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Silicon Donut Pans, Rainbows and Writing

My silicon donut pans finally came in!! I can now make my red velvet donuts! I also found a recipe for banana donuts and why stop there? I think I'll look to see about strawberry donuts too. I also need to experiment a little with the different types of frostings that can go over the top. 
So, we made peanut butter truffles that surprisingly taste a lot like peanut buttercups, which I don't think we've had in almost a year, so that was a cool discovery. 
My boss gave me a care package full of raw deserts. I'm super excited. She also put a super nice hat inside that is 100% recycled material and the bag was 100% recycled. I'm seriously considering that at the next job I get, I want to work for a charity or a vegan organization. It's really cool to find something you're passionate in. For a hot second, I thought I lost passion for everything, but it was just the way I thought that needed adjustment. 
I have so many recipes that I want to try and make, but th…
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Casino Dinner, Work Party and Writing

Two Times as the Casino in 1 week! You'd think I time traveled straight back to my childhood!

What in the world have I decided to do with my time? It's that one moment in your day when you stop and say, "Wow, this is NOT what I started out doing."

I was writing! I was editing! I was making waves in my little universe of get-up-and-go-girl!

How in the world did it end up with me organizing my DC and Marvel movie collection by date the film was made or in other words, the progression of the story. I guess it could be worse. I could have totally woken up to realize I was organizing my comic book collection. Yikes! 😅

My company had a Christmas Party. Emory and I had a vegan dinner, which was incredibly lacking. Having been a vegan for a year, knowing all the tricks of the trade and learning things along the way,  I feel like the "vegan" menu was extremely half-assed.

In truth, they had a beautiful spread for the non-vegans. They had mashed potatoes with chive…

Casino Breakfast, Pictures Tilted and Writing

What a fun day!

Went to Talking Stick Casino for a small gathering. They were all my mom's friends, volunteers for different charities, etc. It was fun listening to what everyone had going on once the gathering was over, a few people were heading to the theater where they volunteer, others to the food bank. These women are awesome! (Yep, it was an all ladies gathering and all the female energy is nice)

The event was a buffet and when Ann invited me, I was a little afraid there wasn't going to be much for me to eat. I was super amazed at the spread. I had my usual morning foods, oatmeal with granola and fruit. I added Spanish Rice, which is NOT my usual breakfast 😁 and some avocado. It was so good.

Everyone brought a present and as you are leaving, you grab a present to go. It's not the same as White Elephant. I got a super cool flashlight and Ann got glass Tupperware. She offered to let me have it, but I told her I have so many dishes that Emory might disagree if I broug…

Yule Gift Shopping, Blankets for the Homeless and Writing

I talked with my aunt who was up in Ventura for the day. She went to a winery that had a artsy chocolate festival and she said the chocolate was fabulous! She also said some of the chocolate was painted. I asked if she had any photos and her answer, "I don't take food pictures."

Whaaaat? It's painted chocolate! How often do you go about your day and just happen to see painted chocolate? It's not a common thing for me. She probably thought it was ridiculous that I even thought it needed a picture. Maybe the digital era is still too wonderful to me. I'm like; look! the sun! take a picture! look! a bug! take a picture!

Anyways, I was just browsing online and I found an online store for the web series that she loves listening too; Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered!

They have everything from keychains, jewelry, shirts, mugs and doormats. I am getting her a keychain and a shirt she can sleep in. I'm so excited. I bet she doesn't even know this store exi…

Mexican Cuisine Holiday, Gaming and NaNoWriMo

My uncle just texted me to tell me that Thanksgiving at their house was going to be Mexican cuisine. He sent me a long list of items that will be present and I'm pretty sure that none of it will be edible for us two vegans, but it's family and there will be drinking, so I'm game. Plus, these people are great. Their humor is worth the drive! So I'll be there for sure.

Side Note: Just noticed on Facebook that my cousin is pawning off her cooking duties and looking for someone to make tamales for the family. To funny! 

My uncle is trying to get the entire family. At this rate, who knows who will come in. By family, we're talking telephone and not the real telephone with electrical currents, we're talking about the child game, telephone, as in, however that message is transmitted and repeated and sent straight down to the next person by mouth. So this should be fun. When is the party? What time will it actually be? Who knows! Who cares! Just show up when you want.

Those Guys Can Cook, Estate Sale and Writing

I had so much fun at work today. Rob brought in a beautiful two layer cake that looked utterly professional. At our meeting, my boss mentioned that the other baker in our department is James and that both men would have to now perform a bake off.

The funny part about this is, in a department full of women, only the two men present make homemade baked items. The women bring in store bought goodies.

Will there be a bake-off? I don't know. Who bakes better? I don't know that either. So far, everything that's come in, I've had to bow out of trying since the food isn't vegan.

The caravan has started a group chat. It sounds like two people, maybe three, are going to an estate sale tomorrow and they're going to be posting pictures. The rest of us get to say if we want it or if it's a pass. It's exciting, but also nerve wrecking. What if I don't say "Yes!" quick enough.

I like really eccentric things. A few favorites have been; bowls stamped from…

When Your Subconscious Roots for You and NaNoWriMo

I had this super strange dream; (always super strange when you only sleep 3 hours at a time) that I was in part of a Harry Potter stage show with Daniel Radcliffe. The stage visual arts was super amazing, but there wasn't a script and we were going live in two weeks.

Every time I dream I'm back on stage, there is always a performance and I never know the lines for the character I'm playing. Is this some deeply rooted fear I have over performance issues?

Anyways, while we were rehearsing without the script, this actor pretty much had lines and I was flabbergasted. His lines were good. I remember specially saying, "How did you get a script? The writer isn't done with it yet."

The actor said, while looking up at the heavens.... or maybe the strange catwalk lights, (this is a dream after all and my dream people are 100% dramatic) "I wrote the lines myself."

And I remember thinking: CAN WE DO THAT? CAN WE WRITE OUR OWN LINES???

What a punch in the face!…