Thursday, October 08, 2015

Plans Are the Same

I'm superstitious. Not about black cats, walking under ladders or breaking a mirror. I'm superstitious about the 3-Fold Law, ghosts, karma, helicopters, etc. And of course, there is good old paranoia to fall back on.I try very hard not to expose myself to conspiracy theories outside the "cartoon conspiracy theories" because that falls back to paranoia and that's something I battle with.

I watched a "fact" video on YouTube that said during the second part of the night, you are more likely to have nightmares. Last night, I had this dream that a new friend I made came into my house and let my bird loose, because she didn't believe birds should be pets. I was devastated that Hitchens was gone. She's our family. We've had a lot of good times together and to lose her like that would be hard.I felt impending doom when I woke up.

A local high school had a community sale. Believe it or not, every week, I find a LOT of items to replace the broken or missing items in my classroom for cheap. I just bought a world map puzzle for $2. Spending money makes me nervous. I feel like a money hoarder. Everyone keeps talking like another Great Depression is coming and America is going to fall hard. I think most Americans have someone in their bloodline who witnessed and suffered during that time.

My great grandma had a lot of strange habits and my mom said that was the result of being a child during the Great Depression. It's scary when people say, "you won't be able to afford food, etc." I remember being told that people would glue thick pieces of newspaper to the bottom of their shoes because the soles would wear out. I still have a pair of shoes from 3 years ago that I wear a lot, so maybe the soles on our shoes are a lot thicker than they use to be.

I think most of my current money fear comes from when I lived in Florida. We had a really, really great time. We just didn't have the money to support ourselves. We didn't have insurance and our jobs didn't pay a lot. It was fine when we weren't sick. I went to a low income doctor and she gave me generic brands for almost everything I needed but asthma medication are expensive. Sometimes it was between the choice to grocery shop or get medication. I got sick a few times and that got expensive. Now, the medication I'm on is so expensive, it's a major bummer, but it appears that medicine options for neurological issues are limited.

Another teacher was telling me how in the very near future, we were all going to have chips under our skin and it would be the only way to identify us, and how the government was already watching every little thing we did. She said that satellite gave them the chance to watch our heat signatures inside our house. They knew what we were doing every minute of the day. I can't imagine there are that many people sitting at computers watching me type on my computer or play video games. I can do this for hours, sometimes days. That can't be all that interesting. Since I have absolutely nothing to hide, I can't see a reason to be paranoid. Also, she said there was going to be a great war. My plans are the same as they are for the zombie apocalypse. I'll be in my house waiting it out, probably writing of course until electricity fails, then I'll be handwriting the rest of my novels.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Commune Visitors and Writing

A very dear friend came to the commune, so Emory and I went back over. Some of the other commune people who moved out were also there. It was such a huge group and we all squeezed around the table made for twelve. We had to push more chairs in and we all were pretty squished. The group wanted to play games and four of us opted out so that there would be enough domino tiles for the other seven players. I think seven players is actually max because there are only so many trains in the game.

We had another visitor there for the night and she said my cousin looked a lot like me. We laughed, because when we use to RPG, people often got us confused. That made us roll down memory lane. I liked gaming with her because we had this open communication and we often planned our character motivations for the day to correlate our relationship as cousins. She said she had a framed picture of us in one of our gaming modes. I thought that was excellent.

Of course, talking about gaming lead to her current gaming endeavors, which are always fun to listen too. I guess her current group has funny Star War gaming names which are play on words. I don't do the connected gaming any more. I haven't for a long time, though I wouldn't mind getting a little microphone and game with people from other countries and states. It's just not something I've made an effort to do yet. I do play my Wii games with Emory and it's quiet banter between the two of us. I love gaming with Emory now.

