Monday, May 23, 2016

Hot Arizona, International Waters and Mochi

It's hot in Arizona. Friends are now swimming. People are changing their schedules to fit the season. By that, I mean, people are starting to stay indoors after a certain very early morning hour. Volunteering at the zoo usually sucks, because it's hot by 9 am and I can barely take it.

I called Ann who is in California for the weekend, but when she answered her phone, she told me she and a few members of the caravan family got on a boat and are in International Water. Our connection broke and I texted her to let her know she didn't need to call me back. I wonder where they are sailing. With them, they probably got on a boat and just left. That's the story of the caravan. Everyone is in motion. I'm a little sad that I'm not in motion.

I asked Ann if Aunt Pam went with them. She said "Hell no! She's never going to get on a boat again." Emory and I shamelessly laughed at the very vivid and lively story about Aunt Pam on the boat. So, I'm not surprised she didn't go with them, but I guess they took Grandpa Aubrey. He's been very busy at the head of the caravan functions. 

We went to the Asian market today. The one we go to has a restaurant, but we were in a bit of a hurry, so we stopped long enough to look at a few items. We went down the candy aisle and I didn't see anything I really wanted to try at the moment. There is this thing called "Fish Chips" in all sorts of flavors that I might try one day. We like the green tea Kit-Kats. Emory found tea flavored pumpkin seeds. I was all for buying them, but he wasn't so sure. Maybe next time. I've blown all my birthday money in International grocery stores before.

We were on the hunt for ice cream mochi. The end result was that we found a Trader Joe's and bought green tea, strawberry and mango mochi. I had to promise Emory I wouldn't sit down and consume all three boxes in one setting. It's something Grandma Elise and I enjoyed doing, and we would eat boxes at a time.

We spent a portion of our day bowling. It was eventful. There are so many new bowling establishments around here.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Writing for Comics with Peter David

Genre: Humor-Entertainment 
Charts and Diagrams on Writing: No Charts, but a few helpful diagrams
Intensive Information on How-To:Yes
Writing Level:Tips for Beginners and Intermediate
Recommend this Book: Yes

I love how colorful the inner pages are and how the book is separated into squared off portions. I find the colorful pages eye catching, similar to the comic books I like to read. The different fonts and the boxes make it an unusual read. If text books were written like this, I'd probably have a way higher G.P.A. (just saying).

A lot of this information will be repeated if you have more than a handful of writing books on your shelf; however, I really find Peter David's humor refreshing. 

A huge note here: You don't have to write comics to find his information useful. His advice runs true for all types of literature such as; if you base a character off someone you know, only use a few of their traits and never their name. (Legal issues may ensue otherwise) Also, another favorite note made: blend fantasy and reality, otherwise people might not relate. (I like the characters that cuss a lot. I guess that means I relate to sailors and truck drivers... or comedians on late night television)

Chapters that I found extremely interesting:

Chapter 2: Characters: What Makes Heroes & Villains Tick

Chapter 5: Scripting

I like this guy. Check out his work. 

For the book I read: Click Here

Here is the newer version of his book: Click Here and Support this Author!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tarot, Lunch and Writing

Halloween Tarot Draw May 12, 2016 : Tower : breakdown of current beliefs built on false premise. Time to rebuild the dreams in a different manner and evaluate how you perceive your issues.

I had lunch with my friend at PF Chang's. She can't eat since she's on an 11 day liquid diet before she goes in for the tummy surgery. She had to eat a broth and she couldn't have much of it due to feeling sick. She looked radiant like always. She's a ball of pure sunlight.

She brought her friend who is a boxer. That was fun to talk about. Her friend trains with guys because that's the gym she goes too. She was so open. It was amazing. When  you meet people for the first time, it's very small talk. Nope, not here. She just jumped right into things. I swear, she also has a really wonderful aura about her.

As for me, I ordered the Buddha Feast which is all vegetarian. I love that so many Chinese restaurants have a  vegetarian option. Mine came with tofu, which I find a lot of people can't stand, but I love it. My niece seems to love tofu too. That makes me happy.

I'm currently trying to clean my house. I have so much stuff that I'm starting to feel like I don't actually know what I own any more. I have things here and there that I've been keeping for people, but now it's time to give that stuff back. I can't travel with everything I own and I own enough for 2 storage units. I already found someone to rent our place... but we can't leave yet because it doesn't feel like the right time. I look for signs, and though I feel ready to go, I can see that Emory has unfinished business here in Arizona.

I told Emory to go to Costco without me. When we both go, we end up coming home with more than we meant to. That place is amazing and when people let you sample food, you suddenly feel like you can't live without it and you want it in the basket. The bad thing about Costco is that you can't use your credit card. Probably a smart move on their end because people buy so much stuff. You have to have the money on your bank card or on you.

I've been video gaming a lot lately. That's what weekends are for. Emory works until late into the evenings, so I played a couple rounds on Mario Kart. I really want to join in tournaments with other players. It seems exciting, like having other people at a party, but no afterward clean up AND for a recluse like myself, I don't actually have any awkward moments where I just nod and stare because human interaction completely eludes me. 

Writing Update:

EW: Edited chapter 4 and 5. This week chapter 6 & 7 need editing. I'm going to try to get everything from 7-12 swept through to make sure it looks great, then off to my last beta reader.

HKT: I've been sitting on this chapter all week, though it's basically finished, it just needs a quick edit. Off to do that.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Brunch, Bits and Writing

My friends introduced me to this new series that makes me want to move to Portland Oregon, which wasn't originally on my list of places to live. I should probably try harder advertising myself as an author so I can make uprooting a little easier. Like a turtle with a shell, it's so much easier moving when your career moves with you. (This might not be a true statement since I've never had a career move with me)

We went to the Good Egg for brunch on Sunday. The food was amazing. I took some pictures.

