Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving and No Shopping

The first night on my four day weekend, I was up until 4 a.m. playing video games with Emory. We played Mario Kart while drinking wine and eating dark chocolate baking chips. We went straight into playing Lego Batman. I don't think we were doing so great on that, but there were a few levels we rocked. By the time we went to bed, I didn't expect to sleep too long, but once asleep, I wasn't ready to get up too quickly.

Thanksgiving, we stopped by our commune in Scottsdale and got some super hot peppers from Farmer Bill. We chatted for a few hours, got a phone call from the other commune and ended up heading down to the house we were going to have Thanksgiving at. It was really nice. The kitchen was remodeled and it was huge and gorgeous. It was like everything in the world I love about dining. There were so many desserts and finally, I got some really good stuffing.

Emory made this really good vegetarian gumbo, which probably defeats the purpose of the Louisianan dish. It's a little hot. I was talking with the commune about it and Farmer Bill who is a great cook and likes to do everything fresh, asked us if we did it by hand. I admitted I bought the premade ingredients from the 99 Cent Store, but on the nice side of town, which lead into a funny conversation about how not all 99 Cent Stores are the same. I guess a few people at the commune actually understood what I was saying, because I got backed up on my statement. I think the one in my neighborhood is a little on the small side.

I can't wait to see what is on the shelves now that the holidays are in full swing. I'm very excited to celebrate Yule. I hope my job plays the snowball game. It's like the "boo" game, where you give someone a gift and they have to give 2 more people a gift. It's the snowball effect. It's a cute game. Also, I think I might do ornaments with the children. I don't know how I'm going to get the ornaments home to bake. I will take photos if I decide to do this.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Did anyone shop on Friday?

Writing Update:

I'm working on a little romance that I put on the back burner. I feel like I'm toying with the idea or it's toying with me. It's a concept and not really a story. It has the start of a premise, but it needs so much work.

WF: 58,200 words. I have 21 more pages to edit, so this might be a much smaller sister book. Once I get it finished, the book will be placed to the side and I'll start working on the 2nd Urban Fantasy and maybe a small witchy romance novel I've been thinking about.

Witchy Romance: 0/50,000 words written. Bringing back the early 80's sitcom funny romance.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Wii Video Games, Caravan Thanksgiving and Writing

I got sick again. I knew it on Friday when I finally got home. Things were achy and I had an itch in my throat. I'm getting to a point where this might be my last straw. I don't want to be sick every weekend or close to it. This holistic horse doctor told me to start on probiotics. Apparently it's the same thing in yogurt, but in pill form it's stronger. We went to the store and found the product I'm going to give a chance. The holistic horse doctor also suggested a few other things, like certain medications that are all holistic base, and he suggested more touch therapy.

Friday night our friends came over. We had pizza and then we played video games; Mario Kart and Pac-man Party. It was such a blast. The levels on both the games were really fun, but difficult. Pac-man Party was like Monopoly but with fun challenges. I love game night with this group. I'm tempted to have my brother connect me to the internet so I can play Mario Kart with people from around the world.

What is everyone doing for upcoming Thanksgiving?

My brother made it very clear since he's following the caravan out of town, I need to make sure I make it to my dad's party. I guess one commune is going to a non-commune home for Thanksgiving. I was hoping to hit up the commune in Scottsdale. Emory says we can still make both places, so that's what I'm hoping for. My company is letting us have this 1 day off.

The caravan heading to California is going to have fun. The people they are visiting has gorgeous property and they get out on the water. I wrote my cousin who says that next time we get out there, she'll make sure we have a blast. I want to see the new toys they bought, because the house is finished and I guess they have a paddle boat for 5 people and you can paddle out on the water.

Friday is Black Friday, the time when a lot of Americans do a mad dash run for their head start on Christmas. I don't believe I ever went shopping on Friday. Mostly, it's my social disorder that keeps me house bound. I get claustrophobic around thick groups of people. Anyone actually shop Black Friday? I have a few friends who do. I also have a few friends that only online shop.

Writing Update:

I've been getting a few ideas on characters I'd like to introduce into my Perri series, that might branch off into other books. I like the idea of cross-over characters. I now have 2 characters that might be in separate books that I want to introduce into this series.

WF: 57,300 words written / 80,000 word goal. I keep getting to a point where I end up deleting an entire scene which knocks me down a few thousand words. The scenes are being deleted or moved so the story flows. I'm not making headway on word count, but I feel the story is getting tighter, which is what my main focus is on.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dance Demos, Yule Fun and Writing

We had a dance performance and it went surprisingly well, considering I missed a couple weeks of dance practice. I'm almost glad about that. Since we couldn't perform at the State Fair, it sounds like a few interpersonal issues erupted among the team. There are hurt feelings and it feels like dynamics might change.

