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Can of Chardonnay, Los Angeles Filming and Writing

 Darlene brought a cold back to the commune. I'll probably get sick because I hung out with Sue. She wore a mask, but I have a feeling that just being in her car ... well, yeah.  I found this can (like a soda can) of chardonnay. I've seen wine in a can before, but this is the first time I've actually bought it. I thought it would be funny to put a bow on and give to Darlene. She's so fancy that she'll probably laugh and put it on a shelf and not touch it. I'm thinking I'll dare her to drink it and if she needs someone to try it with, I guess I'll be a test subject too. 💘 We went walking twice this weekend, per my physical therapist's recommendation. They were filming up where we walk, so I was nervous to walk in that direction, but Emory held my hand and we did it. We laughed because Emory said we might see someone famous. There were guys walking around with security right beside them, but I didn't recognize anyone. He said he didn't either.
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Horror Fun Things, Drinks in Ojai and Writing

 Steven gave me the coolest collection of Halloween items that he found at this specialized Halloween store. He got me a Scream pin that says: Horror Movies and Chill; a Scream coffee mug that says: What's Your Favorite Horror Movie; a Killer Clowns from Outer Space figurine (which I freaking love that 80's flick) and a awesome pink tie-dye shirt that has movie psycho killers on it. Please don't mind that I'm not wearing makeup and we'd been running around all day. I'm just chilling with my pups and commune and having a great time. I am not sure I want to use the mug because it's so neat and I don't want it to get stained or dirty... but at the same time I really want to use it! Oh the horror! the aggggooooonnnnny!  (Think Bugs Bunny on that last part) We went to Ojai this weekend for lunch and drinks. We did some shopping but WOW that place is super expensive. I found the coolest hummingbird feeder that was $88.00. I wish I had that money to spend becau

100 Degree Weather, Gifts and Writing

We had a great Memorial Weekend! We went to Arizona and visited a few of the communes. I think three in all. I got something from each person we visited. Tea from one, clothes from another and a flower from another: We had so many people to visit and I had a great time. We ate out more than we usually do. We were also asked to help put together a lighting system on a gazebo which was great because at night we drank outside under it.  It was about 100 degrees here and there in places. We forgot you had to bring so much water when you're traveling from place to place.  I really wish I had taken a picture of the tea party we went to. We had an oatmeal bar at that location that was fantastic! I had apple pie oatmeal; apple pie spice, brown sugar, walnuts and apple slices.  We stayed in doors where we could but we were on the road a majority of the time because we had so many people to visit. Steven went with us to a couple of places.  Writing Update: I've been working on side proje

Beach House, Stupid Knee Injections and Writing

Another glorious week and weekend! Well, maybe not too glorious. We spent the weekend up at the beach and it was a little cold. We wore shorts anyways and walked about 15,000 steps a day. We tried a new restaurant called Turquoise. They serve Mediterranean food. It was so amazing. Olive-Walnut Tapenade We had three days up at the beach so that was a nice little break and the dogs were at the commune. We got pictures of them chilling with the other pets. I did get injections in my knees. I don't know what the medication was, but boy did it hurt! I said a few choice words and the doctor said he heard it all so he knew how it goes. He really undersold the "you'll feel a little pressure." That was not a LITTLE!  We saw a brown pelican get caught by wildlife. Later Emory saw an article that said pelicans were getting sick. It's pretty concerning.  Writing Update: Moved back to my werewolf novel. I'm stuck on chapter 5. I have this feeling that I need to edit, but i

Ventura Hostess, Doggie Dental and Writing

 This is going to be a busy month for us.  I'm still listening to the Christi Affair, though I have to do it in little sections as it's not my typical book choice and I hate anything that has to do with affairs. I passed up reading one book already for the book club that had to do with plagiarism. As a writer, you can see why that would bother me. Also that book had to do with snooty writers and I've had my fair share of dealing with that. There might be a reason why some writers tend to be solitary creatures. Though, I do miss Romance Writers of America meetings... with my closest friend.   Book Club might be held in Ventura at a beach house! I'm pretty excited because the hostess always goes out of her way so she might let us get on her Duffy for a ride!  Mozart got his teeth cleaned, which makes me sad for him because they give him an IV to make him sleep through the procedure. I hate needles so maybe I'm projecting, but I doubt he knows what's going on so it