I'm such a sucker for sweetness. I have applied on my reincarnation form to come back as a hummingbird, bee or butterfly. My brunch consisted of French Toast (always!), strawberries, cheesecake cream cheese mix, powder sugar and a graham cracker sprinkle.

Emory's brunch consisted of pancakes, blue berries, strawberries, cream cheese and powder sugar. I took a taste and it was wonderful! We love fruit.

I tested my skills with Mario Brothers Galaxy. I had to play by myself since Emory was tasked with a project for my books, and I couldn't sit beside him without falling asleep, so he gave me permission to game it up while I waited. Best assistant! I swear. He gets me on all levels.

Things I currently miss doing:
-Binge watching foreign horror movies and eating an entire box of popcorn and 2 boxes of Swedish Fish
-Going to Disneyland after work
-Reading on the beach
-Sitting in a hot tube late at night

I have a date with an old co-worker next Saturday. I'll finally get to meet her girlfriend. It's pretty awesome.

Crazy Cousin Nik's wedding is coming up and I still don't know if I'll be in a dress or tuxedo. It'd be cool if I got permission to do something steampunk. Hey, it's Crazy Cousin Nik, you never know what is actually planned. I have a feeling the family will pull that I wear a dress... but I'd rather be in a tux with goggles and a top hat.

Writing Update:

EW: Editing chapters 4 & 5 from the beta notes I received. I'm excited about the details pouring onto the pages.

Working on a business plan for my writing. My writer buddy and I challenged ourselves with a "must complete" business plan. I'm only up to September with a rough sketch on how I want the rest of my year to go. I'm also working on a more detailed month to month outline for my writing schedule.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Unicorn Oracle and Writing

Unicorn Oracle Card Drawn May 4, 2016: ONE STEP AT A TIME “lots of little steps make big dreams come true.”

I experienced the oddest dream. I was at a comic con with Ann and she said, “You have to try this virtual reality helmet. It’s so amazing. You can actually play with kittens all day if that’s what you want to do.” Ann being allergic to cats and her love for them made me think this virtual reality helmet had to be remarkable.

I sat down in the chair and the woman hooked me up to the device. I now had the ability to see whatever I wanted; I just had to think it. There are tons of things I want from this life and things from the beyond, so I expected a chance to see something super amazing that, until now, I’ve only held onto hope for its amazing existence. What did I get in my virtual reality? What did my mind see? 

I found myself in a world with no sky or earth. It was a blank word document so vast that it encompassed me. Then it came. Words. There were words in sentences and some in paragraphs. Some were dialogue and some were only quotes. Some were in all black text. A few words were written in red and all capitalized.

I woke from this dream and thought, “I better get a business plan together if I want to professionally be a writer.” Because, of course, I think that’s what the dream was telling me.

Writer Update:

EW: I submitted my last chapter to the group for critiques. Now I have a whole lot of editing. I want to have the edits done at the end of the month so I can pass it off to my last beta reader. I’m so excited to bring a piece of Arizona forward that I really loved experiencing for myself; old mining towns and the creepy ghost tours packaged into an urban fantasy setting.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Breakfast with Friends

Last weekend I finally had breakfast with my friend Teri. We usually meet at Denny's every couple of months and sit in a booth, sip tea and discuss everything going on in our lives. I had these cute little donut balls that came with cream and syrup. Afterwards, I went to the art show and bought a raven wand from Christopher Ohr. My friends, his wands were amazing and I also have a picture of a tree that he drew though I can't tell you anything about the colors because there is so much to art that I just don't understand and can't tell apart. The art show was inside a crystal shop and the person I brought with me seemed a little surprised by the atmosphere, but in all, it was excellent.

I went to lunch with Ann. We chose a restaurant near by and afterwards, I went back to the commune to visit with the people traveling through. It was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday. A few of the members were swimming and I was glad to watch. I'm not getting in the pool until the end of May or even June. That's when friends will come over and we'll have wine and just enjoy the water.

I've been writing, but depression is setting in. I try to view it like a storm, that it will come and go, but sometimes it takes days to actually move and because of this, I start to drag my feet.

We're going to the zoo today for a few hours, then I need to figure out what I could make to take to a gathering of like minds. I'm going to a May Day party. We're going to be doing some pagan crafts, which reminds me, I never decided what I wanted to paint on my directional stones. It should be a fun day though. It rained yesterday and the world was rather cold. Emory and I watched our television shows. We tried to stay away from anything too heavy. Even my favorite shows like Sherlock Holmes can make my depression worse.

I started to unfold the patterns that I had in my possession for almost a year now. I looked online to get some hero dress ideas and I have three possibilities. Now, I need to decide if I want them all to be short sleeve. I might not do short sleeve for my Batman dress, but my Super Mario Brother dress, yes, short sleeves. Emory said he would actually dress up to go to events with me. 

Writing Update

EW: Sent two more chapters to the critique group.

WF: 29/129 pages in the 2nd revision. Still have 1 more revision to go before I give it to my group to read.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Art Show at Fantasia Crystals

Hallo Friends! 

My artist friend, Christopher Ohr will be one of three local artists showcasing their work at Fantasia Crystals. He will have original art, prints and hand carved woodwork for sale.  

Chris Ohr's hand carved and painted wands

He's so talented and his art is exceptionally awesome and worth owning.He has designed a few things for my senpai and I, which I use for many things. Plus, Fantasia Crystals has tons of cool items as well, so drop in and check it out as well.

Fantasia Crystals LLC
5108 N 7th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85014
Saturday from 12-4 pm 

Check out his website and his art: Click Here