Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bataphobia, Back to School and Writing

Back to School is back at my favorite shopping locations. I like going through and seeing if there is anything new out that I really want. Just a few years ago, the backpack phase ended. I still liked looking at backpacks and feeling like I needed them, but now I keep all my notebooks and pens in a little cloth bag. I love cloth bags. I have 2 backpacks that I won’t be getting rid of because they were gifts from my grandparents and now that I’ve lost one, all the gifts mean that much more.

A few years ago, I had an animal flash drive, but I lost it a year ago when I was taking a dialogue class at the community college. I keep looking for super cute little flash drives, but I haven’t seen any last year or this year. I don’t need notebooks right now. I sort of found a bunch for super cheap and now the paper is turning yellow because I have more notebooks than I can use in the next couple of years.

As a writer, one would think that would never be possible, but I’ve been typing more than handwriting and that just happened in the last 6 months. We picked up a few extra items on our trip through the store, to give to the fire fighters who were collecting back to school items for charity.

Emory made homemade donuts. He said his mother use to do this when he was a child. He spent more time in the kitchen than I have and he’s so witty when it comes to quick snacks. We had donuts and whip cream covered berries for dinner. I love being an adult. 

Writing Update:

Getting ready to start a writing program with some writer friends. There are a few outlines I need to fill out.

Met with my artist, but not for the writing front. She was getting married and we were invited as one of the six witnesses. It was a great, private event, downtown... but Emory had to drive, because I actually will admit, I have bataphobia: fear of tall buildings. 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Minimal Lifestyle and Writing

My uncle came over to look at the plants I grew out of season. He’s a plant whisperer. He said that my plants wouldn’t make it through the July heat and so far, I’ve lost 2 of the saplings. They wilted so badly by the time I got home from work that I couldn’t save them. I brought two of the smaller plants back into the house. The others prospered having a few extra days indoors while they got their 3rd set of leaves, so that’s what I’m hoping.

The houses around us survived this July 4th. Emory and I won’t forget being startled awake by an explosion in 2015 because people threw away their fireworks without thoroughly wetting them. It took a year, but the two houses affected by the explosion are finally rebuilt. The neighborhood is again cute and quiet. I’ll miss this location when we finally move on.

I have some family and friends who are trying out the minimal lifestyle. I’m going to be trying it out too, which is crazy for me, because I’m a collector. My mom is a lifelong collector and she recently started letting things go. It’s not easy. I’m staring at my Sailor Moon posters that I bought when I was sixteen. Let’s also include my other Sailor Moon merchandise and I think, “Can I really part with this?” I should be able too, but every time I think I can, something inside me twists. So I might have to peel that Band-Aid off and do it, or I need to keep them and stop worrying that I might be way too immature for my age.  The other things I’ve kept from my childhood; Disney snow globes, unicorn figurines and pictures, Hello Kitty lamp and comic books. In truth, I don’t see my future self being able to part with very much.

Writing Update:

Urban Fantasy: 4,612 words on the first draft. I’m currently picking my way through scenes since I hardly outline. Some issues so far, weak subplot. Cool points: really feeling out some new characters I want to introduce and later have their own stories. I’m introducing a character in this that I wrote in an original story that I posted on a freebie site. It had some great hits. People liked my little alien vs. vampires story. I took that down, but I want to recycle the super cool character that I fell in love with. Right now, I think he’s going to be more like Edward the bounty hunter from Laurel K. Hamilton’s stories, where he sort of shows up, kicks butt and disappears. He’s cool when he’s there, you never forget about him and you wonder when he’ll be back. That’s what I’m aiming for.

Her Bloody Assassin book 2:  32/131 pages edited so far. I have a few new ideas for a subplot that I need to weave in. That means I’ll have to edit it again, but I expected as much a few weeks ago. I love my assassin. Something about dysfunctional characters makes writing a lot of fun. Right now, he’s been told he’s going to have to fight to kill (blood sport), and he hasn’t fought for nearly a decade. Talk about stress

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Plants and AZ Heat

It hit 118 degrees out here in Arizona. I put my new sprouted plants outside for an hour and decided to bring them back in the house. They are doing really well, but my uncle told me that they won’t survive the summer. I’ll have to be okay with that. I’m not. I actually feel like a mother and I can’t stand to watch them die. My herbs barely sprouted and I put them outside in a shaded area and they were dead within hours. Not doing that again, mostly, because I’m really attached to these little sprouts.

Since they are indoors, they keep growing towards the window. I’ve been rotating them so their stems stay sturdy and hopefully upright. It’s been touch and go with them, but 7 sprouted and so far I’ve kept all 7 alive and transplanted into something a little bigger. My uncle said I need 5 gallon pots for them, but I don’t have room in my house for those and I don’t want to put them outdoors. He’s right. The sun will kill them. I grew them out of season and now I have to deal with it. I have an eighth sprout, but I have no idea what it is. It might be the only basil plant to survive the first accidental sun killing.

