Friday, April 22, 2016

Art Show at Fantasia Crystals

Hallo Friends! 

My artist friend, Christopher Ohr will be one of three local artists showcasing their work at Fantasia Crystals. He will have original art, prints and hand carved woodwork for sale.  

Chris Ohr's hand carved and painted wands

He's so talented and his art is exceptionally awesome and worth owning.He has designed a few things for my senpai and I, which I use for many things. Plus, Fantasia Crystals has tons of cool items as well, so drop in and check it out as well.

Fantasia Crystals LLC
5108 N 7th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85014
Saturday from 12-4 pm 

Check out his website and his art: Click Here

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Happy Hour, Americans and Writing

Happy Hour. Something that Americans participate in after their work hours, usually at a favorite bar. My tribal sister and I went to AppleBee's after work and she partaken in tequila and I went with wine. We had appetizers and laughed about life. We might have cried too, but a few drinks in and I'm willing to bury any sad moments in full bliss.

I couldn't figure out what was going on with my soul. I've felt a major downward spiral. Major psychological issues runs in my nomad family. My tribal sister said, "You have an artist soul and it doesn't fit into the 9:00am-5pm lifestyle of a work day." She's right. I need artist things surrounding me, like the very networks I dream about writing for (and I do in my alternate universe fulfilled by spec. fiction), museums, noise, visuals, etc. I feel bad, but throughout my day, when I can't write, I feel a silent calm wash over me by leaving a blank Microsoft document open. I scribble on that document.

I went to 2 meetups this weekend. I wasn't feeling great on Friday, so I didn't think we'd go to the meetup in Scottsdale, but we did. It was all the way down in the older district, but it's a super nice part of Arizona and by nice, I don't think both our paychecks in five years would see the type of lifestyle these people are use to having. I felt like such a party crasher. It was a lot of fun. We drank with other couples. I told stories that, (by my mother's law) I signed an agreement I would NEVER bring up in polite company. I dished it all out. Emory thinks we were pretty killer. By full disclosure, tribal sister said she still has pictures of a very particularly fun and crazy night that I thought I shredded. Hoo-ray!!

Second day, the next meetup was all on me and I've mentioned numerous times, I am not a people person. In fact, people terrify me in every which way. If I could live under the bed for the rest of my life... with a laptop... I'd be pretty satisfied. Still, I went to this meetup. Emory had to drive because I felt sick, thought I was coming down with a cold so I slept the entire time on the drive down there. The meeting was great. I found someone to do my audio books, when I'm ready to go that route. A few people were interested in my history as a ghost writer. It was a fun time in my life, but I don't know if I have time right now to be a ghost writer again. I'm so busy with all these up coming projects.

Writing Update:

TS: 2781/50000 words. I need to get a few chapters over to my artist-colab partner. Waiting until I have about 5 chapters situated before sending anything over.

Fairy Tale: Thanks so much to all the reviewers and the people staring the story and putting it on lists in the lesbian community. I'm thrilled. I need to talk to my artist to see if Nik would like to do any product based off this. Super excited by all the interest it's generated!

Untitled New Adult: 1,851/50000  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dancing, Worm Farms and Writing

I needed to bring a little earth back into my domain. That being said, when I was a teenager, my dad built me a worm farm. One summer, it got too hot and killed everything inside, so this time, I'm keeping the farm in my office. It's in a very small box, probably wouldn't fit more than three sodas. I bought a container of worms; apparently there are 20 in the little cup. I liked the night crawlers too because they are so big and gorgeous, but I'm starting out simple. There was even this really pretty green type worm.

The problem with going into that outdoor sports type building is that it has the heads of hunted animals. It has everything you need in order for you to kill and I'm pretty anti on killing since I believe heavily on inner peace, so seeing it leaves me unbalanced and mournful. We made it to the fishing gear and I was so excited they had everything you needed to build a farm. I'm glad I went with a pre-made box. It came with worm food since it was a kit, but I added things that we put in our worm farm ages ago.

Emory and I also went to Costco. There were a lot of people handing out samples, and we ended up buying Swiss Cheese, blueberries, gum, and a few other items. We stayed away from the bakery section and the wine section. Last time I got lost in there, I headed towards the wine. I figure that's the center of my gravity, which worked, because Emory came around and literally stated, "I thought this was where I'd find you." I guess it's great being predictable.

Crazy Cousin Nik came over for dinner. I just found out that Nik and my aunt hate fruit (group text is wonderful). In other Nik news, the wedding date is now settled for Seattle Washington. While we're there, I really want to have dinner in the Space Needle. I told my dad that and he shook his head and said no way. I remember going up it once, but my dad says it never happened. I really feel like it did.  This is a little sooner than we decided to make any huge travel plans, but if we're going to be there, why not stay a little bit and check it out. Also, I'm part of Nik's wedding party. Knowing Nik, I might be on my own in deciding what to wear, tuxedo or dress?