So being at the commune was a lot of fun. So many faces that came in for the night and so many faces that already live there. John is in the hospital right now with a fever that he can't shake. He had a very high fever for a few days straight and he felt horrible. The hospital hooked him up. I've called him a few times now. I wanted to take him cupcakes, but damn, if time isn't against me. He understood, because we had our demo, which was fun and of course, pile everything else I do and haven't been doing but need to do, it's just been busy.

Nadine, the commune nurse and mother, made taco salad last night for everyone to eat. She made beans for me and Penny to put on our salads because we don't eat meat. It was nice. The food was good. The wine was excellent. I'm not sure who all had wine, but it was probably Penny and me, because that's how we role. Long story short, we finally left there and came home and I felt really happy about the day.

Ann gave me more supplies for the children at the school. I asked Mike for two keyboards and mouses, because I can't wait for the school to actually do it for me. The children like the computers and I need to have the computers working now. Mike collects things. Like really, really, really huge collector in all things electronic. I ask for what I need and he is so generous about handing it over. I really probably need to start a barter system with him, which I think is how his connections work. I know he likes certain candy. I should buy him a few bags in exchange for the keyboards and mouses.

Ann found some card games I actually left at her house during the garage sale. Her neighbors at the commune to the side are so freaking generous. They actually gave us pretty much almost everything that didn't sale at their garage sale. I got cool beer mugs and some cards and other little play things for the children. It was nice. 


WF: 19,300 words / 90,000 word goal. In the middle of fight scenes that I'll have to rewrite when I get all the chapters connected into the one file.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Swimming Naked and Writing

At the commune, there is a sign that hangs on the back porch that says, "I don't skinny dip, I chunky dunk." It is hilarious, but it makes me wonder if anyone at the commune actually skinny dips. I have more than a handful of times. I stopped when I once saw the house on google maps and you could see the flower pots in the front yard. I thought it'd be my luck the satellite would take a picture right at that moment and see me naked. Meh. Who really cares, right? Who hasn't seen a naked woman before. I'd be another statistic on the search sites.

The neighbors are more of a concern actually. I'm not sure about the law on that, so I haven't skinny dipped for a while. I know a few summers ago, Emory and I use to skinny dip at night. We'd drink wine and swim and tell each other funny stories. When it was time to get out, we'd make a dash for our towels and then we'd go inside and watch movies. Skinny dipping is a lot of fun.

Halloween is coming!!! I need to find a haunted house because the season wouldn't be the season if I didn't do something freaking fun. I went out with my shopping buddy, Patti. I bought some Boo Berry cereal, the first time ever. She bought Count Chocolate cereal. She bought brain jelly molds. I bought bloody hand prints for my toilet. Dude, they rock! I saw a few Halloween shirts I liked, but they didn't have a size that was right for me. Bummer.

 I haven't gone to the Spirit Store yet. That is a total goregasmic experience for me, so I've been holding off. I started the horror movie tradition a little earlier, but why not. I managed to buy a few bags of candy and they are now in the fridge. This is Arizona. We're hotter than hell, including the house for some reason, so all chocolates go in the fridge.

I watched two horror movies so far and had two nightmares to date. I don't like when nightmares actually involve people I know. I'd rather the nightmares be just about me. I wake up feeling a lot less lost due to it.

I had a nightmare that I was taking care of this old woman who was a writer. She told really great scary stories that made your skin crawl. When she was dying, she told me that I must go get her books from her office. I'd never been in her office. I was just the caregiver. So when she took her last breath, I went to her office and the light switch didn't work. I looked around the room by the very dim hall light and she had no book shelves. I went to her closet and found two gold bound books and as I reached for them, something moved behind me. That's when I realized that all the stories she wrote were real and she'd been watching these creations that looked so innocent, but there was something very dark about them. Humans can feel the darkness in things, like I was the prey and they were the predators. I left the books, because I knew in my heart that it would only be a very dangerous burden to watch these things. I had many more nightmares that night, and her creations were in all of them.

