramel. The bad thing is, you want to binge and realize bingeing just makes you sick. I won't mention that I had three bags of Reece's hearts and cupcake flavored Kettle Corn from Target. You can see that I've been chocolate bingeing well before the Chocolate Affair.

Bee's Like Chocolate Affair Too
One of the perks to being a volunteer is sometimes getting a chance to see things behind the scenes. I got a wonderful chance to see the elephants and see the innovative ways the zoo takes care of these exotic and sensitive creatures. We had a chance to feed them and got some insider bits and pieces on what goes into the care of an animal this magnificently large. It was truly wonderful.

Later, I did a little zoo shopping on their winter sales product and got a few things I spotted in December but didn't make a move on. I am now the proud owner of a porcupine hat, giraffe spotted ear muffs and zebra stripped gloves. I also got a zoo hat for the summer. After working at a theme park-zoo, I learned about the horror of sun spots and cancer. The hat I've been using is more like a beach hat, so not extremely professional though no one has complained. I finally have a ball cap that will keep the sun off my face and looks like I'm not ready to go bum at the beach after my shift.

Writing Update:

HBA: page 82/128 pages edited.

I'm a little stuck on if I should start the second HBA book or start the first PC mystery.

PC novella: 1200/25000 words written.

TT Fan Fiction: 2/? chapters finished. Probably going to be my own private project since I'm playing with a new subject of interest that is slowly growing fondness with fan girls.

CNKND Fan Fiction: One Shot: 2 parts left to edit. I might post, still undecided.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Fairy Tale Number #35 on Amazon

It's finally February and there are tons of things going on! The Chocolate Affair is this weekend. This is when I indulge in chocolate galore! Last year, I picked up tons of different chocolates and split them with Emory. The only thing we didn't get, which I learned the year prior, was chocolate dipped bacon... didn't like that.

In other news, Fairy Tale, my fluffy cute novella project I was working on with my co-writer made it to #35 on the Top 100 for Fairy Tale stories.

There are tons of great books listed in this section. I'm going to have to think about book shopping when I get the chance. Right now, I need to finish another novel I'm working on.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Zoo in the Night

I agreed to volunteer at the zoo for the Run 4 Deaf Awareness. When I got to the zoo, I realized how very vague the email was with my directions on what I'd be doing. In the end, I was a volunteer park ranger and I got decked out in gear, then sent on my mission. I was all the way back on the African trail. The cool thing about this zoo is how spaced out it is and how much nature hasn't been altered out there. All the exhibits are well spaced. The place isn't built up, it's tucked away on a walking trial and a botanical garden is just up the way.

Marty, who walked me to my destination for the night, said that it was too cold for scorpions, but the thing about warmer climate areas, most things are thrown off their sleeping patterns. The migration can stop in AZ and sometimes it does. So I kept feeling like something was crawling up the back of my leg. Paranoia obviously, because I didn't see ANYTHING creepy crawly on the rocks or dirt path.

As it grew darker, the path I was on had so few lights, a great deal was left to darkness. Our female lion was making a LOT of noise. It was scary in the dark, hearing a roar like this. I was down the path, I couldn't even see the lion exhibit past the large rhino exhibit, but I could hear her roar echoing in the darkness. I turned on my flashlight, but it didn't stretch far enough.

It was a good, long while before I saw the first runner, decked in a glow stick necklace. She wasn't nearly as bright as the horde that came around the corner and down the trail just behind her. It was like World War Z all over again. It was exciting. I was completely caught up in the rush.

Writer Update:

HBA: 66/126 pages edited.

PC: Reading a lot of mysteries so I can get a better handle on what I want to do with the mystery I'm writing. What I'm learning, successful mysteries (the ones I've read so far) seem to have funny comedy relief. My book doesn't have one and I'm not sure one would fit. Still reading.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fairy Tale Finished and World War II Doll

There was an ad at the library that an antique appraiser would be at Downtown Glendale for the night and people could register one item to be appraised. Joe brought a book signed by Elvis, Ms. N. brought America Painted Glass, Ann, John and Emory brought paintings. I brought a doll. Everyone was told that their items were about $100 or less, mine is a $100 or less, BUT get this! The doll was dated around World War II.

Just for the record, the doll isn't mine, nor was the painting Emory's. We don't really collect anything antique. We just brought them for a friend so we could see what they were worth. It's cool though that I had something so old in my hands.

I don't know if I said this, but Mozart got his certificate. Instead of taking him to intermediate training classes, we're working with him here on his behavior. He had a hard time understanding and if we take him to the dog park to work with him while there is distractions, well forget it. We might as well be broccoli for all he cares.

I won a basket full of books, thanks to Barb Cole for donating a ticket to me. That was really nice. I dug into those when I got home.

I'm in the middle of looking for a new position, one that is closer to the house. Getting up at 4am and not getting home until 5pm-ish isn't my cup of tea, though the place has lots of tea, so that is pleasant. I've also been looking for vanilla hot chocolate. I have no luck on the net so I settled with buying vanilla powder to mix. Lucky for me, mint hot chocolate is a little easier to find, but only around the holidays. If I had more room, I'd stock up on that.

Good news, I'm probably going to make some time to online shop for dye free candy! I'm such a chain chewer when I'm working on big projects. I found some really awesome natural candy sites! And TWO exclamations for the fact that they have ice cream toppings that don't have red 40 in them!! It seems like every ice creaming topping I find in the store be it chocolate or caramel, it all has red 40.

In other news, I bought two BBC seasons of Sherlock Holmes and you better bet I can't wait for the next one.

Writing Update:

Fairy Tale: novella, will be up in February, free for 5 days. Cover and ISBN are done. It is currently getting formatted by my lovely assistant.

HBA: 64/124 pages left to edit before it goes to my editor. I accidently called my dog by my assassin's name. Sadly, I had witnesses. Emory said, "Been really caught up in editing today?" In which I could only grunt in response.