Saturday, October 15, 2016

Purge, Scary Clowns in America and Writing

Favorites This Week

Favorite Scary CreepyPasta Story: The Crawlers read by KingSpook
Favorite Horror Movie: 1 Missed Call (Japanese film)
Favorite Snack: Apple Cider Cupcakes  / DQ Pumpkin blizzard 
Favorite Hobby: Facebook Games / DIY teabags

My friend told me that she’s spending Halloween with her cousin, who heard that two things would be happening on this night; a purge and the clown craze.

I think a few young people dressed up like clowns and terrorized a few citizens, but it’s getting blown out of proportion, which means it’s now become an Urban Legend. Who doesn’t love those?   But to make it truly a GREAT legend, there has to be something huge about the story, so there will be numerous scary murders suddenly attached to it. 

These murders will sound like the "real deal" thanks to Reddit and Youtube and other scary social media/forums. In the end, this story will continue to scare for generations to come. I'm even thinking about writing a scary "true story" about my experience with these scary clowns or even purge... but I'm a writer, that's what I do and when inspiration hits; DUN DUN DUN!!!! <--- br="" instrumental="" music="" picture="" scary="" sounds.="" talents="">

There is just one problem with all this. In our society, I don’t think people would put up with being afraid, not for a few minutes or even for hours. If people truly felt like their lives were in danger, there would be a rebellion. I know Emory wouldn’t let someone come into our home to victimize us. As for me? I’ve gotten very brave these last couple of years. I’ve pulled up my dolly pants and said, “Yo! Bring it on!” 

The problem here is, I was victimized in junior high. I felt small and unable to take care of myself. I don’t feel like that now. I am trying to work through all that anger, but I’ll gladly take the anger out on anyone who tries to hurt me.

Therefore; I have this very superficial, but slightly hopeful opinion that if the purge were ever an option, most people would not participate in it and would also try to protect others who can’t protect themselves. I know I would be at a community home, ready to protect the citizens. 

So far for this October I’ve had no candy, but the apple cider cupcakes are to-die-for good!


Today, I wrote 800 words on WF2, and 400 words on a story that is a little more personal. I've also started a few stories I want to submit to CreepyPasta or even some of the reader channels that I'm so obsessed with. :) 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Nightmares, Realms and Writing

My dreams are back. For months now, I’ve slept only about 30-45 minutes at a time, waking up with no memory of having visited my other worlds or my other people. This might have contributed to my irritation, irrational behavior and depression. But they are back. I slept long enough for the sweet mares of the night to come in with auras of deep, Unseelie Fey purples and smoke.

I am a firm believer that these people I visit in my sleep exist. Not all of them, mind you. Some are just dreams, but others are real, visiting me in the only way they can since I’m in this dimension and they are in the beyond. I dream of the same locations. I tried to explain this to the counselor, but she had a very confused look on her face. I suppose explaining to someone who only exists in this one realm about the other worlds, would be hard for anyone. 

I can’t explain the locations, or the feelings I get when I’m there, but there is always the strong element of fluttering air and smoke. The sun, though bright, never really breaks the coldness that continues to linger bone deep in my body, but I’m not afraid. I know what to expect. I know the dangers that are coming and the limitations I have to break through when I am still thinking like a being from this dimension. 

I’m feeling sentimental right now. It could’ve been the caffeine pill.  I like feeling like I’m on top of things, but the sentiment makes me all embarrassingly gushy. There are very few people in my life that can do gushy, so I want to snap that back into its rightful place before I start sending out sweet text messages.

Writing Update:

Yes! Finally got that bug to bite! I’m on a role. What have I been working on? A few new projects and a lot of older projects. I’ve got some new ideas for some work that has been sitting. I am now ready to finish the stories I’ve started.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Roasted Marshmallows, Little Fox and Camping

I didn’t tell anyone I was going camping. Mostly, because there’d be too many of my caravan family members that would want to go too. I wanted the quiet so I could be a tree. You can’t be a tree surrounded by my caravan family, but you can be a tree in front of a fox, which is who I brought camping with me, a little fox-kin. 

We got to the campsite a little late in the day and the sun was already setting. Little Fox and I got the tent up and we left the cover off the top, so we could watch the stars at night. It was utterly freezing with the temperatures dropping below 50 degrees, but looking up at the stars between the dancing tree branches, was worth the freezing atmosphere. 

Little Fox made us food while I collected the firewood. It was excellent and vegetarian. She made coffee and tea. We also had vodka and orange juice, and then I switched over to wine. We took a few naps, but by nightfall, we were still exhausted. 