Book Club for May, Happy Beltane and Writing

Watching: Dead Boys Detective Agency  (soooo bloody good) Reading: The Christie Affair Eating: Vegan Nachos  The Christie Affair is really making me mad for Agatha Christie, but Sue and Darlene told me to keep reading and it would all make sense. I looked up the divorce, which is real though the story is fictional, and Agatha's husband was able to take a lot of money. I don't know if it was his money or hers. It just pisses me off. Again, I have to remind myself that the story itself is fictional and I can't keep getting so caught up. Fictional! Fictional! Fictional! *le sigh* I've started my Christmas shopping! I found so many things that need to be personalized, but I love them. I can't show what I've found here, but I think I've got something in mind for every single person I know! I also found wildly inappropriate gifts, that I showed Ann and Lucile and they thought they were great gag gifts.  Happy Beltane! I wish there was somewhere I could build a fir

Barbie Exhibits, Puzzle Trades and Writing

 I was talking to Ann and she went to the museum by herself to enjoy the day. She said that the young women (who showed up to the museum) dressed in pink to see the Barbie exhibit, which she gushed over. She really loved the Barbie movie too so she had a lot to say about it. Then she said so casually; "We need more pink clothing in our closet." 😂 Seriously wonder if Sue thinks the same thing because she keeps finding pink clothes for me. I do like pink, but there aren't a lot of horror shirts that are pink. Anyways, I thought that was funny. I will have to check out the exhibit with Ann when I get back to Arizona. I do miss everyone out there so much, but I love California too. The weather is nice. People dress a little more casual... (hippie / beach bunny) ... the beaches are right there, there are more small towns including wineries to visit, more theater shows ... yeah.  We were going to go to a puzzle exchange, but that's all the way to Irvine and that's a bi

Day Drinking with Bands, Beach Walks and Writing

 We went up to Redondo this weekend. One of the people in the commune has a condo down there and it's open for people to hang out at so we took the weekend and just walked the beach and up to Racer Tea. I love that place so much.  We listened to live bands twice while just hanging out. One joint had a pinball machine so we watched people play. We pretty much closed the joint. (which doesn't say much because I think they closed at 9:30 p.m. )  I love the dock because so many places have the spot where you can sit out and watch the people walking by while you're drinking and listening to music. Emory and I got a spot that I hated to leave, but we couldn't leave our little boogers alone for too long. Typo had major anxiety. I wish we had brought more of her toys.  We left the door open for them and the railing is all glass so they can see down below at the park where all the dogs hang out. Despite it being pretty foggy, we both got burns. I want to be careful because of sk

Leftovers, German Chocolate Cake Coffee and Writing

 We had such a great time at the commune last week. We ate at restaurants a dozen times (it feels like) so we have so much leftover food in our fridge to eat. We were finishing one leftover meal when the head of the commune called and asked if we'd make it to lunch. Everyone was there so we had a huge table and listened to stories. Ann brought back German Chocolate Cake coffee from Texas. Emory and I are dying! We seriously wanted chocolate flavored coffee so this is the best. I've been enjoying the heck out of this coffee. I might be a little addicted to caffeine. Sue gave us some pet grass for Mozart and Typo, but this is why we can't have nice things. The plant was such a great idea, but I found it completely torn up. We scooped it back up and stuck it in a little cup of water, but we found it ripped apart again. Mozart and Typo are such boogers!  We sat out on the porch and had wine. Since Ann was helping me organize my place, we started drinking a little early and then

Commune House, Accidents and Writing

 We've been sleeping over at the commune for the better part of a week. They live up in the hills so there is more wildlife. We have to watch our dogs so that the coyotes don't get them. I was trying to sleep and I kept hearing someone outside laughing. It threw me off. Why was someone right outside our window? It took about five minutes to realize that it was an owl. I don't think I've ever been somewhere where there was an owl. The "who who" sounds a lot like laughter. Emory was watering the greenhouse. I found the cutest gift for Sue that is a little flower pot coffee mug and it comes with a spoon that looks like a shovel. However, Sue might like cat things better. Go figure. She is so particular about her gifts. Anyways, we were heading back up to our apartment for the day when Emory looked in the rear view mirror and saw something scary. He told me to look back in the direction we came (which now was about 1/2 mile away). It was completely blocked off by

