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2 Job Offers, Oxnard by the Ocean and Writing

It's been a crazy month of being completely jobless. When I was younger, the time span for being jobless never bothered me. I'm older now and I really want some money to invest, so not having a job sucks. Plus, I haven't gone to any museums, walked the beach (though I was right there in Oxnard... will talk about that) and I haven't joined any meet-ups, organizations, volunteer programs or charities.

So now I have two job offers and I'm really not sure which one to chose. One will give me insurance right away. The other one I have to wait 6 months for insurance. (Insurance out here in America is a must for so many reasons) One I'll work nights but will have .30 cents more an hour. The other is a desk job so it'll be a lot less physical exertion. Crazy thing is, I think I might go ahead and take the one that is physical.

Still, I haven't gotten a lot of information from either company.

That said, the only thing I'm scared about is that I have a super…
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Production Job, Health and Writing

I went to a job fair that was more Emory's style than my own. I had a basic idea on what the numerous positions were requiring, but I had my first interview and thought, "Wow, I'm so out of my league here." I got placed into a second group and I was sure they'd give us a little brush off that included "We'll think about you for future positions."

To my surprise, that comment never came. I had a second meeting and was offered a position right on the spot.

It's a production job in a sterile facility, so I'll be wearing a lot of gear. It's super cool. I want it, except, I faint and I can't imagine standing for 8+ hours a day without issues. I'm not sure if my body can handle it. I'm not even sure why I've been fainting so much more now and it's with worse results; vomiting, confusion, vertigo, seizures, loss of vision, and headaches.

I was at the commune table and PopPop took his pulse and his oxygen levels. We weren…

Parallel Parking Lessons, New Grocery Stores and Writing

Emory has been teaching me how to parallel park. I'm getting the hang of it, but so far, we've only tried with one car in front of me and no cars behind me and it's only been on the inside of neighborhoods, not out on busy roads. I've also learned that cars out here honk a lot. It's not great for someone who has a nervous disposition.

I took Emory up to the new Whole Foods up at Porter Ranch. We don't live up in that area, but I have family who does and my grandpa's church of choice is right there, so I'm very familiar with the area. Emory and I were so impressed with the sheer amount of vegan options. It's still incredibly pricy. You probably eat like four bites of a carrot cake for $5.99, when a non-vegan cake costs $3.99 for a slice that is probably more than a recommended serving.

I can't wait until vegan food becomes more mainstream so these price hikes aren't such a joke. As soon as we get a little extra money, we do want to buy stock…

Still Game, Learning Spanish and Writing

I've been watching a Scottish television series called; "Still Game" which aired on television between 1999 to 2005. I'm strangely addicted to it, though the accents are a little heavy for me to hear everything being said. I really enjoy the characters that have been introduced and it's pretty slapstick with some of the situations. I'm going to be sad when I finally get to the last season. 

Learning Spanish is very important right now. I'm not sure what the percentage of Spanish speakers are out here in Los Angeles, but I failed to comprehend Spanish in high school. My teacher told my mom within a month that she thought I'd do better in a different language class. So now I'm using Duolingo to learn Spanish and I'm really impressed with how quickly I'm picking up vocabulary words. I must have been exposed to the language more than I realized.

My pronunciation leaves much to be desired, but I think I'm getting it. I have so many opportunit…

Apartments, Job Interviews and Writing

Emory and I have found a super cute little apartment (they are all little if you don't have the $$$ which is our lot as artists), but it's pet friendly and the parking around the structures aren't too bad. The place I like the most is right next to the Metro! The bad thing is, the Metro doesn't head up to Burbank which is one of the locations Emory might be getting a job.

The bad thing about apartments out here in Los Angeles, is that you generally only get 1 parking spot and the second person has to park on the street. Last time we did this, Emory's car got broken into, but I don't think he keeps anything in the car. I told him he needs spare change because when he goes to audition, a lot of places are going to have meters. Anyways, you have to move your car for the street cleaners and if you don't, you get tickets.

Tickets happened when we were younger and a little more irresponsible. Now, we'd set an alarm on our phones as a reminder for the day the…

High Cost of Living, Sassy Pants the Cat and Writing

The cost of living out here in California is crazy so scrambling for a job that has decent pay is key if we're planning to get our place in the next couple of months. Can't keep bouncing from one commune to the next; mostly, due to the sheer amount of noise and chaos. I do like it here. It's fairly quiet. I help out with the cooking duties, they have a rumba vacuum named Hazel and a cat named Sassy Pants.

The constant company is great. We tend to watch documentaries on Netflix until 12am, then try to pull ourselves out of bed in the wee hours of morning. Only a couple of days this month, the mornings have been warm, but mostly we're dealing with June Gloom, which means the skies are gray and cold until the sun burns the fog coming in from the ocean.

We're spending the 4th of July at the beach house, which is my aunt and uncle's vacation home. They're pretty cool about it and let people go up there for the weekend. Emory and I will have to do a weekend ther…

California Routes, A Chance To Breathe and Writing

I've now been out here in Los Angeles for three weeks without Emory. I haven't explored too much, though there are tons of roads that get you places without having to use the freeway, which the freeway always seems backed up. I took back roads heading out towards Magic Mountain. I don't remember the last time I actually went there. We had season passes for a year and realized within the first couple times going, that roller coasters now made us sick.

I wanted to insert a picture of us at Magic Mountain, but I can't find one. There are a few from Disneyland, Universal, Knotts Scary Farm, but no Magic Mountain... so in conclusion, I don't think it was our favorite place. I loved it when I was a kid, but I can now see why my parents always allowed us to bring friends. It was easier for them so they didn't have to go on the rides. Man! Getting older kind of becomes a buzz kill. I have a friend close to my age that can still do roller coasters, even after drinking,…