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Vampire Movies; Childhood and Writing

Favorite Quotes from Billy Zane:

Teenager Christina's favorite quote: "Humans... you aren't worth the flesh you're printed on."

Adult Christina's new favorite quote: "I brought your Netflix."

Billy Zane! My girlfriend and I went to see Demon Knight a handful of times in the regular theater, screamed at all the same scenes, then went to the dollar theaters and did it again. My very first music cd was the soundtrack to this movie. A little obsessed.... YES!

I had a Keanu Reeves addiction too. I was still in primary when Dracula came out with Keanu and the previews showed him with the three brides of Dracula. I really had no idea what the storyline was for this, so I was really disappointed that the story didn't revolve around him. Actually, I was overly disappointed that Dracula is extremely romantic about true love... yada yada yada… self-sacrifice.... but then again, I was a kiddo.

At this time, my best friend and I became 100% addicted to vam…
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Weekend Getaway, Spicy Chocolate and Writing

It was a girls weekend! Actually, one of the girls told me the weekend was happening and I said, "OMG!!! That sounds like so much fun!" So yours truly got invited. Hey, it's the caravan so you know I'll get invited to that. I was born into this family.

The Friday night I had to go get a contrast MRI so if they decided to leave that day, I wouldn't have gone, but Saturday was the set time for takeoff. I packed my overnight bag and forgot; sunhat (luckily Ann brought many, many beach hats), bug spray, sunblock, sunglasses, a charger....

My point is this, I'm not a responsible traveler. But I was with the caravan. Ann even packed vegan snacks for me! Thank Goddess someone has a nurturing spirit.

We canoed in Prescott, did two wine tastings in Cottonwood, plus a little shopping!

We got lunch up in Jerome. I fell in love with the Mile High Grill and Inn. They have the perfect Tofu salad that is ACE! I would go there again just for that. Sue got our table, cinnam…

Vacation, Commune and Writing

I was just informed that school started. I wonder if that means Disneyland would be less crowded. We're still trying to figure out what we want to do on our holiday. We have a few tiny holdups.

We both have class on Monday; his is for acting and mine is for my stand-up. Yeah! I graduated into the advance class. My teacher said I have a strong stage presence so that is ACE! Truthfully, I've been on stage a lot as an actress and as a tour guide so I think people watching me isn't my biggest issue. However; social anxiety does stem from the fear of being judged. Maybe it's different as a comedian because you actually make fun of yourself, so you're judging yourself before other people can. Just a thought.

I dragged Emory around town. We went to see "The Spy that Dumped Me" because I have the biggest (I kid you not) crush on Katie McKinnon. Like I see her and I just die from pure excitement. She's got that smile that just makes me giggle and it's the…

Beginner Comedy Showcase, Trips and Writing

We had two showcases on Wednesday. We sold out on our first show and ended up with another show. It gave us a taste of what it's like being on stage. It's crazy that we all had to deal with hecklers so soon. Most of us thought it would be later in the business, down the road in the some-other-time zone, but three of my ten friends had a loud heckler; me included.

I should have brought something to eat. I'd been nervous all day trying to keep my brain busy so I wouldn't think about the show. By the time I got to the club, I was starting to get hungry and of course we had two shows, so by the second show, I was up on stage starving. My stomach hurt so bad. This is good though. I will always remember to bring food.

I am now signed up for the advanced comedy class. This will be a lot of fun and two of my classmates have also signed up. I'd love to be with the same people longer, but her class is already full so there will be new faces for sure. I need to start working…

Pot Lucks, Zombies, Cute Boss and Writing

We had a company potluck yesterday and it was visually fantastic! There were many Southwester style dishes, but the few things I could snack on were crackers, salad and the fruit. I got extra salad and fruit. My boss asked me about it and I told her I was vegan and since I didn't know what most of the things brought in were made with, I opted to stick with what I knew for certain.

Personal note; I've noticed that people in that office love their shrimp so it's not uncommon to see shrimp in spaghetti, Southwestern rice, salad, etc.

My boss said she use to be a raw vegan, but it became a full time job just meal prepping. I feel her on that. I spend my entire Sunday with cooking, but we got smart and doubled the cooking and stuck most of it in the freezer so I can take a week off and just eat left overs.

My boss also use to compete in muscle building contests. She's still as cute as a button, even though she retired from the contests. She gets up at 4am to work out. That…

Ghost Tours, Bed and Breakfast and Writing

We went to Cottonwood last night and stayed at a bed and breakfast. I'm such a fan of Bed and Breakfasts. We came in rather late, because we had to make the drive after I got off of work. I get out of the office around 5:00pm and it's at least an hour (+) drive from Phoenix to our destination.

Our haunted tour was at 8:30pm in Jerome. 👻💀

This whole trip was super relaxed.

But I had an anxiety attack anyways. I'm not sure what triggers them. We had to grab a very quick dinner, so we hit up Taco Bell and got bean tacos with lettuce. A lot of vegan sites say that this is a vegan menu.

I didn't feel better until we were on the road again, heading up the mountain. The town was mostly closed by the time we got there. The shops were locked up and dark. The streets were nearly empty, which meant parking wasn't a fight. We parked and walked up the hill to our destination and signed in.

The tour gave each private group a ghost box. This is the first time I got a chance to…

Impulsive Behavior, Summer Parties and Writing

Friday was fairly cool. Other than my work computer not connecting with the internet, I managed to get a lot of work done. I often wonder, mostly when I walk by a mirror and see myself dressed in formal attire for an office, how did I get here?

Is this really me?

I honestly don't think so. I'm so glad I signed up for the comedy class. I probably had one too many glasses of wine that night and right before I signed up, Emory stopped me and said, "You might want to do that in the morning." Glad he did, because I am 100% impulsive. Thinking before I act is not a skillset of mine. That's how, (at the beautiful age of 30), I ended up with a bruised tailbone for jumping right into a game of football with 18 year old boys.

I feel like I've grown pretty close to these people from class. We went on this journey together. We were all green with newness and now I have a friend who is all the way in it to win it. He suggested a book, so I went straight to our bookstore …