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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Fireworks, Babysitting and Writing

Jeffery has been coming to our abode on Wednesdays helping with a few things. Last Wednesday, I was actually home and Jeffery came through the door with a number of things, including a box of fireworks. His comment, "I saw you had fireworks on your counter and thought you liked these things." Me... "It's always been a tradition, but you'd already know that."

Jeffery also brought pizza, "I'm glad you mentioned pizza. It's embarrassing going through Taco Bell and asking for vegan tacos. They look at me like I'm insane." We made our own pizza toppings by cutting up black olives, onions, mushrooms and a few other things. It was a really heavy pizza. When Emory got home, we put the rest of the veggies on the grill. I love veggies a lot. Last week, Ann brought a bag of broccoli over from the food charity that Nadine goes too. I guess the bag was too big. Nadine brings home like huge bags of groceries that are meant to feed more than a household at the commune. She usually breaks it into threes to share with other households so we got broccoli and some donuts that Ann had a handful of before bringing the rest over. Don't mind sharing the sugar. Probably better to do that anyway.

Last Sunday, we had our besties come over and I made Red Velvet cake doughnut holes and Bailey's Irish Cream Cheese. The liquor is what makes it delicious. Ann and John stopped by that early in the morning. We gave them a  plate to take for the road, since they had an eight hour drive heading to California. John brought Lady over for a few minutes and the dogs seemed to enjoy that.

It's my turn to babysit the commune children this Tuesday, so they are coming to the house and I have to entertain them. Ann suggested that I make the doughnut holes with them so they could take it back to their dad for his birthday. Man, that birthday is coming up. Michael was born on the 5th of July. A day sooner and he could've celebrated his birthday with fireworks! When we were younger, dad would go to Texas and get sparklers. That's after Arizona had a strict policy against fireworks. Now, they are legal again, but only the ones that are sold under tarps that pop up in parking lots around this time of year.

I'd love to say we're getting the house put together... but we aren't really. Too much to do.

So glad Emory will be home tomorrow to watch the fur babies. Fireworks is the worst time for pet owners because so many dogs freak out and take off. Our dogs will be indoors, probably in our arms while we watch movies and wait out the hell storm of fireworks. Next year, I hope we can go to Cali and watch the fireworks in Ventura on the beach. 

Writing Update:

Urban Fantasy: 5/13 chapters edited. Coming along! Final edit before going to my editor for the final-final edits.

Writing Group: Excellent. We had our first session at Applebee's. We had excellent food while we talked about everyone's project. Strong start to the group. It's really nice.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Pictures, Restless Nomad and Writing

I had this weird dream that Emory found someone just as interested in the housing market as he is. I woke up extremely self conscious, which is silly, because I don't think another woman would compliment his lifestyle as great as I do. It's like we were cut out of the same mold. I might actually even own his rib! (Inside joke between you and me, since he's an atheist) Of course, that dream worried itself deep into my spirit until I mentioned in passing to him. He laughed and said it would never happen. His words, "My love for houses is not enough to take me away from you."

Now that we're settled, and we haven't been settled for long, I have this desire to do something reckless. The last reckless thing we did was almost four years ago when I asked Emory to move to Florida. We packed our bags and left. We didn't even have an apartment lined up for when we got there. We had no jobs. It took almost 6 months to get something. It might be a few years before I can convince Emory to do something reckless again. I'm thinking we should work in another country.

I'm also thinking about moving to Nashville Tennessee or somewhere in Texas. I have a girl friend in New Mexico. I keep seeing adventures for New Mexico. I might wouldn't mind living in Seattle Washington if we had scuba licenses. I'm a little afraid of two things; super cold water and getting stuck in underwater caves. You wouldn't know that from my dreams. When I dream, I'm afraid of nothing. I swim into underwater caves all the time, but the caves in my dreams usually are portals to demonic dimensions. It adds to the spice of my human existence. I don't think human was ever at the top of my list. Being a vampire isn't either. Anne Rice scared the utter day dream right out of me. I'm more frightened of vampires than being mauled by a werewolf. I guess I just don't want to be freezing in my last hour of life... See, I just hate being cold. Torture.

Some photos of the week:

Baking cookie: Skulls, Coffins, Bats, Pumpkins and Cupcakes

Javelinas: Welcome to AZ

I tried to make doggie cookies from a box batter recipe and that didn't turn out well. I think I could've used Emory's help with it. My sugar cookies were fine, but Em was present.