We've started practicing for the Christmas portion of our dance routine. We'll be dancing at Glendale Glitters. Glendale Glitters and the State Fair are the two places I wait all year to perform at. When I first started practicing with the ladies, I couldn't wait to do both. Now, with the team leader getting on with her years and the team having so many issues, I wonder how many dance performances are in our future. Still excited to be a part of it though. So hats off to us! We're practicing and getting ready to perform in a few weeks!

My mom is heading out to California with a portion of the caravan. Most of Emory's family has headed to Oregon on their on caravan journey. That only leaves two communes out here in AZ to visit, maybe three. I totally forgot the commune on the other side of town. My BFF has invited me to her family's house for the holidays too. I'm not sure what Emory and I will do yet.

I'm trying to talk my friends to do a scavenger hunt for Yule as our new holiday cheer. I want to do something super funky, like make up super crazy rules like someone has to dress like Zombie Santa on one team and Zombie Rudolph on the other team and then we have the scavenger hunt with photos included. It would be fun to include like places where people will be so you have to find someone dressed a certain way too and get photos. It sounds like fun in theory, but we're all dog-gone exhausted and I don't know if we'll be able to do something that crazy this year. Not that our tradition last Yule wasn't crazy fun. We had the Christmas Story dinner and then we went out to look at lights. That was a really good time.

My current job I'm a little iffy on. I am a gypsy by nature, in both my careers and my residence. I know eventually I'll want to leave this position, though I'm really enjoying a number of aspects. The one thing I don't enjoy is the negativity that comes from working in a hen house. I hear comments like, "She's very two-faced. You can't trust her." Those comments make me unsettled. It's not like I want to be best friends with everyone I meet, but I'd like to have a relationship with a few co-workers without feeling like I'm in high school.

The one true thing about life is that it will always change. So I need to bite my tongue and let the chips fall where they will. I have to remain flexible and ebb with the energy that surrounds me instead of swimming upstream. Meantime, when the drama hits the fan, I'll keep my best friend and my husband on speed dial. I text one and call the other. Yesterday, Emory walked me through my biggest concern. Our newest teacher is aiming for a different classroom and the only way she can get it is if she gets the Big D to kick that teacher out. I asked the office manager about the rumor I heard, and she said it wouldn't be my class. No one at that facility wants my room. Go figure. I think my children are the easiest to deal with.

For the last three days, I started cleaning the extremely long row of cabinets in my class room. I started at the end, throwing away water bottles that still had water in them and mildew growing on the bottom. I cleaned the shelves with a bleach water mix. The shelves were disgusting. I found some craft items. I'll be looking on the internet for some suggestions with the items I found. All is good. I only have 10 more cabinets to go.

Writer Update:

WF book 2: 56,650 words written. 80,000 word goal. Pieces of it are coming along slowly, but the characters are very much alive in my head. I get some ideas when I'm doing super mundane tasks, like driving.

I'm reading a book on how to plot out the story before I write it. I'm going to try it on a few side projects. I was trying to read it at lunch time, but lately, there hasn't been much time.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cold Arizona and Writing

Hello World! It's the weekend. Here is a picture of a chilly Arizona morning after it's rained during the night. Notice, even when it's cold, there still is no snow. I love that about the hotter states though I am thinking about moving somewhere that snows.

I called my mom on Friday to let her know that I saw tons of garage sale signs in my neighborhood on my way to work. I've been to garage sales for the last couple of months, finding items for my classroom at prices I could afford. I've bought 4 puzzles all for $1. They're the big floor puzzles and the children seem to like them more than the tiny puzzles. I brought back the tiny puzzles so my mom can find someone to give them too.

I also bought this super cool 3-D game that the children really love. It's an "I-Spy" game. I bought a few other games for them and lately they've been doing really well with their games. I'm hearing a lot less "What can I do?" questions, so I'm grateful. I just wish I could trust leaving the games out for them all the time. The ones that I bought, I never leave out. If the school bought the games, I'll leave them on the shelves, since the Director wants me to teach the children responsibility. That makes me laugh. I love these children. I love the chance to feel the desire to protect and the pride in seeing them reach mile stones, but Goddess help me, these children aren't ready for certain responsibilities. They all have so much growing to do.