Boot Scooters had another great performance on Saturday night. I love this group. Everyone has such interesting lives and we come together to dance for people. Our leader is giving us next week off on practice, and the following week, we might be having a pizza party, is what she said. I hope more people don't leave, but the group is unraveling super fast. I need to get some recipes from the Morgans. They have the coolest ideas on food.

Writing Update:

We have three new people in our writing circle. I love what my group is able to teach me. We all have different experiences and we've taken different classes and read different books. We share what we know, if something is made quicker by doing it a certain way.

I had a story I was going to write for the freebee sites, but I told Emory that I actually think the idea might work as a New Adult story. I'm excited. I want to write on it now; however, I have so many books I've already started. I'm going to have to finish something soon before I try to write on something new just yet.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Ghosts, Caravans and Writing

No closed doors when I'm home alone any more. It terrifies me. I will turn a light on, then close the door and regret it later when the sun is down. I'll be in the hallway looking at the bottom of the door, waiting for a shadow to pass by the crack, signifying my fears stemming from years of watching the Crypt Keeper and Tales from the Dark Side at too young an age. I'm partially under developed in the reality department.

I had an exciting week. I did something I rarely do. I met with other pagans and we had a questions and answer session that was absolutely freeing. I'm a solitary pagan. I keep it quiet and I never talk shop with others. This was so excellent. Beltane is coming up fast and my friend wants to throw a party on that day. I'm excited because we'll be doing crafts and I have so many crafts I want to do partaking the study.

This was also the week for my critique group to meet up. I didn't offer anything to the group so it was nice just getting to read and comment on the other projects for a change.

I was in the car with my mom and it's hilarious how the caravan family just is:

Mom: "Did you hear from Crazy Cousin Nik?"
Me: "No, why?"
Mom: "I guess there is a caravan party heading up to Washington. We're going to start in Phoenix, meetup with a few people for the caravan, then go to Flagstaff (the mountains in AZ) and meetup with more people then head to Ohio and meetup with people, then head to Washington where there will be another group waiting."
Me: "Sounds like fun. When is this?"
Mom: "No one knows. We're just waiting for Nik to say when this is a go."
Me: Immediately texts Emory: We're heading to Washington and no one knows when. Be ready.
Emory writes back: Cool.

And that's what it's like being part of a caravan. You just never know. Speaking of which, I guess no one has heard from my dad in three months, which isn't unusual. That's when he usually texts someone and says he's decided to go out of state or country. My dad is a nomad and he thinks I'm 100% nomadic too. I love that Emory is okay with this because I get a wild hair and we pack our things and leave again.

Writer Update

OS: This was a one shot project, a self contained story. There is a lot of interest in the story and a few people asked for more, so I'm working on another piece that I'm hoping is self contained too. I feel myself sliding to a much longer piece so I need to chill and post this and be done with it for a while again.

HKT: I try to update this serial as often as I can but it's been on the back burner while I fix the edits in my more traditional work. I see this story in chucks, so piecing it together is challenging. My cousin calls that work "filler" and says he hates filler work. I don't mind it, but I usually write it and delete it a few times before I find what I really want to see.

CSAN: This is also a self contained story that I suddenly have another chapter for.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Vegas Nevada

Emory and I packed our bags and went to Las Vegas. The trip is a 4 1/2 hour drive through the Mohave Desert, which is where I placed my Urban Fantasy. There is a lot of cool western history in Arizona that I wanted to capture. This trip, I took a number of photos and tried to stay awake to reflect my personal feelings about the desert that I’ve seen a million times over. Did I mention that my childhood was spent on the road? It was between Nevada, California, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas and Kansas. People ask if I come from a military family since the military relocate a bit. Nope. I have a long generation of men in the family that served, but that’s not why we traveled so much. I have a nomadic family. 

Mohave Desert vegetation
It’s strange. Going out towards California, the vegetation is pretty much the same throughout the drive. Heading up north to Nevada, the vegetation warps from sparse to thick gorgeous trees that bunch in one small spot and then back to a shorter vegetation. It has so many different variations and the mountains are so beautiful in both directions; California and Nevada.

Las Vegas is one of my favorite communities. My mom once told me that people moved to Vegas to hide from something in their lives. I based this idea in my urban fantasy. I wonder what I hide from when I spend so much of my time there.