I collected more firewood and we ate roasted marshmallows and she sang some beautiful songs to the moon and the Goddess. When it was pitch black and all the campfires around us were dying, including our own, we dug a hole to place the well wishes from our witch family. 

Late at night, Little Fox and I sat on our beds in the tent and took turns making animal sounds. She does great impressions. I wasn’t too shabby on my crow calls. We have a Brother Crow in our witch circle. He is very dear to us. I’m not real sure when we got bored of this and fell asleep. We were having such a good time, I think we repeated our animal calls a few times before our eyes drooped.
She said she heard elk bugling at dawn. I sleep pretty hard so I didn’t hear it the first night, but I did the second night which was amazing! I wanted to reach out and shake her awake, but I was so exhausted, I fell back to sleep. 

We saw tons of squirrels, bees, wasps, mice, spiders, flies. We didn’t see any bears. 

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Horror Movies, Caramel Popcorn and Corn Mazes

It's October! I crave horror movies, caramel popcorn and corn mazes. 

I've been listening to all the youtube channels that specialize in reading horror stories. Since I'm usually doing this by myself, I will nod to the empty room and mutter to myself, "Oh! That was so good. I didn't see that ending!" Thank the Goddess for those who feed my hunger for jump scares.

I have a co-worker who I'll instant message my thoughts on certain creepypasta stories. We've both used up our wireless data plan on our phones early within the month due to listening to these stories at work. I get so bored and this keeps me awake. I've had to ask her opinion on a few endings on the stories because I wanted to get her thoughts.

Emory and I were looking through Netflix for a horror movie, but it looks like on the streaming options, we’ve seen just about everything they can offer. I hope with Halloween coming up, the options are rotated for the month. Either that, or we’ll have to put all our horror requests for the physical DVD at the very top of our queue. 

The SciFi channel has 31 Days of Halloween! I watched all the versions of Chainsaw Massacre in one night... which was darker then I  thought it would be. I really hate horror movies that have to do with cannibalism. I literally feel justified being a vegetarian when I watch people being skinned and the meat being put in a pot. I guess I have a hard time not putting my human emotions on an animal and seeing their fear being similar to ours. Either way, this is supposed to be a true story. I never looked up the details. 

The first time I saw the Chainsaw Massacre was in junior high and I had to call my mom for permission to watch it. I grew up watching certain horror movies with my dad, but my mom had this thing about horror movies that were too realistic and this fell under that. She wouldn't let me watch any of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies either, because she said people were sick and would actually do these things to other people. I watched my first Nightmare on Elm Street in high school. My dad bought us all the Jason movies, so that wasn't an issue with my mom... or she never knew my dad bought them for me. Either way, I kept them hidden in my closet. 

I might have issues.   

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Apple Cider Cupcakes, Mabon Experience and Writing

Emory and I finally went to Target to look at the Halloween stuff. We walked by the grocery part of the store first and saw apple cider cupcake mix. It was 2 boxes for $5. I said, “Well, if it’s that price for 2…” and grabbed a box of snickerdoodle cupcake mix as well. He laughed and gave me a little nudge shoulder to shoulder and said, “Well, if you have to do it…” 

By the time we got out of Target, I actually had a lot of things in my hands. Emory raised a brow, but didn’t say anything. I honestly love, love, love all the cool baking mixes that come out during this fall season. That raised eyebrow from Emory might be because he knows he’ll be the one making them. When we got home, he immediately started making the cakes for my meeting. He’s so cute in the kitchen. 

I told him I want to go back to the store and stock up on these flavors that will be gone after January. He just laughs and shakes his head and tells me that’s a lot of junk food. Emory is one of those guys that will read the back of the box for sugar content. Me? The picture on the front of the box wins me over every time. 

I also ordered some cookies from a fancy magazine for a school charity. I can’t wait to get them. We found out that I’m allergic to chocolate after this allergy test I took, but I still ordered chocolate chip cookies. I ordered snickerdoodles too, because those are one of my two favorite cookies. 

(Late update on Mabon) Mabon was excellent! And happened a few weeks ago. I'm a little late in updating everyone on my Mabon experience. This year it was much bigger than I usually celebrate, now that I am part of a coven. The candles left the air sweet with the scent of pumpkin spice. There were vegan, vegetarian and fish options. The bread was made special for our dinner. The night was warm so I went out barefoot under the twin trees and enjoyed the rest of our night. 

Hope you all had many apple treats for September! 

It's going to get cold soon. The sky is gray, the wind is blowing hard and the air has a chill in the morning. 

Writing Update:

Finally got the writing bug. I think it’s the weather. Wrote 1,400 words on the next to last chapter of HKT. Thinking about adding another chapter to two more stories and then back to the drawing board with the book I’m working on now, HBA book 2