Friday, August 14, 2015


Sometimes the highs are real high. Sometimes the lows are real low.

That said, I'm not sure any of my attempts to reach out and connect with the greater human population has taken root. Therefore, my advances have now exhausted me.

I think I'll take a hiatus from the blog.

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=^.^=  Bye

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

You Feel Fantastic Tara the Android

YouTuber and book reviewer, DanneTheInsatiableBookie, and her husband came over to go swimming. We ate pizza, vegetarian for me, and we watched The Lego Movie. I love that movie. Danne and I broke out in dance, which was AWESOME! much like the song. We had chocolate fondu which was delicious. We dipped strawberries and grapes. Afterwards, we played Mario Party. That was a blast. Danne's husband won. It was so funny. At one point, I used a Mario Candy to push him back to the beginning, but then I fell on a square that sent me back to the beginning too. I've never seen karma work so quickly in my life. It was hilarious.

I watched the strangest video "I Feel Fantastic," by Tara the Android. The rumors following it is terrifying, but at the same time, looking at this android, I feel a little rush from the fear. I made Emory watch it, asked him if it bothered him. He said no. I made my girl friend and her husband watch it. They were freaked out. I'm suddenly obsessed. In the future, will there be androids? It makes me think of Chobits. Will I have a chance to see this?

I've been watching strange YouTube videos. Only a couple have given me nightmares. Others have made me curious. I know the scary stories about Craig's List was terrifying, yet... Yet, I answered four personal ads from women looking for friends. Why? I don't know. It was 3 am in the morning and I'd listened to the horror stories on YouTube. Next thing I know, I'm starting to browse Craig's List. I've never looked at it before. I was curious, but honestly, there was nothing scary. I answered the the requests, but none of the women answered back. I don't know what I'm waiting for. I just want to be utterly surprised.

Writer Update:

EW: I've finished my personal edits. I will be sending this to my professional editor.

WF book 2: Ready to start on the first revision draft.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Gaming, Movies and Shopping

Emory and I had a game day, where we had ice tea, popcorn and game controllers. We decided to play OverKill first. He deleted the old game records and we started the game up with new profiles. We got through level 1, with C+ for kills. We get to level 2 and we make it through to the end where we have to defeat the Screamer. We're halfway through her life line. We almost have her, and suddenly she disappears completely from the screen.

It's eerie, because we're looking at very dark graphics of our people sitting in knee deep, dark water with a red tint. Nothing is happening. No bad guy to kill. We shoot at the screen. The guns work, it's showing that our bullets are being used. We turn the screen and we see her for a second before she flints away as a dark shadow. We move the screen again and again we see her but only for a second.

Emory and I waited for probably eight minutes with no action. I grabbed my camcorder and taped the screen, so the amount of time it took for me to find the camcorder, turn it on, film us shooting at nothing, and then turn the camcorder off, nothing happened. We finally gave up and switched the game off.

Me: "You don't think she hoped out of the game do you?"
Emory: "That would make a great story."
Me: "You remember the movie Stay Alive, right?"
Emory: "It was a glitch. She's not going to kill us while we're sleeping."

We switched to Lego Batman, which was a blast! We made it through 2 levels before the sun went down and we decided it was time to switch gears and make dinner. I had so much fun though, that when the commune called needing us, we stopped there first, then headed up to Target to see if they had any other Lego games.

Alas, the Wii games are getting smaller and smaller. We did find 2 Wii games, one for $5.99 and the other for $12.99. I wanted to buy another one, but Emory said since I don't have a job, we have to cool it on spending. Not to mention, we were just at Target 4 hours earlier and bought a few things then too.

Afterwards, we watched the Lego Movie while eating a vegetarian dinner. It was a nice night.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Cookies, Cleaning and Sticky Notes

John took me out for lunch. Actually, he took Ann and me to lunch, mostly because we opened a bottle of wine at 11am and drank while she helped me clean my living space. I'm not much of a cleaner and the caravan had an intervention for me almost two months ago though I think it got derailed on the topic of how many books I own. But I give them an A+ on effort.

Since neither of us could drive, he picked us up and he also paid for lunch. Today, I baked cookies for him. He asked for cookies and cupcakes in exchange for paying for lunch. No problem. I made an entire batch of cookies and headed over to the commune. There were a few people there this early in the morning. A few of them were swimming, so I dropped the cookies off and then I stuck my feet in the pool while the Arizona sun beat against my skin.

Nadine taught me how to sew a straight line earlier this week. Yesterday she taught me how to knit. Joe got a ball of yarn that Nadine rolled so we could practice. Joe also found some pink fabric and Nadine is going to teach me again with the sewing machine, how to make straight lines. I think we might try and make a skirt, but I'm not sure. Lots of learning, but truthfully, it gets me out of the house and I really miss the commune.