Luxor Las Vegas

It was spring break and there were a lot of stag and bachelorette parties. My favorite stag party that came through, there must’ve been 20+ guys, all dressed like Mario Cart characters (my favorite game by the way) and they were on little red scooter type carts. There was only 1 Princess Peach and the man looked less than peachy being stuck in the outfit complete with blond wig and crown. I loved it, but I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough. Emory and I laughed so hard, even on our way back to the hotel and later the next day driving home. This trip was a blast.

Treasure Island Las Vegas behind me

We didn’t see any shows, but I did eat at my favorite buffet: Treasure Island. I love Vegas buffets, but there are a few new places I want to try when we go back out. It’s hard eating at buffets because I want a strong vegetarian option. I don’t want to be stuck having to take whatever is there especially if the selection is limited or sparse. TI Buffet had some really awesome, fresh options that I got to stand in line for. I have another favorite restaurant over at Mandalay Bay, but it’s super fancy and I’ve actually never gone in to eat. I want to, but I keep shying away. I like to stand up on the 2nd level and stare down at the tables with white table clothes and day dream about the lifestyle people have who eat there. 

Vacationing is hard. I really missed writing.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Snoopy's Guide to the Writing Life

Genre: Humor-Entertainment with Writer Essays and Comics
Charts and Diagrams on Writing: No
Intensive Information on How-To: No
Writing Level: Everyone
Recommend this Book: Yes

This is one of my favorite books. The submission process is difficult and Snoopy has a way of showing the many aspects of it through humor. I used this book like Prozac when rejections flew through my mail. At one point, I received three rejection letters on one submission. Snoopy summed it up best when he got a letter from an editor stating “We hate the work” while he was in the middle of writing a query to them.

This is a novelty buy. It won’t teach you how to write, but it will make you laugh about the constant rejection and people who want to offer relentless advice, like Lucy, without understanding the writing process. This is a must buy to keep your spirit lighthearted.

Similar reads: Nothing in book form. There are a few funny comics online with great scenarios about the writing life. 

In the comment section below, please share your thoughts on this book.

Online buying options:

Barnes and Noble Click Here to Buy 

Amazon Click Here to Buy

Friday, March 25, 2016

Coloring Eggs and Writing

I enjoy watching bugs. An ant will find a big crumb, will try to lift it and fail. He looks at all the angles, calculates, climbs on top of it, tastes it and still can't find a way to carry it. This is the utter truth about life as I understand it.

Easter is coming. I enjoy painting eggs with my cousins though I don't recognize the Christian version of this holiday. I celebrate Ostara and recognize the Spring Equinox with my pagan friends.

With the family a couple of years back, everyone brought an extra carton of eggs because we weren't really sure what the game plan was for the day, but the children were too little to really find joy in it, so everyone in their late twenties and older spent the day coloring. What I liked the most, was that we all brought a kit to the house, so there were over twelve cups of color on the table. We shared stickers, glue, glitter, and the list goes on.

Easter in Arizona with the Adults
Another picture on a different Easter with the family. This is the time we had so many cups of dye. This has become the tradition. bring a kit and the fun starts. I'd like to continue this tradition with friends if I can ever get a large enough group of people together that were thoroughly screened as good drinking partners. The last part is a must. Wine and Easter go together.

My confession about Easter (since I've stayed a closest pagan for almost a decade) has probably made a number of my southern family turn in their graves. I have a very traditionalist family.

When I was sixteen, my great grandmother once asked, "When are you getting married?"
In which I replied, "I don't know."
She wasn't happy with the answer and thought this was more important than watching Grease. "Do you have a boyfriend?" she continued.
I thought about it, though the answer was clear. David Bowie was never going to knock on my door. "Nope."
"You're getting old. You better find a boyfriend," she said, then stood and made her way to the bedroom.
When my mom got back from the grocery store, I was lectured on watching something so scandalous as Grease when my great grandma was home. She promptly made me change the channel to the 1960's Dark Shadows television show, where the lightening was bad and nothing happened during the episodes.

This Ostara, we're going to be in Vegas. It's my second home and I'm itching for the road. Hopefully, this trip can quiet the desire to stay on the road.

I was listening to Morning Sickness, a very popular talk show in Arizona, and the hosts of the show hide kegs (making this holiday fun for the adults) for the search on Good Friday. I don't know if I'd be up for a party at the raceway, if I heard that correctly as this year's gift, but it would be fun going on the hunt. I'll have to play the game before I leave AZ for good.

Writing Update

EW: Editing chapters. Doing a little reorganization of the ideas.

S: Book 2 of EW: working on the outline. I'm on chapter 6 on the outline. I can already feel the darkness seeping from it.