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California has Curfews, London has Lions and Writing

Found out that there is a curfew in California. As far as I know, this is pretty new. All the parts of America I've lived in or traveled through, haven't had curfews. I was told by a coworker that our bosses are giving them permits so they can be on the road between 10pm to 5am. I'm on the road before 9pm getting to work and I'm on the road heading home after 5am. I don't need a permit at the moment, but they might give us one anyways, because things can go wrong and they could send us home halfway through our shift. (which rarely happens because there are no bosses to know when things are going wrong, so we manage ourselves and make our own situational calls.)

My coworker was telling me that he heard London releases lions on the citizens to make sure they are staying indoors. The notion floored me. Does anyone think that's realistic? It's a great notion if you like cartoons, movies about magick, etc., but reality? It's not possible. Once I gave him all…
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CreepyPasta Cartoon Stories, Rumors at Work? and Writing

Years back, when I would listen to CreepyPasta and dark web stories on YouTube, there was this one story about My Little Ponies that I would consider dark, but strange. Why would I listen to a story about talking ponies? I was born in the 80's so this felt relevant for my life cycle thus far. 

So this creepy story consisted of five surviving little ponies, standing barricaded in a room when one coughs. In their fear, they stomp said pony to death. At this moment, we realize that some disease has threatened their life and coughing is a symptom. There's two left and one coughs, and in the darkness she whispers, "I'm not sick" but too late, the other pony panics and stampedes her to death. 

The last one is left and you hear a muffled *cough cough.*

I think the panic is really what is resonating with me when I see my coworkers eyes. Right now, I'm trying really hard not to panic.

A coworker told me that someone from Building 3 tested positive for Coronavirus. S…

Quarantined in Los Angeles, Lov'in It Vegan, and Writing

Most people are now quarantined in the Los Angeles part of California, USA (roughly 40 million residents). We've been told to stay indoors and everything that is life is now closed. Emory is working from home right now, but my company is considered "essential," probably because it deals with important contracts. I only work the commercial side, so that effects us to, because our contracts have time sensitive requirements.

Overtime has been dropped, which right now, I'm going to take advantage of, because I was getting about 20 hours of overtime a week, which makes me too exhausted to come home and actually get my writing finished. We're not supposed to go into the breakroom if more than 10 people are already present, but it's the only part of the building with microwaves. Luckily for me, during the nightshift, there is only 4 of us so requirements aren't hindering, but when I was working over 10 hours a day, I did take a break when the second shifters we…

The FireFighters, La Nina el Ghost and Writing

It started out as a normal night. Just us four Nighters getting through the shift on our lonesome. It was only Coach and me in the coating room, which also happens to be across from my workspace, when a manager popped up in our product window. Our product window is where we pass off super large items from our clean room to the "outside" space. He told us that our sister building had the fire alarm pulled and we needed to get out.

It's 4:00 a.m. in the morning and no one had been in our building until this very moment yet. There was no alarm going off in our area so Coach and I just stood there a second, a little confused. We work with really sensitive machinery and if something goes wrong with the machines, we have to turn everything off and leave. Our machines can explode. It's no small matter.

We turned everything off and grabbed our coats, because it's been cold and rainy. By this time, the first shifters were finally starting to show up. There were far more …

Waterparks Before Quarantine, Fibro-Flare and Writing

Found out that my brother-in-law (who I thoroughly enjoy partying with) was coming to visit with the kids. They were supposed to go to Knott's Berry Farm, but I believe Friday, it was announced that all the parks were closing until April.

I worked Friday night, which meant, I didn't get off until 5:30 in the morning on Saturday. Emory was going to go visit his family without me, since that would be a super long day for me to be awake, but I had to go. My brain wouldn't allow me to rest if I didn't go see my niece and nephew.

So I didn't realize until we were in the car getting gas that they were staying at Great Wolf Lodge, which is such a super cool hotel. I've only seen it through YouTube videos and I really wanted to go, but I thought it might be weird for two adults to go to a family hotel without kids. I'm not sure. Sometimes I'm way too self-aware and sometimes I'm not self-aware enough. So this is one of those, "where do we stand" …

Downward Collective Energy, #Sobergoals #WHY?, and Writing

It's getting weird at the factory. The collective energy is low, though most people I've talked with said they weren't completely concerned about the situation yet. However, this has been the topic of discussion for the last two weeks. Ram said he went to CVS for medication and everything was sold out. There was a small section of medications imported from Mexico so that was a lifesaver for him. He wanted to share his cough drops with me, but I hate, hate, HATE cough drops. I think they are the 2nd worse thing invented. I have to be desperate to use one, besides, I'm not coughing. Still, he pushed, so I tried one and they weren't bad.

We went to Costco and that was not a fun experience. People are panic buying, but a few of the closed aisles had food products that I wanted. I was informed that it didn't matter if I got down those sections or not, because rice and beans were already sold out. Nuts! That's like 60% of my diet. I'm seriously a Carb Vegan.

Coronavirus CA U.S.A., Stocking on Groceries and Writing

It's been a little crazy lately. I don't watch the news, but my 90 year-old granddad does and so he's stopped playing bingo at the Adult Center. He's really enjoyed bingo and I take him on Thursdays. He plays his game, then a new friend of his buys him coffee which is a quarter for a cup. He really enjoys his coffee and that's fairly cheap given that coffee at most places is $2.99 and up given your location. Can't tell you how much it costs at fast food joints, because I haven't been in one recently. Then the center feeds them and they listen to music or seminars.

He stopped going because of the Coronavirus.

I recently talked to my mom who informed me that more people are dying out here in the U.S. because of it. I have family in a lot of infected places, we're all nomads to the top degree. So I'm worried about my cousin in Washington and then out here in California, my other cousin lives in a location that also got marked as having it's first …