Sunday, December 04, 2016

Doll House, Animal Rescue and Writing

I've been helping Ann put together her doll house. I pulled all the tiny toys out of it, dusted everything off and had a chance to put things back in. It's rocking cool! She had this doll house for thirty years and she's ready to let it go. She's thinking about selling it for $200 dollars. I think she should put all that money away for a cruise. I'm not real sure what her end goal is, though we're both trying to downsize a lot.

Ann's Doll House

I have a few toys I've kept since I was sixteen. I don't know if in another fifteen years, if I'll be ready to let them go. Some of these things have such strong memories attached to them. I've been watching shows on hoarding and though I am probably at fault for collecting too many things, it has to be my decision to let it go. I'm not there yet on so many items.

I've also been watching animal rescue videos. I'm so grateful for all these organizations that take the time to capture strays and take them to the vet so they can get healthy and adopted out. My mom said our old sheriff would prosecute anyone who abused animals. That might be one of the most redeeming qualities in a person. I seriously want people punished for putting an animal through the things I've seen on these rescue videos.

My rogue rescues: Mozart and Typo

Writing Update:

WF: 69 pages edited / 121 pages in total single spaced: I've been day dreaming more as the fight the world comes to life in snippets.

I've organized my files and hopefully I haven't lost anything. I want to make this process easier instead of opening my file and having 678 documents sitting there for me to chose what to open. I have so many writing projects. I just need to sit down and do this now! 

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Hallmark, Black Friday and Gifts

Hallmark started their Christmas movies early. I'm not a Hallmark movie fan, but I like their commercials for cards and ornaments.

I skipped out on Black Friday. I think I'd been briefly interested in the rush way back when I lived in California, but I remember sitting on my aunt's couch and watching the news. This man went to open the store doors and the crowd killed him in their mad-dash for consumerism. Now, products look like products and now it feels like Black Friday swallowed Thanksgiving completely.

I didn't talk too much about Thanksgiving in November, which is a bummer, since we had such a good time. We started our morning at Denny's where I proceeded to eat an entire breakfast by myself. The pancakes were so good with sugar walnuts and smothered with cream cheese.

The first house we went to had a really good vegetarian selection. My niece told me she made the rice crispy dessert special, since she knew it was my favorite. So funny hearing that from the mouth of a four year old, but my nieces and nephews remember so much about Emory and me. I really loved the surprise. For my non-American friends, the recipe is below:


1/3 cups margarine

4 cups Marshmallow Fluff

5 cups Rice Krispies Cereal

The second house was really mellow. We drank wine and looked at old photos. Farmer Bill was there poking fun of all of us. Uncle Jim hung around and that was neat. I haven't seen him for a while. Apparently all these people keep up with my Facebook, so I should probably update it more often.

I started wrapping a few gifts for my traditional friends and family members. I do plan to make something special for my Buddhist and witch friends.

This season has me excited!! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dreams, Glitches in the Matrix and Stun Guns

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a nightmare that actually scared me. I think that’s because I view my dreams in a few categories. Category A: A dream is just my brain coming to terms with the day / and gives me insight into unexplored emotions. Category B: A visitation of the other worlds on an astral projection level. Emory doesn’t believe in Category B so he often doesn’t understand my level of concern when I tell him the dead left me a cryptic warning.

I'm starting to think with all these discoveries about the complicated human brain, that maybe there is a chance we're visiting the other worlds that exist as possibilities. Maybe dreaming is a "glitch in the Matrix." Who listens to those stories on youtube? My girl friend and I love comparing our notes.

She told me the other day that she likes listening to conspiracies. I've listened to so many of these that it's very easy seeing conspiracies in the every day. I am trying very hard not to shout that out to the world, or point my finger and say exactly what I think. Apparently, that behavior makes people uncomfortable. It's nice having someone who believes the same way as me.

Unfortunately, my paranoia is coming back. For a few months, I've been able to let these obsessions go, but lately, I've been looking over my shoulder more; expecting someone to be there. I've been walking around with my screamer and my stun gun. I went to the commune to let Ann use both because she was going over to someone's house who had a little problem. 

At the commune, the nurse came in when she heard me showing Ann the stun gun and she said, "You're getting better with that. You use to be too scared to push the button."

It seems safer than a knife. My bartender cousin told me she thinks it's better for me too, since she doesn't see me actually stabbing someone.

It's finally getting cold. Even the rain is much colder.  

Monday, November 21, 2016

Loose Leaf Tea, Pesco-Vegetarian Dinner and Writing

Emory and I finally made it up to World Market and I was so excited by all the food items they had. We easily dropped about $40.00+ dollars on a fun collection of items. It's hard to limit the food choices. Most of that money did go down on loose leaf tea. I'm such a fan of tea and right now, with the holidays coming, the weather changing and the demand at work growing, I really need something warm to sooth my nerves.

I spent the weekend with Crazy Cousin Nik. We had a vegetarian lunch with lettuce stuffed with rice, veggies and sauce. Then when Cameron got home, we had a pesco-vegetarian dinner that was amazing!! He made two dipping sauces, made wrapped jalapeno peppers (for the non-vegetarians) and then fish tacos that were to die for. Seriously, I think I died with every bite. This might be a highly requested dinner when I get to visit them. The offer stands. I can come over when I want.

Thanksgiving is a few days away. My mom will be going to the Scottsdale commune in the morning, though I was invited when everyone else gets there. Mom has prior engagements so she gets special treatment. :)

Farmer Bill told me to bring liquor. The commune loves wine. Everyone brings wine and the whole counter is full at the start of the evening, and gone by the end of it. I love how laid back it is. We just show up, drink, chat, play games, make jabs at each other, laugh... laugh... laugh... Okay, maybe I'm the only person who laughs that much, but I can't help it. I actually find most things pretty funny.