Writing Update:

Freebie: I'm up to chapter nine and I got a great review from a fellow reader. "I LOVE this sooo much. I legit read the whole thing in one sitting! haha now I cant stop rereading it! BRAVO!!" This review made me so happy. I want to start working on the next chapter, but decided it was time to put some work into the second werewolf book.

WF: Book 2: I love my assassin. There are so many emotions to work with and he's fighting it. That makes it all the more fun.

P: novella 2: Fighting the desire to start working on it until I'm done with the 1st revision draft of WF book 2.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Bubble Gum and Future Road Trips

I walked through the candy section at Walgreens and they had some of my favorite gum on sale. I grabbed four thinking the gum that is usually $1.99 at gas stations would be $0.64 on sale. I got to the cash register and the gum was actually $0.14. I went back and bought the entire box of gum. I told Emory I was buying all of it, but he probably had no idea what "all of it" meant until I rounded the corner with the box. I have so much gum now and if this wasn't a brand I truly loved, I'd be willing to put it in some gift packages to others. That was a fun night.

I look forward to Wednesdays because it's pie day at Village Inn. I probably mention this a lot, but I really like that date night with Emory. We don't do it every Wednesday. With his new job, he's working 12 hour shifts almost 7 days a week. He got a break 1 day this week and that was it for him. The poor guy, but we're going to put everything down on the student loans and the medical bills.

My friend and I were talking about road trips. Now I want to take a road trip. I would love to caravan behind them up to Seattle. I'd like to really rough it and sleep in the van. I think my friends said they slept in their van on their journey to Oregon. Thing is, we'd have to do it when it's not going to be miserable to be sleeping in a van. Oregon gets snow so you know the temperature drops drastically. Arizona, people die in the summer being in their cars, so you know summer isn't a great time for a road trip, though you can drive out of Arizona in about 3-4 hours, though California weather is very similar to Arizona, so crossing California in the summer could be rough sleeping in a van. I've never done this before, so I'm only guessing this would be difficult in the summer.

I want to backpack across Europe, but this driving across America could probably be a lot of fun too. I know Emory and I have a lot we have to get in order, like the constant bills that we have majorly whittled down. It took us almost 3+ years to get it all in order.

There is a house down the street from us that is wicked cool. It's decorated and ready for Halloween. Emory said this year we won't have time to really do anything like that. It makes me sad, but we really don't even have lights to stream around the front. We're going to have to buy some of these things. I saw so many things I want to buy. My mom said it was ridiculous to have just random Halloween things year round that are bulky and big, but they'll be indoors and taken care of. I can just imagine the estate sale when I'm old. People are going to wonder who the person was that lived here.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Whooping Cough Scare

I was warned that I was exposed to whooping cough and that it was mandatory that I get on a zpack immediately. A zpack is an antibiotic. I freaked out and called the commune nurse, but she wasn't home, so I called my doctor and got the order put in. Later, after Emory and I went to pick it up, I called the commune nurse again and she said that it was a precaution. She explained to me that as long as I was up to date on my tetanus vaccine, then I'd be okay.

I'm up to date on it. Three years ago, I took some medicine in order to go visit the doctor. It kept me super relaxed. Said medicine made me so relaxed, that I asked for every vaccine the doctor was willing to give me. Funny thing is, half the vaccines I asked for, they said I really didn't need, but the tetanus and flu shot was given that day to me, so I'm caught up on tetanus. The flu shot has to be taken every year and I need to jump on that immediately since I work with so many children.

As for the zpack, I'm taking it since the doctor already prescribed it and I've had a lingering cold for 4 weeks. As an asthmatic with a compromised immune system, I personally think I'm doing really well this time. My last three colds I ended up with an ear infection and had to be on a lot more medicine because my breathing was compromised and I was easily winded. I'm taking this zpack and I hope that everything is well. My grace I guess. I wasn't really going to go see her because I didn't want another antibiotic. The other ones she gave me in the past are so strong and it effects my body and makes me weak.

