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Dollar Tree Glasses, Spirit Store and Writing

Watching: Batwoman (so bloody awesome!) Eating: Cotton Candy My friend Jen suggested I go to Dollar Tree and get readers. She said they were the cheapest way to get glasses; however, we did go and I tried on all the different frames ranging from 1.00 to 3.75 and they all made my vision blurry. I guess I don't need readers. I'll actually have to go get my eyes checked, which I dread because they blow air into my eyes and dilate the pupils. I hate anything medical, but I probably won't take my anxiety medications to go see the doctor. My aunt says that once I have my prescription, that I should go to Costco because they have the best deals. I've paid a lot of cash for glasses in the past and all I really need is a cheap pair, maybe two pairs to keep in different places since I only need them for reading. I got a notification that the Spirit Store is now open. I love it! and since we aren't doing anything big for Halloween this year (thanks Covid), going to the sto
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Long Sock Kinks, Dollar Tree Hauls and Writing

I was watching Dollar Tree hauls and this lady hauled really long socks. It reminded me of my teenage years when I was really into Japan. I was taking Japanese language classes and I really wanted to go over as a teacher (another story). Anyways, I found this website called Long Socks. The young woman showed pictures of her hometown. She talked about her life living in Japan.  So I noticed on the side bar that there were links to other "long sock" blog sites. I excitedly clicked them to find out that they were a little too salacious for my current (under) age. That's when I realized that Long Socks is a very real KINK . The first website I found on the subject just happened to be very "under the radar" so I never noticed that she showed her legs with long socks in most of the pictures of temples, of streets, etc. I don't think that stopped me from reading only her page though, because I was still hungry for Japan and it was fun reading her blog posts that w

Movie Theaters, Reading and Writing

The movie theaters are finally open again and I can hardly wait for the movies I want to see. A long time ago, we use to go to the movies a few times a week, and then we decided to start paying all our debt off so the theaters was one of those things we stopped doing. With Redbox and Netflix, we really haven't gone back to the theater, but since we haven't done anything for a year, we decided that going to see one movie wouldn't hurt. We're not sure what to see yet, and this is probably a one time deal. We won't be making it a habit because the theaters are pretty expensive and we can't skip out on the popcorn, so it's super expensive for us to be going. I think the last time we went, everything together was $40 to $50 US dollars and that's for one movie, (two adults, popcorn and a drink). It looks like Halloween Horror Night!! is now open for tickets or so it seems 😁😀😎. I really want to go, but with the Delta strain in the air, I'm a little spook

Snacks, Personal Pictures and Writing

We have two pools and a hot tub here at the apartment and I think I've only been in the hot tub once. Since my workouts are so rough, I really should be hitting up the hot tub more. It might help with all the pain that I swear feels like it's in my bones.  My nieces won these glasses with game tickets. I have yet a new trainer and she likes to talk. I'm not a very outgoing person. I don't know why, so I don't have a lot to report to her. She wants to know what my weekends are like. I mostly cook for the week and watch movies. Right now we're watching Doom Patrol and so far, I really love the story. Usually I start getting bored when a story is super long, but it holds my interest. Maybe because it's DC.  Oreo cookies have the gluten free option and I've gotten package after package of it, but I can't control myself and all the sugar is making me a little sick so I am trying really hard not to throw it in our grocery cart.  Dates, Peanuts, Peanut Butt

Gym Training, Sugar Rush and Writing

Watching: Doom Patrol Eating: Sweet Potato Casserole I love wine with pasta. It was a conversation I had with my trainer. I bought training sessions over a year ago and then everything shut down. Now that the gym is open I have the training sessions again.  This is my third trainer. The other two quit. I like this one, but boy am I tired when we're done. I like the results but I hate working out. I'm finally getting the body I want. Emory and I made rice crispy treats and these vegan Snickers (candy bars). The Snickers we used dates, cut them in half, put peanut butter inside them, two peanuts and covered them in chocolate and stuck them in the fridge. They're really good. I think we're really strung out on junk food right now. We've been trying to limit how much of it we eat, but it's hard when we both crave it. I've been watching Dollar Tree shopping hauls, but my Dollar Tree never has any of the items that others find. It's really disappointing. I'

Arizona for the Weekend, Fireworks and Visiting Family

We drove to Arizona for a couple of days. The older I get the less fun the drive is. I don't even have the pre-excitement for the drive, but getting out there is great.  Ann and I hit up three different Good Wills. She doesn't like the company and I just sort of now understand that Emory doesn't either. The company started out promising, but I can't speak more on it because I don't fully understand everything that goes into the politics of the company.  Ann and I hit up three separate stores for me to find books and for her to find art. I love finding obscure novels, hopefully novels from the 80's, but on this trip, I found a lot of Urban Fantasy and Fantasy novels. I bought Emory a couple books and the rest are mine, though sometimes I find a really interesting storyline that I think he'll read. After all, he did introduce me to the Anita Blake series, so anything similar to that, I toss his way.  I now have enough books for the rest of the year, but I have

Personal Trainer, Paranormal Haunts and Halloween Horror Nights

I have a personal trainer again. Finally started going back to the gym and I had some credit for personal trainer sessions. It's kicking my ass. I asked for muscle building sessions and this trainer is ruthless and he laughs when I tell him that. His goal is to make me stronger and he's doing a really good job. I can see muscle lines plus, before the training I used to wake up with the worst knee pain. The pain would wake me up in the middle of the night and I'd be stuck trying to walk off the way the joints felt locked. It's not the same as a Charlie horse. This felt like my joints would lock in place. Anyone else have those problems? Since I started working out, my joints haven't been locking. It's only been a few weeks, but it's helped a bit. I need to keep this up even past the training sessions. I started watching ghost hauntings in other states. I would love to join a paranormal investigation team, but I'm on the fence. A large part of me believes