Writing Update:

WF: Stayed up late and wrote 2,400 words in a couple of hours. The next day, deleted 1000 words in a different portion of the book. I'm working through a fight scene. It's exciting.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Tarot Reading and Teaching

People keep saying, "but you have a degree" like that should anchor me to a rock with a corporate ladder. I'm hearing this so often now, but I'm not sure what it means to people. I use to say this to my therapist, "but I have a degree," and he said, "What does that really mean?" He's right. What does that mean? The degree only fixed a portion of my mentality. I'm still searching for something I haven't found yet. School might have been the doorway, but I haven't reached the destination I was aiming for. Sometimes I feel like that destination is supposed to be an indoor water park in my dreams. Or the mega library, also in my dreams. Sometimes my dreams feel like home. Dreams are the doorway to the dead, at least that's what my mother would tell me.

I'm currently in child care and ready to move on. It scares me more that I can't stop moving on. I watch other people move on and it all looks like little chips on a checker board. It makes me wonder if that's the direction I want to go. Do I want to follow them? I don't want to jump ship every 3 months. That's worse than changing my address every 2 years, which I do.

I got sick again. I'm glad it started on Friday, so I could have the weekend to sleep. I hate calling out sick. It makes me feel like my ancestors are shaking their heads. I can't exactly forget the lectures I've sat through about which aunt had surgery and went back to work immediately, and which one had a baby and went back to work the same day... My mom went through pretty serious surgery and went back to work the next day despite being told by the doctors not to. I've had to go rescue her from that decision. It's nice to know that some people in the family just need a day off.

Mom said to sleep all day on the couch where the television is. She mentioned I should watch cartoons. Like there was anything else I'd want to watch while sick. I woke up with Lego Star Wars playing and it's so hilarious. I actually really like the Lego version. Parts of it makes me want to play the Lego Wii game. I went out looking for Wii games for a brief moment on Saturday, but I finally realized my body just wasn't into it and I quickly escaped back home.

I did a Celtic Cross reading with my tarot. The results came back negative. From a writer's perspective, I wasn't handed a very good character. In fact the character given to me is lacking heroic traits. It's a little sour in my mouth. The cards did warn that I need to be careful. Someone is talking behind my back. At this place I work at, I'm not surprised. That's why I try not to give people too much information. If they are talking about me, it can't be that interesting. It's probably mostly complaints, because I know a few people who do that so well.

I think I'm trying to control too much around me. I'm trying to give the kids a little more room, but when there is pressure on me to keep game pieces together, I snap. I came to work and game pieces were thrown all around from the morning crew who watched the children. I literally flipped. Like I said, there is a lot of pressure to keep the kids in line without literally putting them in line.

Anyway, I have to tell myself "it is what it is," if the children lose game pieces, they lose them. Last week, they took the "Sorry" game pieces and made them Spiderman vs. Zombies vs. Minecraft. The game was given back to me without the cards and missing a little peg. Shouldn't be upset right? But really, my children are no angels and games are going to get broken and pieces are going to be lost within the day. There are too many children in the class that are destructive. I won't list the ones that throw things just to get them caught in the beams over our heads. D's words to me, "You have to teach them to respect their games." Yeah right.

I have a few methods to keep the games together, but D wants them on the shelves at all times for the children to grab. I'm working on that with them. But we'll see.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

I Didn't Vomit at the Arizona State Fair and Writing

When I rushed to the store on Sunday to look for the 50% off sale on Halloween things, Christmas was already being pushed onto the shelves. The night crew was busy with that. I have mixed feelings. I loved Christmas and then suddenly I hated it. Something about it just upset me. Now, with Emory, I love Christmas again and my friends have eased my spirit back into it.

My demo team was supposed to perform at the Arizona State Fair, but the device they used to play our music wasn't working. In the end, we were told we couldn't perform, so the team hung out for a moment and we chatted about everything. Mom just had surgery last week, super unexpected, but she showed up to perform and our leader told her no. I'm not sure what direction anyone went in after we split up, but I wanted to see the Sweet Shop. Something is usually set up in the larger buildings and this time, it was all about candy, my absolute favorite subject!

All Candy at the Arizona State Fair
I wanted to go on a few rides, but the lines were ridiculous and all too quickly, the desire to retreat seized me. Emory and I slid into the farm building and chilled with the sheep until that feeling left me. It didn't leave immediately, so we moved on to the birds and walked the row and ended up looking at baby pigs. Animals are so awesome.

We bought fudge and cotton candy. Emory is a fan of the turkey legs, which smelled like ham to me. He got his dinner there. Before we made it to the fair, we stopped off at the grocery store and I got a vegetarian salad. I found a few awesome Christmas gifts in that same showcase building. I also picked something up for us. It's funny. My mom came over and I showed her everything I bought and she said, "I see if you have any extra money, it usually goes towards dessert." She is totally right. I love buying sweets.