Due to the sun, my garden is now dead and brittle. Nadine has a rule about cutting things. You can’t do it during certain months, which I think covers everything between June-September, but I’d like to clear a few things out of the yard that I have no interest in taking care of.  Also, Typo keeps getting in the garden and she triggers my allergies. 

I’m working on downsizing. I am hoping to get down to 100 items that I really want to keep and maybe 100 items that are necessary. It’s funny, because so much of this is stuff I’ve recently brought home. I’m a lot like my dad. I find things I think are super cool and next thing I know, I own it. I brought home an ice cream maker a little bit ago. I took it to the commune so they could play with it, but we set it up for them and in the long run, the ice cream was over churned. They let me try it and I couldn’t even swallow it. It wouldn’t melt on my tongue, but the commune said they ate it any way. These people are a hoot.

There are tents popping up all over town getting ready to sell fireworks for July 4th. It's too hot to be thinking about walking through a tent, even if it's open on all sides. You can feel the heat radiating up from the sidewalk. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Guitar Blisters, Javelinas and Writing Freebie Stories

My fingers feel blistered. That's from practicing electric guitar for the past week. It look down at them, expecting to see water bubbles, but it's just my skin. How strange that is. It's numb, like the tips have lost all sense of feeling. I wonder if that's what it's like for octopus and their suckers.

I'm not sleeping again. I went to bed around midnight, woke up at three am and then slept from four am to six pm. I'm thinking about going garage sell hunting. A couple of weeks ago, I found an ice cream maker for $3 and bought it. It was dusty from sitting in someone's garage and out here in AZ, the garages get super hot, like cars, and can still ruin things. Emory plugged it in and it works. The commune wants me to come over with it, since my brother has his children, plus the commune peeps went on and on about homemade ice cream. I wonder if I should just drop it off over there and take the really young kids shopping with me.

This weekend is Litha. My girlfriend is spending the two days cooking. She gave me a list of all that she is making, but I can hardly remember that list now. It sounds exciting. The only thing I've really wanted all week was brownies, though I am starting to crave sugar cookies. To note on the same topic, my seeds are finally growing. My sage and lavender died. I'll have to go to Trader Joe's and get plants that were already sprouted. These seeds I had for a while and I was going to give them to Farmer Bill, but meh! I decided to plant them myself. EXCITING! I can't believe they are doing so incredibly well in just a handful of days. Nothing else was really growing for me

Younger Family of AZ Javelinas

I would like to play video games this weekend, but I'm in the middle of working on a few projects I owe to my webbie friends. I can't express the amount of gratitude I have towards them and the warm energy they give me through their words, excitement and constant support. So I need to finish those projects for them asap.

Another picture before I go.

Lesson 101: Learn how to properly hold guitar. :)

I'm at the commune in Scottsdale learning guitar from a seasoned player.

All my love my friends! Hope you keep visiting! I'm getting the coolest countries coming through this weblog of mine and I want to reach out and say, I appreciate you coming through and sharing my culture!

Bye my Nerdy Birds, (for now) XOXO

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Taco Dinner, New Moon and Writing

Emory and I picked up this “hamburger” style tofu with a hint of chipotle. I truthfully only associated chipotle with the restaurant, so this was pretty cool. Emory added a little taco seasoning to the mix and we cooked it up. We had our organic tomatoes, because my tribal sister suggested it. Her quotes, “have you ever had an organic tomato? They are so delicious.” 

We got everything ready and pulled out the taco shells. Emory had his ready while I was making mine and suddenly, a funny smell hit my noise. By “funny”, I mean this was a smell that was turning my stomach. I sniffed everything and couldn’t find the source from the pots and bags lining our island table.  The smell wasn’t going away, so finally I picked up the taco shells and promptly informed Emory, “These smell off.”

Emory bites into his taco and a second later, he’s making gagging noises. He sails to the trash very quick, spitting out his food. When he catches is breath and takes a few drinks of tea, he confirmed that the shells were NOT good. So we threw all the shells away and since we didn’t want to go to the store, we ended up eating just the tofu, lettuce, tomato, cheese and onion. I saw a vegan cheese that I really wanted to try but Emory isn’t ready to go that next step, so we’re waiting. 

Sunday was amazing. I’m still a solitary practitioner of my religion, but I have a group that I will gather with and Sunday was our crafts and New Moon focus. They had brunch ready, beautifully cut fruit with herbs from their garden sprinkled over them; quite an earthly blessing. We made all sorts of things. The gentlemen went camping and took the fallen branches to make us wands. They are so individual and beautiful.