Candy Shop, Bruised Toes and Writing Update

I had Friday off so I went shopping to see if the stores had any good candy. I like YumEarth. What I have is vegan and gluten free so I'm really happy.  Took a look at It's Sugar too. Yikes! Can't eat any of this, but the colors are beautiful. Really just needed to stop by Trader Joe's because they have the vegan box wine. It takes a couple months to finish the wine, though they say it should only be good for about 6 weeks, or maybe that's 9 weeks? I can't remember, but I like a glass of wine while I'm writing.  I have bruising on my toes on both feet. I think I walked too much a weekend ago and they've been sore so despite how chilly it is outside, I've been wearing flip-flops because it hurts to wear shoes. I've never bruised my toes walking. It'll be interesting when my besties come out for Disneyland. That's a full day of walking. I'll have to put braces on my legs. They want to do a few days at Disneyland for Halloween so we'

Spice Blends, Photos and Writing

 My friends sent me such beautiful photos from Hawaii. The nature did them wonders and now they are ready to dive into their creativity! I'm so happy for them.  Emory and I had a nice weekend. I went into my favorite spice shop and tried probably twenty spice blends. I feel like it's important to have a good spice rack. Bad thing is that it's so expensive so for two jars, we paid $$$ dollars. In the past, we bought "Italian Goes on Everything" which is sooooo freaking delicious and we put that on everything. 😍 So we did two more jars of something different. I told Emory we need to get some potatoes so we can try our spices out. Emory wore his Vegan shirt and this woman passing us said very loudly, "He's vegan, ask him what there is to eat around here."  I turned to answer her, but there was a group of people so I barely saw who might have said that and then they were gone. Mom says we need a shirt that says, "ask a vegan" which I think is

Arizona was Cold, Communes are Comfortable and Writing

 We're back from the communes!  The trip to Arizona wasn't too bad. The dogs were really good and then we got to Arizona and stayed up past midnight just talking with everyone. Emory had a beer with Ann and I just listened to conversation. No shopping, though AZ is my favorite place for garage sales. I'm really supposed to be downsizing, according to a few communes, who have super organizers. You know you can't live in a commune without a few because someone has to get things settled for everyone.  Anyways, at 2pm on Saturday, our besties were having their party so we went. We learned so much about them with the games that they played for their party. It was so funny but lead to me wanting answers, but Emory said that we probably shouldn't ask... I ate way too many red velvet cupcakes, but to be fair, they were gluten-free and vegan so the best combo in my world! They were so stellar! I would have eaten more, but even I know that sometimes you have to share...  I lo

No-Go Vegan Candies, Commune Parties and Writing

 I bought vegan candies. I got so excited that they were gelatin free that I got three bags, then I looked at the back and it said "wheat." What! Nuts! So I called my best friend to see if she'd eat them. She said yeppers! Because Sue is so anti sugar. She says it'll give you dementia and I think candy just sits around at the Phoenix commune now that most people with children have moved on and out of the community.  I'm going to go visit another commune, that my BFF is staying at. She's having a huge party so that should be fun. Emory and I are staying the night. She's got a crystal room so I'm hoping she'll show me all her witchy stuff. I love the potions and lotions and she's a crystal healer so that is even more fun stuff. Maybe I can get her to read my tarot. I have tons of cards, but I love having other people read for me. Does that make me lazy?  Steven is going to watch our dogs for us. He said Typo can sleep with him, because Mozart wil

Crazy Stormy Weather, Ventura for Sunday and Writing

 Holy cow the weather was bad on Thursday. I thought we'd lose power. It was hailing, and the rain was coming down in buckets. I think it scared Mozart because he usually doesn't just sit by my feet while I'm working so I picked the little booger up and stuck him on my chair with me. Of course, he growls as we both try to get situated with space.  To be fair, the weather scared me and I knew I was safe, but Emory was out of the house so I was really worried about him driving in it. I called the commune out here to make sure they weren't in it. Sue said she was at home, but she had to leave within the hour. Darlene was out golfing though she never said it was raining. I guess she was up in Solvang and it was just terribly cold and windy.  Mr. M was at the other commune working on painting doors. I guess those doors are pretty heavy and he had to call in for backup moving them.  Emory and I went up to Ventura for Sunday and had a blast. I bought a few puzzles though I kne