Writer Update

My professor for the dialogue class said he would write me a recommendation for the MFA program at ASU. I need two more recommendations, which means, I need 2 more classes. I'm not sure if this is crazy. I didn't go anywhere with my BA in English. I love writing, but is the $$ for a degree worth it just for the personal experience? Some people would say yes. But the people who are also in the same economic social status I'm in, might think it's nuts. I was having lunch and I overheard this guy say, "So many people get such worthless degrees. It's like getting a bachelors in Literature. What are you going to do with it?" If it's a passion, then is it really worthless?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

SuperBoy Jock, Yucky Oatmeal and Writing

My senior year in high school, there was this football jock that really loved Superman. One day, out of the blue, he showed up in the skin tight, bright blue and red costume complete with cape. He had the dark hair, the blue eyes and the body of a linebacker. I don't remember much more than being super surprised. What teenager dressed like that and came to school? His girlfriend was the smartest girl in class. He was popular. Was he dared to go to school like that?

Now I'm looking at Superman cosplayers and thinking back about that young man. My cousin got a picture of me with a Superman cosplayer. Okay, so cosplayers can make me blush. I like blushing. It makes me feel young again. And please, don't burst my bubble. I need to feel in my heart that this is real and that Superman decided to do a little public relation and networking, going to the comic con.

I've found some super cute Curious George costume ideas. I think I'll dress like Curious George and get Emory to dress like the Man in Yellow. He said he would, though he thought my idea was hilarious. I told him he better start working out, because, as his monkey, I wanted to ride his shoulder during the comic con. He gave me this look of serious doubt. I've come to interpret this look as "Not happening."

In other news, we started the Insanity workout. We're not very good at it. We went to the grocery store and got some basic staples for our diet during this time; eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, protein, fruits, veggies, etc. We got him turkey for sandwiches, but I'll have to stick with tofu because I'm not touching meat. Barf City! It'll probably be the vegetarians that get cannibalize first when the walking dead apocalypse happens. I hope I'm gritty and tasteless like the oatmeal I made this morning. I think I'm going to need better recipes.

Writing Update

EW: I'm putting the final touches on the novella per my beta reader's suggestion. I'm not sure where I am on the editing because I did something to the tool bar at the bottom of the screen and it won't give me a page count.

HBA: very first book, the one I started as a freebee, I've been recently editing. I don't plan to release it until I have the other three up. I'm pulling a Star Wars here on chronological order; however, the freebee book is mostly just an extra for the people who really like things dark and violent.

Sports Romance: Meh... I'm not doing so bad. I need to go out and do some field research now. There were a few points that Emory made that I need to have some hands on research for.

HKT: I'm up to chapter 5 on this violent world and stretching my limits to see how far I can take it. Clearly there are a few notions I struggle with.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Doll House, Moving and Writing

When it's time to move, that's when the caravan crew decides it's time to trade things. By trade, I mean things larger than miscellaneous items. Nona and Ann decided to swap tables. Ann and Jeffery decided to swap bed frames. Michael gave us his furniture and Nona gave us a huge cabinet. I got a table that was carved from red oak that is probably as old as me, that I got from Pam. Emory and I haven't really traded anything. We've been taking donations.

We went and got copies of our home keys to give to the caravan leaders. This might be odd to some people, but then, it's no stranger than giving a spear key to someone you trust. I got a two fun keys for the house. Why not? It's just the two of us with an extra eight dollars for novelty items.

I finally have a place to put the delicate Japanese plates and glasses I inherited. My dad's real father gave it to him when he was only six. My dad vaguely remembers living in Japan and being enthralled by the chicken coops. He got in trouble getting into one and taking a look. His dad died when he was six. I also have a doll from Japan, but it's currently with my mom.

We're mostly moved into the house, but we own so much stuff. I didn't realize how much I collected when I was living at the commune. However, some of this stuff I think still belongs to Ann. I called her to ask if any of her stuff was missing and she laughed. I have a box put to the side so I can give it back to her later.

My nieces came to look at my home and the eldest promptly stated, "You live in a doll house." She's six, but I thought she meant it was because I lived in a small home. The homes in Gilbert, Arizona are nice and large. So are the ones in Scottsdale and in Chandler. I live in Phoenix, very close to downtown Phoenix, where homes tend to be a little smaller and mine, of course, is much smaller because I chose to live in an area with carports and shared walls. It was my mom who rescued my thought process on this. "She is comparing your house to my doll house, which is a mess." That! Well, their mom is a minimalist. Of course anyone who owns a few extra items is going to be considered messy in their eyes. Plus, a side note, we just moved.

