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Oxnard Beach, Tar on our Feet and Writing

Sue and I drove to Oxnard. We both had the day off so we went to get Pho which they had great vegan options. We then visited the beach house and picked veggies! So excited because she gave me veggies to bring home. In truth, I ate some of the tomatoes there, but I brought the rest home. We then went to walk on the beach. It was hot and we weren't wearing beach clothes. I expected it to be a little cooler and I did shave so I should have worn shorts. Not that being hairy has stopped me from wearing shorts, but I have been shaving lately. Sort of.  Anyway, all was great until I stepped in tar. I didn't know what it was and it looked like it was moving (which it was because it was sealing to my skin) so I thought I'd stepped on an urchin. I freaked out until I realized it didn't hurt, plus Sue was very calm. She said, "Let me take a look." I raised my foot for her to inspect and she said, "You stepped in tar."  Got Tar on my Foot So she suggest I walk t
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Cat Cafe with Pictures, Sales Gifts and Writing

There was a vegan meetup though I didn't actually meet anyone from the club. I took Sue and Emory with me to the AGWC Rockin Rescue. They gave us treats that we could give the cats. This is Bobby and he likes catnip and the little hard treats inside the cup. It was fun feeding him.  There were about 5 rooms that you can go into and play with the cats. We spent the most time in the room with cats that were under the age of 1 year, but to be honest, if I was going to adopt a cat, I'd want an older one. There were some super chill cats and then there were a few that didn't like the presence of so many strangers.  We ran up to Bath and Body Works for their 75% off sale. I found 11 lotions and body gels for gifts. They are usually $13.50 per bottle, but I got them for $3.75 (ish) per bottle. So basically paid about $7.90 per gift if I bunch them into twos. That leaves room to buy a few more things per person. I love sale items because you can buy extra for people. Emory didn'

Ann Organizes, Duffy Rides and Writing

Watching:  Youtube Eating: Veggie Skewer Reading: The Enchanted Chocolate Pot by Patricia C Wrede and Caroline Stevermer Ann from the Glendale Commune came out and helped us organize. I guess when you're from a commune, you get really good at organizing because you have such a large amount of things from everyone living there. She has four crockpots but they use them. I only have one so far. Anyways, she helped us organize our kitchen because we have so much plastic that we recycle and reuse to put our lunches in.  Friday, we went to this little wine store that had a bar downstairs. It felt like a Speak Easy going down the narrow steps. I got wine and Emory got beer and we chatted a little bit, waiting for the free comedy show. At 8:30 we took our seats in the room that the show took place and had ourselves a pretty good laugh. My favorite comedian in the lineup was Saul Trujillo.  I've found a few other comedian shows that only charge $5 to $10. That's a pretty cheap date

Arizona Communes, Hate Shaving and an Ant Issue

We had a three day weekend so we loaded up the car and drove to Arizona. I had people to see, including Jeffery who got some terrible medical news. He is in good spirits though, when we see him.  We stayed at Ann's commune. She was very disappointed to find out that I gave up shaving and sent me straight to the shower to do so. I guess I'm a proper lady now. Anyone want to contribute to a laser hair removal fund? No? I didn't think so.  John came over and brought two bottles of red from his stock. It was so good. We stayed up and chatted and drank both bottles. We watched Steven eat super hot Thai food which none of us had any interest in sharing. He says he can't taste "hot" but his eyes still water and his nose runs so he knows it's hot, he just doesn't have the ability to taste it on his tongue. He's a fun guy. We visited the Scottsdale commune. They are heavily into pickled things right now, which Emory had no problem trying. I don't like

Wine Bottles, Vegan Yogurt and Writing

Watching:  Bingo Hell Eating: Rice/Beans with Nutritional Yeast and crumbled chips Reading: Fatally Frosted by Jessica Beck     My aunt needed to pick up her wine order so we went for a drive and man, what a drive it was. We went all the way to Solvang which is about three hours from where we live. We did a little drinking and luckily for us there were vegan options. We had a little picnic; watermelon, mixed berries, popcorn and peaches. We didn't get back to the house until 5:00ish in which we stayed at my aunt's house for a little bit, chatting with everyone.  Emory and I went down to Glendale which was another drive, about 20ish miles and got vegan yogurt in a gluten free cone. I haven't had a cone in ages so it's really neat to do it, though it's not something I'd do often because two cones and yogurt were about $19.00. We also went out for burger and fries at an all plant-based restaurant. I got the vegan chicken nuggets because they were gluten free which

Beet Red Pee, Hot Hikes and Writing

Watching:  Force of Nature Eating: Vegan Pupusas Reading: Fatally Frosted by Jessica Beck     Two weekends ago Emory and I went to a farmer's market and got beets and carrots. Both were really good. I was warned that eating beets can turn your pee RED, however, I must not have had enough. I do want to keep eating them because they made me feel healthy. I'm a junk food vegan so being healthy once in a while is a real plus.  We went hiking last weekend with Sue and that was fun and exhausting. We went around 8am but it was already getting hot. Hot out here is not the same type of hot as Arizona in May. Ann said that it's going to hit the 100's in Arizona and the weather website says it's going to be in the 70's this week in Los Angeles. Maybe it's a good time to go to the beach.  Anyways, after the hike, we went out to eat and enjoyed talking for a little longer before going back to Sue's house and seeing the garden she's planted. I tried to take pict

Jury Summons, Squishy Spiders and Writing

I had a jury summons this week which meant I had to call in for five days, each day after 7:00 p.m. to find out if my juror number was called. It wasn't. Thank goddess. I'm afraid I'll get on a murder trial and have to see horrible pictures. I can do horror movies with supernatural creatures but I can't do serial killers and slasher flicks. I tried watching American Mary and that went south real fast. I never knew gore could make me faint. I really wish I was kidding. Anyways, I was talking to the Storyteller and he said he was called once and it was for a murder trial. He said that they showed the pictures and the knife still had gore and roughage on it. He said the trial was a hung jury because half the people said she was guilty and the other half said no way.  Needless to say, that is not my scene.  We have four elevators in our office and Cat killed a spider in one. I frown at killing things, even spiders, but according to her it was big like a small tarantula, but