Drowning Plants, Horror Movies and Writing

The commune out here in Los Angeles is going on a two week cruise trip coming up in June. I was just warned. I usually don't mind babysitting the animals, but now we have a greenhouse to take care of and Emory and I are terrible with plants! I'm a little stressed, because the greenhouse is everything to Sue and Sue means a lot to me so I don't want to mess it up. We'll have to be diligent. And June is pretty hot, so that means extra watering... maybe? Watch, I'll drown these plants. 😓 Emory is working a lot of overtime so we've been a little slow with puzzling. Steven suggested I watch Thanksgiving. It was brutal! But I liked it. With masked slasher films, I always get to the point where I have to know who the killer is so I google it. Yikes! I also watched Dark Harvest, which I thought the plot was great. The story had me intrigued and again, I really just wanted to know what was happening. Emory called it. I think they left it open for a second movie. I hope

Great Eye Appointment, Dress for Party and Writing

 Holy cow! Just holy cow!  I went to the eye specialist and he said there is nothing wrong with my eyes! YEE-HAW!! Sue went with me and she was so awesome! I forgot my sunglasses and she had another pair. She kept me calm. I really thought the doctor would have problems getting drops in my eyes. My eyes are so sensitive and I blink just to blink so it's worse when something is right in front of my eyes. She remembered to ask the doctor about eye drops, which I completely forgot because I was so nervous about the exam. He did do something I wasn't too fond of, which I have no idea what the device was but he was checking the pressure of each eye and it was a little uncomfortable, but it didn't hurt, I just didn't like something that close to my eyes. And he said nothing was wrong! He seemed a little surprised I came in with a "possible problem" given my age. I was one of the younger people in the office. So I'm grateful we got this done because I stayed up a

Earthquakes, Medical Coding and Writing

We had an earthquake on Friday that really got my adrenaline pumping. I called Arizona first, not that they felt it, but I just wanted to hear someone's voice, than I called Sue who lives out here. She asked if I was okay. It wasn't as big as it could have been, but it made things shake and my heart was really pumping. She's straight to the point, asked if I was okay, told her yes and the conversation was over. But it was still nice hearing someone's voice and she was much closer to the zone it started in. Emory said that he heard the office settle and that was that. I asked Miss Mary and she said that she was in the parking garage when it happened and all the car alarms were going off. She laughed and said, "At least I wasn't in the elevator." I got tons of emails from my co-workers all checking in. That was fun.   I'm thinking about going back to school. I really want to be a medical coder, but I have a really good job. It's just that this job ha

Coffee Text, Book Clubs and Writing

  I got a text from my ex boss about coffee. It's funny that she's drinking coffee and thinking of me, but we did bond pretty well. We both like the same things, but I think she's a bit of an introvert and I'm a bit of an introvert, so two introverts get along just fine over text messages.  I finally cut and dyed my hair. I feel like it frames my face better and the long hair... it wasn't as long as it could be but boy was it always tangled and I just couldn't keep the knots out so yeah, it's nice having it short. The hairdresser said it was like a small animal was built out of all my hair. 😹 We have noisy neighbors above us. It's like they have a call center that starts at 10pm sharp until the wee hours of morning. Too many voices and they talk so loud and it's right above our bedroom. I feel really frustrated. Last night, it was like they were playing hopscotch. Our first meeting at book club for the new year went really well. We had themed food t

Optic Nerves, Bye Bye Car, and Writing

 I went for the first round of eye tests. They did a scan of my retinas and my optic nerves. I have to wait until the doctor looks at the scan and then I have to go back for more tests. They will dilate my eyes this time. Good luck! I'm a pretty fast blinker and I do NOT like eye drops.  I lost my car in the parking lot and had to ask security to help me find it. I felt rather silly because I called Emory to tell him my car was gone and asked him what to do. He said go to security. Security took my car keys and did exactly what I did to look for my car, by making it beep. We found it and then I got a lecture on what "color" my car was and what the make and model was. Apparently we don't agree on color. I told Emory that I seriously couldn't tell the difference on color and Emory explained to me what the security guard was going on about. (Potatoes and Tomatoes, I swear!) I think there is an ever slight difference in color and the guard wanted to make a point. I di