Writing Update:

Werewolf Series: I'm working on the original book, the one I was going to give away for free. It's still a freebie story because I'm giving over to my creative leeway side. Some of the violence and subject matter is too questionable to try and slap up on amazon.

Romance: Rewriting the beginning and cleaning up all the hard edges. I changed the lead female's name. Got to make sure that matches the 9000 words I already have written.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Birthdays, Tacos and Writing

My mom decided to spend her birthday in California with the family. Before we got off the phone, she said that my aunt showed up with the ingredients for tacos. For every birthday, and that is a lot of birthdays a year, we have tacos and enchiladas. I don't know what else you'd have if you live in California. Mexican food is pretty popular. It's what you grow up on if you live on the west coast. Dessert is German Chocolate Cake, which is obviously not Mexican. So it's a mixed tradition.

My grandma is sick and we're at the point were every day is special. This tradition is ingrained and special and this day is special because she's still alive to participate, even if she can't cook. My mom laughed jokingly over the phone, "We'll need to teach you how to do this." I agreed. Then we got into the conversation of me making spaghetti for my brother in which she jokingly said, "Can you blame people for not wanting spaghetti with no meat in it?" We both laughed, because at that moment she said, "Wait, if you  made the tacos it'd probably be fish." In which I responded, "More like tofu."

Needless to say, it's been twelve years since I've been asked to cook anything for the family events. I think I just bought myself another twelve years on that probation. It's funny because when the family has a party, they say, "just bring the drinks." No cooking for me.

I met with the Scottsdale caravan leader, Jeffery today. I showed him around the property Emory and I bought. He was laughing and asked how I felt moving away from the commune. I admitted twice today, to two different people, that I think it'll be weird. I hope that Ann and Nadine remember to invite me to do things. I really enjoy the impromptu of this household. Last weekend, Ann called and said, "Having lunch over in Avandale, do you want to meet us there?" Avandale is like 30 minutes from where I work, but they were willing to wait. It was super nice and I love things that are just unexpected.

I'm supposed to meet with Poppy, another Scotsdale Commune leader, here shortly too. Bill who lives at that home, was growing peppers for me so I'm excited about that. Poppy has a great eye for property and I think he just wanted to see what I did. We had to pull out the carpet due to my allergies and the fact that we have dogs. Pets + carpet = mess.

Writer Update:

Sports Romance: Emory just informed me that motocross bikes don't have speedometers. You can probably guess who will read my book for consistency. I think this means I'm taking a field trip! Yeah! Field trip for live research!

Urban Fantasy: Just got notes from beta reader and have a few areas that will need touch ups. Not looking to get this to the editor for another month. I found some covers that I really like.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Rain Dancer Free Erotic Vampire Short

Erotic Vampire Lesbian Fiction


click here for story

Set in the 19th century when women were sent to sanitariums for any social misconduct; including dressing like a man, smoking in public or in this situation, trying to vote when women didn't have the right to.

Word of mouth is the kindest compliment you can give. Thanks!

Monday, June 08, 2015

Phobias, Sick Computer and Writing

I finally gave up and decided to take my computer to Best Buy and have them do a scan on it to see why it was acting so strangely. Waiting for the computer to come back was the hardest thing, because I'm super attached to it. I don't like new gadgets. I'm almost phobic of anything electrical and new... At this point, you're probably saying, "Another phobia? Don't people cap those off after a handful?" Yeah, I have no cap on my phobia.

Funny Conversation with My Mom:

Me: "I think I'm getting worse. I'm really developing agoraphobia."
Mom: *recently discovered support groups and really likes them* "I know! We'll find a support group for agoraphobia!"
Me: "Great... But the room will probably be empty."
Mom: "Why?"
Me: "I can't see agoraphobic people leave their house to come to a meeting."
Mom: "Oh."

I had a handful of fun dreams. I had another crime to uncover with Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, the crime was pretty gruesome. I don't really like grisly scenes, so I was a little happy to wake up from that one. I also visited my favorite dream library. It's so massive and in the research section, there are a line of tables that extend so far, that the lights aren't turned on all the way in the back. Ghosts live there. Actually, ghosts live in most of the dark spaces in my dreams and I just don't bother them. Then I visited my Dream Vegas, which is way more massive and bright and there is far more water fountains in my version. I dream a lot about water and sometimes I actually go in it. Anyways, got to play hide-n-seek with Hawk Eye and Castle. Go figure on that one, but I guess I never grew up.

Writing Update

Werewolf Forbidden: The 5 day free giveaway is over. Thank you too all the people who downloaded the book! As always, I really appreciate the support. <3>