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Perfect Beach Weather, Excessive Coffee Drinking and Writing

It's 70 degrees right now in California. Perfect weather for shorts and to kayak. Maybe that's what we'll do this weekend; head up to the beach and have a little fun.  Everything else is still closed, so no museums, events, theaters... I feel like my creative side has really taken a dive.  Side note: I really need to cut down how much coffee I drink. I feel like I go through it pretty fast. I read that four cups of coffee a day is okay, but more than that can cause problems. I drink way more than that, so yes, need to cut down to maybe one cup.  Oh! Who am I kidding? I'll drink more than that, I just need to keep it under five cups. A lot of people I work with don't want to take the vaccination. I take the flu shot every year so I'm inclined to take the coronavirus shot and when I'm the right age for shingles, I'll be taking that shot too. It upsets the people I talk with, that I'm willing to get the shot, but it's my body. Plus, I'd be so up
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Happy New Years, I took the Coronavirus Test and Writing

Happy New Year! Quite a few things are happening around the neighborhood, but they aren't good. Our neighbor planted three plumeria plants, all gifted by her mother, and they were dug up and stolen. The other things that have happened are just tragic.  I just took the coronavirus test. My work is making it so everyone can get tested. It's a little gross because they have us spit in a container and then we mail it through FedEx.  I just got my test results and I'm fine. No sickness! Phew!  Not that I had my doubts. I haven't been sick since quarantine and in the last three years, I really haven't gotten sick with anything.  I have to go tomorrow and get my second test kit. I think the goal of the company is to test right after Christmas and again after the New Year. I didn't go out or see people during this time, but there is always a chance someone at the grocery store has it and I still work with people who could be out at parties. It's hard to tell when an

Black Widow Spiders, Spring Gardens and Writing

There's a pretty nice sized Black Widow that lives right next to our door. The smart thing would be to get rid of her, but I'm a firm believer in "live and let live" so... She sort of owns the breezeway.  I'm so clumsy so every night when I get in from work, I hold my keys extremely tight so I don't accidently drop it in her web. It'd be my luck and then I'd have to sit outside all night because I wouldn't reach in to grab my keys. The motion lights haven't been coming on so it's extremely dark too. Imagine having to reach down in the dark and not knowing where your little nightmare buddy is.  Just a side note, but I love spiders. I think they're pretty cool. I just don't want them crawling on me.  It was pretty cold a couple nights ago. It even rained, but not enough to water the plants, so we need to go out today and wet them down. Sue wants to start a garden this spring, so we'll have a lot of planting coming up in our near f

Factory Jobs, Bethleham Star and Writing

Watching: Alice in Borderland (Netflix season)  Got a new position at the factory. It's pretty detailed so I have to be more precise. It's a nice change from what I was doing. Before, it felt like I was working in a auto body shop with all the buffers and the scrubbing. My old boss wouldn't mind having me back, but the job was forcing me to go get my shoulders taped every Monday. I actually really liked having my shoulders taped. It caused a lot less spasming, but I think this old position ruined my muscle tolerance, because I do still have spasms when I'm at home.  Winter Solstice is today and the Bethleham star is tonight! It's a very rare occurrence so I'll be running out tonight to take a look at it. I hope it's something that can be seen with the naked eye because I don't have anything fancy to view it with.   We had to run to the post office and wait in a super long line to mail a package. The cool thing was, this guy brought his dog and his dog do

Elusive Ingredients, Covid19 Vaccination and Writing

Watching: Santa Jaws and Zoombies Eating: Candy Canes (both mint and cherry flavors) Just checked out Amazon Fresh, which is Amazon's grocery store. I was hoping they'd have spicy garlic powder for a dish I was trying to cook, but it looks like it might be a powder we'll have to make ourselves. I'm going to use cayenne powder, black pepper and garlic powder and see how this turns out. Hopefully it does the trick. We're making two types of tofu dishes. Being vegan has really made our spice supply triple. I have so many spices, but a couple of them I had to mix and put together myself because they were impossible to find. I guess this spicy garlic will be just another one I've made and labeled and is now our go-to.  Vaccinations are finally rolling out, but it'll only be given to certain "high risk" groups so hopefully my grandpa can get his shot this month. He's 90 years old and I think none of us want to risk giving him anything.  I'm surpr

Another Forced Quarantine, Popcorn Balls are Messy and Writing

Watching: Upload (season), Bill and Ted Face the Music (💖💖💖💖💖) Drinking: Bahama Mamas and (vegan) Egg Nog California is in another forced quarantine with a curfew from 10:00pm to 6:00am. Even our outside restaurants are shut down. It's crazy watching our number of hospitalizations and infected go up. It's a constant nightmare not knowing if going to work or the grocery store will be enough to make a person sick.  Did a little cooking yesterday. We reserve the weekends for cooking since it tends to be a couple of hours from start to cleanup to get things made. Emory mentioned that he hadn't had popcorn balls in a long time so we decided to make them. I looked up the recipe, we had to run to the grocery store a couple of times because we needed more popcorn than we originally thought. We went with the bagged popcorn because it only had a little salt on it. We didn't have to search to hard for vegan popcorn. It took a little bit to make and it's so messy, but wort

Christmas Lights at Six Flags Magic Mountain

6 Flags Magic Mountain has opened the park to allow people to drive through and look at the Christmas lights. I really wanted the chance to say I've driven on the property so we got tickets and went. I wasn't sure how long it would take to get through so we left fairly early, around 5:45pm to get there and it took about an hour from waiting in line and to get through the entire thing. It was wonderful! You can't get out of the car and there are signs warning that if you have your window down, you have to wear your mask. The lights were really well done and there were performers at stations waving at people. The lights were great, but the performers really sold the whole deal. It was so cool seeing people dancing and waving. The tickets were $25 a person for the night we went, but I think the closer you get to Christmas, the tickets get up to $30 a person. I think it was worth it though. It only took 30 minutes to drive to Magic Mountain from where we live. Now, to get to Di