There are new rides at the state fair that the braver part of me wants to experience. With Emory, he just looks at me and knows I'm going to shy back from them. I already have 100 logical reasons why I shouldn't be on those rides, mostly things you think about when you get older like being dizzy the entire night or not really wanting to vomit because of a ride. He doesn't ask and since he can't ride anything that spins, I get off the hook and can cater to the mouse spirit that pokes its thoughts into my head when I'm surrounded by loud noises and too many people. However, I have two lady friends that have made me willingly move out of my comfort zone; one was obsessed with scary movies (totally before I found out how much I liked them) and the other is obsessed with roller coasters... and scary movies. I am super drawn to women with a few crazy strong attributes.

Back in Florida, my lady friend who loves roller coasters, wanted to go on this loopy roller coaster a few times straight. When we got off it the very last time and moved on to something different, I was so dizzy and sick, the feeling never went away. I don't remember having this problem when I was a kid, (still afraid of roller coasters, but did it because of my girl friend back then too).

Writing Update:

Working on a super cool collaboration. I can't wait to see it in the works. We've got a few things to iron out. We have a super talented artist on our team.

HBA: 27/74 pages edited. I have a few things I need to add into the story, so the word count will grow. Right now, it feels like I'm just sewing any large holes shut before I work out the kinks. I got such a great idea today while watching the Native American Hoop Dance. It was so beautiful, the music, the dancing, the way the hoops kept multiplying and connecting. It was awesome and I felt like my entire world sunk away into something utterly amazing. It's been a super long time since I felt that familiar and sometimes frightful spark of inspiration. Mercer is Native American. This dance reminded me of a few things I needed to mention in my book and add. I just felt so blown away. I hope everyone at least once in their life gets to see a hoop dance.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Witch New Year, Halloween Candy and Writing

The children I work with love the Memory Game, so I found a Halloween version of it and I had them cut the Halloween pictures out on Friday. I also found a Mad Libs games, which my brother had a book of when we were children and I loved it. I also had crossword puzzles and mazes. We played Halloween Bingo, played Halloween Trivia and I made goody bags for them. I'm glad there is a chance to recoup before the next holiday.

Yesterday I celebrated the Witches New Year with my friend. We did a silent ceremony for the dead and then we had a New Year ceremony. Two ceremonies and one night. We made moon cakes, which were amazing. She had a recipe and we made them pretty quickly with both cherry and apple filling. It was a nice little ceremony and the cakes were excellent.

Samhain Moon Cake

Now, I'm running to all the stores to get the 50% off items I've had my eyes on. I bought some cake mix, a ice cube shot glass tray. I don't know too many people who do shots any more. I bought a few things to go in goody bags. My mom came over late in the afternoon and we spent an hour on the floor trying to make goody bags. I made 40 for her, but in the end, she needed way more and called me. I had Emory run my stash over to her.

Later, after we made the goody bags, we went out for food. I had tea since the place my mom likes doesn't have vegetarian options. I wasn't hungry because I finished my to-fu before I went with her and my brother. It was a great night. I tell my brother all the weird things in my life and he makes a pretty good comedy skit from them. I think it's a natural talent that a few of my family members have. You say, "Ah man! This happened," and two minutes later it's laugh city instead of feeling sorry.

I haven't been at my current job for very long, only three months, but I have that distinguishable itch to get moving again. My nightmares are strange. The murder and mayhem in my dreams are meh, I can get over the scary story clips my brain adds into the rest of the message. It's the "message" that is drawing me back into the 'no parking zone' that I call my life. But what is next? What is out there?

I had a dream that my best friend and I interviewed for this job that was so completely outside my norm and I really wanted it. Though the story within the dream was a little more psychological than I dig, but when I woke up, I realized I haven't explored all the job options I could have and that I was just assuming I shouldn't apply for things instead of taking my chances. My aunt has been telling me that for a few months now. I've been in hiding from the corporate world. I took a pretty mental beating with a company and I've been on auto-pilot. My aunt is pushing that I get back to it. I see her point. My family are people who climb that ladder and take charge. I'm the person who hides behind the ladder and waits for things to calm down.

I'd miss the children terribly if I left right now. Eventually this job will burn me out. I can feel it coming.

Writing Update:

Happy Nano! I have a few people in my life doing it right now. I sort of wanted to do it, but I never outlined anything.

HBA Book 2: I'm at chapter 5 in editing. There is a lot to edit and add into the story since I've been sitting here deleting large portions of the chapters as the plot changes and characters are being rearranged. Trying to add a little more dialogue this time around.