We went to Costco, which is one of my favorite places around the holidays. It's hard to walk in and not buy things. We only went there to pick up some family movies I had placed onto DVDs and we ended up walking out with quite a few items. My favorite being this Chai Tea (which I made my first cold drink ever and it ROCKED).

Some statements from my 6 yr old niece this weekend:

"I forget you aren't younger than my mom. You look so young."

"Why do you still play video games?"

"When Emory isn't around, you look like a child."

Writing Update:

WWF book 2:  66 edited / 119 in all. I'm back in the game. I know I've had a lot going on and I slowed down the writing a lot int he last year. I'm ready to jump back in it, but it's still a little hard with so many distractions.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

1st Friday Downtown, the Police, Strange Politics

Went to 1st Friday last weekend, with a couple of friends. There are tons of artists, and street dancers, protests, mentally ill wondering aimlessly (feel super concerned about them), teenagers, food trucks, pets... So basically, this place is a pretty wild scene. Downtown always is.

At first we thought we were going to have to ride the light rail, which would've been fun, since the rail goes nearly EVERYWHERE and one of the stops is the ASU campus and community. I guess the area has a lot of "hipsters" since it's a pretty happening community. I did pretty well, considering it's downtown. I'm working on my fear of looming buildings, crowds, intense situations. There were a lot of intense situations; people wanting the marijuana prop passed, people politically protesting Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. There was a hip hop battle that the cops pretty quickly broke up.

Yep. That place is wild and it was really fun just walking around. I like the food stations a lot, but the art there is so amazing too. My friend wanted to get rid of all her suckers, so I teased and said we should put my card on them, directing people to my books on Amazon that I'm very slowly converting to other outlets as well. We didn't make time to make the cards, but we did sing a lot.

Some of my friends were talking about this way you can tell if you'll have a boy, girl or if you're done having children. It's a little wives tale, I'm sure. We plucked our hair, wrapped the hair around our rings and made the ring swing. There is a little more to this "spell" but it was fun. I really enjoyed goofing off for a few minutes, though my string kept doing all sorts of weird things.

So it's November. No NaNoWriMo for me this year. November really came up fast and I've got so many things on my plate. Fun things, but still things. 

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Winter Groceries, Holidays and Writing

It's November in Arizona! I'm still waiting for signs that winter is coming. My co-workers keep claiming they are freezing, but I've been consuming hot tea. Hard to be cold when your tummy is warm.

Our grocery stores are ready for the baking season. This display was stacked a week or so ago, over by the rest of the cooking goodies. I don't eat fruitcake, but I think it's a pretty cool little tradition people have. I don't know why this strikes me as amusing, but it does.

I went to the grocery store for cookies. Now that it's getting cold, I love keeping cookies in my fridge for those late night binges. Lately, I've really wanted cinnamon buns too. I can eat at least 4 of those at one time.

Writing Update:

WWF 2: Went back to some earlier chapters to work in a few details from a chapter I will be deleting. I think this is where things really slow down, because I need to go over all the facts and make sure I keep the information flowing within the novel.  57 pages edited / 129 single spaced pages in all.

It's good to be writing again. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

13th Floor, October Rituals and Writing

Emory and I finally went to the haunted house called the 13th Floor. We've seen it almost every year since we've been out here. The building is up by the theater we check out every once in a while. The sign is there year round, so maybe the company does well enough to keep the rent during non-active months until Sept/Oct when they open. The tickets weren't cheap, but honestly, I don't think I've seen cheap tickets for haunted houses and I've been doing this October ritual for almost 29 years.

I am a little bummed that again, we couldn't go to our favorite spot for another year in a row, which is Knott's Scary Farm and now I'd like to add Universal Horror Nights to that list. I think I'd pay to do the 13th Floor again next year. I usually don't get scared at haunted houses any more, but a few times, this one really got to me.

I still scream at jump scares. Lately at work, a few people have enjoyed doing that to me and it's laughable. I scream, I hyperventilate and then I point a finger at my attacker and say, "Ahhhhh!!! That was good! You really got me." Because they did. When I was a child, my dad would turn the lights off and hide and I'd go look for him and he'd jump out at me, catch me, and I'd scream, but then it was funny. I'm not a puncher. I don't get scared like that. Aunt Pam... she is a puncher! So is Crazy Cousin Nik! You don't scare them unless you want a black eye. (I learned this the hard way on both accounts)

A few rituals for October: horror movies, handing out candy, haunted houses, eating lots of things made out of pumpkin, Samhain ritual.

What are your October rituals if anything?

The commune over in Scottsdale wants Emory and me to come over tonight. There is a haunted house in there area that is supposed to be super cool. I also have a dance performance tonight. We get paid to come dance at all sorts of cool functions. At the end of this month, we'll start learning our holiday routine. I really like the music because a lot of the songs are about Santa Claus and well, I like the spirit. He is so kind. And no, I don't actually believe a man in a red suit comes around, I'm not naive to believe everything is great for people during December.

What I believe is that Santa Claus is like a really great smelling incense. You take a breath, then another and soon, that smell just calms you. It makes you happy. Hmmm. I guess Santa Claus is like a free drug? You decide.

What is Santa Claus to you? If anything?

I do recognize Yule during this time.

Writing Update:

WWF: 59/124 pages. I keep deleting sections out of this, so that might be why the pages vary from posting to posting when I update everyone on it.

I'm working on a few experimental projects that I want to either submit to the Creepy Pasta blog, or I might just gather the stories and post them on WattPad.