I haven't volunteered at the zoo the last couple of weekends. It's been too hot. I did go check out the back to school items at the stores. I love the highlighters that come out and all the sticky pads that are super thin that you use to mark passages in books. I have been avoiding stores. I don't want to feel that burning desire to buy a few supplies when I already have enough.

I dropped by the GoodWill store. They are having their 75% off Christmas items sale so I bought a few fun items like Christmas wine glass rings, tiny cookie cutters (thinking about making itty bitty cookies for the Boot Scooter Christmas party), Arizona cactus Christmas cards, and a few other items. I bought everything for less than $4. I'm super excited because these items were marked $2.99 and $4.99, so it all should've been like $15 in the end, but nope, I barely paid a $1 at some of the stores I visited. Did I mention I dropped by 3 store locations, (Bell, Thunderbird, Peoria)?

Writer Update

EW: Working on chapter 11 with the fight scene. I deleted chapter 12 since I don't think it's going to be needed and because my beta reader made some very obvious suggestions. Now I need to stitch the new chapter 12 which was originally chapter 13, into the story line.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Cookie Cutter, Caravan Swarming and Writing

This year, I'm determined to get a part-time job at a haunted house. I have this ultimate plan that if I get experience working at haunted houses, then maybe I can get a position at Universal Studios during the Halloween season. I have set this plan above the World Domination plan.

Emory and I made sugar cookies. I had a few new cookie cutters and a few that I'd bought last year that I hadn't tried out. It was nice. Emory measured everything for me and I mixed it together. This batch came out really yummy. I mixed the ingredients with the butter before adding the flour. I'm not sure if this made it great, but I'm going to do that again. Also, I need to start going through my box of cookie cutters and see which ones that I have extras of. I was thinking about doing a giveaway.

The Spirit Store (our Halloween Store in America) is hiring. I worked there back in my college years. Now that my temp position is over, I'm going to apply for this place. I've applied for a lot of full time jobs, but I'm not getting any hits, so I'm probably going to have to take seasonal until the new year. I'm excited that all my favorite things are coming up.

I've been cleaning our new place since the caravan family will be coming in for the farewell blessing of our elder. So many things have been happening. We've had two passing a few months apart from John's family. He is now the last sibling on his side. Nadine's ex-husband has passed away. Her son might move and if he does, she will move too. Then we had our elder in my family pass. A lot of people will be coming into town now and one might stay. I wouldn't mind if two people stayed, but the timing isn't right for that decision for one of the people.

I'm still trying to decide what I want to do. Emory has a great chance to get a job he really wants, and if he does, I can't uproot him. If he doesn't get this job, then I'm hoping we can go to China as English teachers. I've always wanted an adventure and now I have an adventure buddy. I could see us, on our days off, going hiking. If we get the experience as English Teachers, maybe we could go to other countries and hopefully hike. I would love to just backpack eventually through places. Forever hopeful, I suppose.

Writing Update

Staying up late into the night to get those last couple of paragraphs worked on. Working on the fight scene in my urban fantasy, which needs to be extended per the advice from my beta.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Water Advisory, Arizona Drought and Writing

I'm watching the news and there is a heat advisory as always in the summer. It comes with the story of people hiking Camelback Mountain. The news states that if you want to hike, do it early in the morning and bring a backpack of water. I'm wondering who is actually hiking? Most Arizonians know to stay indoors.It's uncomfortable being outdoors after 8 a.m.

My grandfather called me. Said he was lonely. We talked about water. When you leave in a drought environment, you always think of water. If you visit, you'll see why. In the summer, even indoors, you'll find yourself thirsty. He said that Lake Mead was the lowest it's been since 1930 when the place was built. That's pretty scary. We were talking about how many people live like water will always be there, like our pools we constantly fill, or grass... Grass in AZ or Nevada? Seriously? That's water that could go to someone thirsty instead of a lawn to upkeep.

Spent a good portion of my morning in Downtown Phoenix. During the day, I didn't recognize anything, but Emory said it was the area that hosts First Friday. It's been a while since I've been to First Friday which is a nighttime event. It's the 1st Friday of the month that all the artists come out to showcase their work. There are food trucks, most of the shops are open and there is a free bus that will take you around. We did it a lot a couple years back. I had a friend that would meet us and we'd hop onto the trolly. She's a pretty interesting friend. She said she knew Green Day (the band) when they were still playing at houses.

The cool thing about 1st Friday is that a lot of artists will open their studios for you to take a look around. It was weird at first, walking into people's personal space because one set of buildings were actually single room apartments, and the sliding glass doors would be open and you'd just walk into someone's space to look at all their art.

At 9:00 a.m. nothing is open, so we walked down the street, found a place that served coffee (for mom and Emory). I wanted wine, but none of the bars were open.

Writer Update

EW: 11/13 chapters edited. Getting very close to being done.

Writer Group: I have 2 projects to read for my writer group. Got some excellent feedback on my romance. Still chugging along on it.