I bought this game at GoodWill for my children and it had a lot of other cards inside it. I ended up with an extra 10 playing cards for my Apples to Apples game and a random tarot card. I kept the tarot card for some reason, though I don't need it for any of my decks. As for the game for the children, I probably don't have all the pieces for it, but I'm currently trying to get the cards laminated. These children are so difficult on card games. I'm siting here writing this and my attention keeps going to the tarot card.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Children and Tiny Flooded Toilet

The last time I was in childcare, I was still in college up in Flagstaff. I worked in an after school program which helped with homework, and then we played games. It lasted a semester and a few months before I decided to move to Los Angeles with family.

I was a substitute teacher for an actress in Los Angeles. We went into the schools and taught the children how to perform. We gave them stage directions and all the works that you get when you're involved in acting. It was fun, but I realize now that I still didn't have the authority she did when it came to dealing with children. It took about three weeks, but I finally have that take charge personality you need when dealing with young children.

This week, that take charge personality took a deep dive into chaos. I swear I think the two year old's are revolting against the system. Luckily, I wasn't the only person in the room when it all went down hill. I was trying to clean up the mess where three children decided to dump their milk. I wasn't aware there was a flooding issue in the bathroom until the second teacher came out with a very wet doll. Two seconds later, he's calling for a mop. Come to find out that the toilet flooded and it was quickly flooding into the classroom. Not a funny situation, but I was trying to get things cleaned up too. We had a surprise audit from the people who provide us food for the food program and everything went haywire.

Despite all our best efforts, we scored very low. That makes me sad, because usually things are a lot quieter. It was just a very hectic day and those people were looking for things to mark off on others. They hit us hard.

I still have about 100+ spelling bee cards that need to be laminated before I let my classroom play with them. My classroom is the older children, which I love. I just fill in for breaks during the day, until my children come in. I give them a project for the week and try to get as many to do it as possible so they have something cute to put on the wall and show others. I keep taking photos and bringing them home to show Emory.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Arizona Lizards and Haunted Houses

The stores now have Halloween items out. I bought a bag of candy corn and that was it. My mind went into Halloween mode. Emory put on a scary movie last night. It had to do with ghosts. I like scary ghost stories. I've been listening to ghost stories on the internet for the past month anyway, once I discovered the gruesome links. However, those links also sometimes lead to things that are real, like stories about serial killers. I  listened to a few of those and Emory had to deal with the consequences, so he's pretty much warned me against doing it and on Scouts Honor, I felt bad clicking those links again, so I've been avoiding them.

Emory had to go get more fence for the backyard because our dogs got muddy again. He said that the Home Department store had super awesome Halloween things, but he's afraid to take me there to see them. I asked him if he thought I'd beg him to buy a few of the items. He said, "Yes." At least he's truthful. We're trying to use our money wisely; debt to the student loans, debt to my medical bills, debt for our weekly feeding habits, and debt to the house. So yeah, lots of debt. Emory said if we both get second jobs at the Halloween Store this year, he's more than willing to let me pick out something for my office. I think he'll let me do it anyway, because he's super nice and he knows I wait ALL YEAR for this season.

I keep thinking, I'll never go back to a haunted house. I know better. It scares me so badly. Yet, here is the season and haunted houses are being advertised and everything in my heart and stomach are saying, "Go. You know you want to do it. You know you want to be scared." Okay, my inner voice is not Jiminy Cricket. I think he took a rain check on my conscious a long time ago because I keep doing super stupid things like deciding to play tackle with a 17 year old boy, just to get thrown hard onto the cement and having a bruised tailbone for the better part of a a couple weeks. Stupid! Very stupid, considering my age. I'm not exactly a kid anymore.

Sonoran Collared Lizard maybe?

This is a huge freaking lizard in Arizona. I haven't seen them close to wear I live. We get the little geckos. Some geckos must have just had their babies because there are a bunch of babies running around our house. We don't mind. It's safer than using pesticides.