I made a lot of little things for spiritual protection. Everyone had a focus or “intention” that they used to base their herbal mixtures. For the nasal inhaler which is a product you sniff, I used pine oil to remind me of a place that I really enjoy. It also reminds me of the holidays, when it’s cooler (for Arizona) and the kitchen is hot with baking goodies.  Afterwards, we watched Witches of Eastwick, while eating Indian food. I’ve seen that movie three times now, and I’ve had a different understanding for the movie each time.

Afterwards, we gathered all our things and did a 10 card tarot spread focusing on our shadow shelves. I used my Goddess deck, which was very uplifting. It literally told me everything was cool. I was like, “Uh… are you sure?” And the cards were like, “Um… yeah.” So I poked at them a little bit and said, “I don’t know if I believe you.” The cards responded back, “You’ve got this handled, go watch some superhero cartoons and check back with us in a week.” I might use this deck if I ever read for other people. 

Writing Update:

WF book 2:  11/131 pages  edited. Cleaning up portions of the story where the details get a little long winded. 

TS: 3,998 words written for the last two weeks. I didn't work on it today. Got busy trying to juggle things.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Pagan, Comic Con and Writing

I have been a solitary practicing pagan for nearly fifteen years, but in the last couple of months, I've joined a small group. My friend started off mentoring this group and now we're on this amazing journey that I can't even begin to describe.

I'm mentioning this, because this is going to be a busy month. Sunday, we're having a late brunch as a group and we'll be working on spiritual projects; candle making, oils and misters, etc. My girlfriend wants to make moon jewelry. The last time we were all together, we danced around the May Pole and painted rocks for our path.

This is such an amazing group and because of it and all the "intentions" I've stepped into the circle and focused on, I do feel like I'm in a very different place.I'm a little more open. As a very wise woman told me, I should learn to bend like the grass. Her profound statement was something I really had to hear.

Phoenix Comic Con is currently in motion. I can't make it this time, but Emory said he read an article that there are a lot of men dressing as women characters this year. Way to go! If men feel connected with female characters then I'm glad they are in touch with their real selves. <3 nbsp="" p="">
Crazy Cousin Nik usually runs around with a bunch of women who dress like men characters during the comic con. I once saw a female Sherlock Holmes and Watson. (Extremely awesome and super hot choices. I swayed. I'm such a fan girl)

I really should have forced myself to go. I've had a lot of fun in the past, but my phobias are strong, so unless someone is with me, I actually panic. That's what happened the last time I was there. I went by myself, found Crazy Cous. Nik for a few hours, got a bunch of fun photos like this:

Phx Comic Con with Christina E. Rundle and Crazy Cous. Nik

Writing Update

Words written on TS and HKT: 3,178 words

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

SweetTart Cake, Caffeine Pills and Writing

I’ve never seen so many SweetTarts (the candy) in my life! It included a cake topped with SweetTarts AND sprinkles. So what did my tribal sister and I do? We ate the cake. Later, we both agreed that it was way more sugar than our bodies could handle. I had to eat a few nuts to calm the sugar rush. Now, I switched to coffee. Why? Because sometimes your inner child chants; do it! So I did. 

Here's a cherry dessert that we made!

It feels like I’ve been living off caffeine pills. My head’s been so foggy lately. It’s probably due to the fact that I don’t leave much time in my day to sleep. I have the intention of sleeping, but I get to bed and I decide I want to read a little. I bought tons of murder mystery books, mostly because the covers were cool.

I’d like to make a dress to wear to Nik’s wedding. However, I saw some super cool, very floral and bright dresses at Walgreens. It’s one of those small stores where you can find anything. I loved shopping there when I was a child, since it was within walking distance. They had everything a child could want and the prices weren’t so bad either. We’d stock up on candy and pogs.  Occasionally, I’d buy lipstick and nail polish. Now I’m an adult and I want to buy a summer dress there. I’ll take a picture if I do.

Spring Flowers are already wilting and summer will blaze!

My mom cleared her closet, so I had to go and pick up all my square dance dresses. The skirts are a style I currently like, so I might wear them to work. It depends how full they are. Also, nabbed a skirt from her giveaway pile that I think would be perfect for Fairy Worlds, when I get a chance to go. 

Writing Update:

WW book 2: 8/131 pages edited. I opened the book with Aire'Si, the captain of the Unseelie Assassins. When I originally wrote the story, I saw a love triangle; however, the triangle love was really established in a story I wrote before the first book I published on Amazon. I feel like book 2 gives me a chance to show the readers a little more.

TS: I'm stuck on chapter 6 so I started writing the scenes that I want to put in the book. Yesterday I managed to get 1300+ words written. Today, it was only 500, which is my goal every day. If I get more than 500, great, but if not, at least I have 500 more words on the story than I did the day before. I can see that this story might need to be flushed out a little more, because where it starts might not give enough foreshadowing.