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Minimalist Peeps, Switch-A-Roos and Writing

It's hard living with a minimalist when one loves to shop. That said, I tried to downsize our mugs, but all the mugs have a story. They all tell about where I've been and what I've done. They are markers for my adult life. I told this to Ann as I stood dumbfounded on what to get rid of.

Her answer: "You think that's bad! You open John's cabinet and he has 40 mugs and he says the same thing; they all have stories."

John and I are both Earth signs. He's actually the same sign as one of my childhood best friends. That said, my childhood best friend loves Japan and I have two coffee mugs made in Japan that I should give her. They are such unusual things and one has a Geisha on it. I told Ann that right now, aforementioned BFF and I  are sort of doing this "downsizing" thing where we are pretty much trading each other items we've accumulated. So we're not really downsizing at all.

When we were kids, we'd do this with everything; clot…
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My Treasures, Pictures and Writing

The coolest thing about being part of this nomadic family is that you don't know where anyone has been and you don't know where they are heading.... until you end up with something super cool in your possession. That said, downsizing is the pits! I have glassware from Japan, I have carved statues from Africa and Indonesia. I have books from Germany and glass statues from France. I have This super cool mask display from China.

Right now I'm picking through the things I accumulated. I thought it would be much easier to part with my adventures. It's not. Oh! I just found a Butterick skirt pattern that I believe I meant to use to make my Batman skirt. Gah! Got to get that done before I leave. (Talked with Ann from the commune to see when Nadine would be back on this side of the states and she said she might be coming in on Monday. Yeah for me!)

This week the electrician will be coming and fixing our fan situation. The ceiling fans have cords that plug into the wall. I did…

Arizona Weather, Husband Wife Cook-off and Writing Goals

Seth MacFarlane and Simon Peg are two of my favorite writers who also direct and act. I have a lot of respect for people who can hustle the sheer amount of talents they hold. I should hustle harder. I've been thinking about all the time slipping through my fingers.

That said, I want to start updating my stories every two weeks instead of every month. I have a few too many stories on rotation, so I should probably start downsizing the stories I post when the ideas hit.

To piggyback on that, I want to finish the stories I have posted and take a break from working on things that aren't adding value to my life. I love writing for these free sites, but I am still stuck working for big-corp just to have the $$$ for basics. These last couple of months I've realized that I'm being crushed by the sheer lack of creativity and mobility of what I'm doing.

I want to downsize the freebies and work on three things; writing scripts/comics, comedy and acting. It's weird that I…

Packing, Attempt with Donuts and So Much Junk Food

I'm starting to have nightmares from binge watching hours of survival game play on YouTube. Some people have a list on places they'd go if everything went to hell, but being nomadic and knowing my general migration patterns, I actually have a list of places I wouldn't go if society fell apart.

That said, packing sucks! And I suck doing it.

Like right now.... You can obviously see that I'm at my computer. I'm trying to be organized, which I really suck at too. My boss is a Virgo (and for a bonus round, Keanu Reeves is a Virgo!). Anyways, Virgo Boss was showing me her color coded and highly detailed spreadsheets that she made and I know there was something important to gleam from that conversation, but I stood there thinking, okay, what the hell happened to me when I was born under this sign? I can't get my #$%^ together!

So, back to organizing. I can't take everything with me and boy have I collected some weird things that I'm not so sure I want to get …

Outdoor Weddings, Dumb Photos and Writing

I decided to participate in No Shop January, where I think the goal is to not shop for things you don't need. Luckily, I did most of the shopping last month. 😀

Actually, I think I did most of my Christmas shopping in November because of the surgery. I thought I'd bounce back, but I didn't feel good even up to Christmas. It stopped being a surgical issue and went back to being a blood pressure issue.

I think I've finally recouped from partying with my nomadic family. Everyone came into town for a cousin's wedding. It was outdoors at a super jazzy country club, weather was a high of 62 degrees and low of 53 degrees (or roughly around that). I wore a sleeveless, short black dress and high heels. It wasn't terribly cold, though the sky was gray and much later that night, it actually started raining.

The wedding was beautiful. The two getting married had a huge wedding party. My uncle said he was pretty nervous, but he's always been a romantic as long as I can…

Fireworks, Notebooks and Writing

Watched Bird Box. That movie is so good. After lights out, I laid in bed just thinking about the movie and it makes you not want to open your eyes. As far as horror movies go, very few have left me thinking hard about the scenario. This is a movie I'd like to own, which I don't say lightly, because I stopped buying movies about a year ago, unless I find them for a $1.00 and they are something I just really want like Last Holiday or the entire Indiana Jones series.

My girlfriend bought a huge case of fireworks. She does a lot of things that one would call "a wild hair" so I was extremely excited about this. She wanted to blow them up in the park.... but technically, this being Arizona, I don't know what the rules are for the park. Most people blow fireworks in the middle of the street since pavement won't catch on fire, but the bad thing is, traffic gets held up. It's still fun though.

It rained all day Monday and it was freezing. There was a fine fog in …

Traveling Mom, Survival Horror Games and Writing

My mom is in California, so I can't imagine doing anything for the weekend. She's pretty lucky because, knowing her, she's probably up at the beach house enjoying the cool weather. I got a text from her stating, "Aren't you glad for warm houses that aren't breezy?"

There are a few super big homes in California that could be drafty, but the only one I can think of is the one at Oxnard, California. It's right on the beach and it's huge. That's why I love space heaters. My aunt is always offering us a chance to come up and last time we did, we went to the farmers market. I love the farmer markets in California.

I decided to start packing my office first. Bummer man. It's so much work. I'm thinking now is the time to downsize. I can't believe the sheer amount of office supplies I own and the only thing I've really used the hell out of are all my notebooks. I take a lot of thinking notes.

Taking a break from packing and getting a l…