Saturday, May 27, 2017

Albuquerque Wedding, Bio Park, Bugs and Writing

Albuquerque, New Mexico! Is freezing! 

My mom laughed. Her answer to this was, “You should know to bring a coat when you’re leaving Phoenix. Phoenix weather is not the EVERYWHERE weather.”

We made this mistake once before when my aunt told us to pack for an AZ winter. Mom and I packed super light and then ended up needing snow coats because we weren’t use to anything under 60 degrees. In the future, I don’t believe Emory and I will make this mistake again. So utterly, surprisingly cold for that weekend, but so beautiful! I just felt mesmerized by Albuquerque. 

the road into the city!
We got to spend a little time with the soon-to-be married couple. Probably about 45 minutes to be exact, then we found a little pizza take-away within walking distance of our hotel and ended up with a veggie pizza at 11:00 pm. The pizza was so delicious. I ate until I literally felt sick. We slept as much as we could then got up for a quick breakfast and headed over to the Bio Park where we planned to meet Jen.

This park is so incredibly awesome! It’s a little of everything; exotic animals, aquariums, gardens and a building full of bugs!! My favorite topic:; bugs, gardens and FROGS.  

The wedding was such a blast. It was a southwestern wedding so she had a mariachi band. OMG! I spelled that right on the first try! The joys of living in the Southwest! This is a culture I absolutely love. The music was a booming part of the fun. They aren't just a band either. They know how to really engage the public.

mariachi band to the side
The whole wedding was beautiful. There was plenty of things for me to eat, though I had gotten something to eat a little earlier because I wasn't sure how many vegetarian things she would have. We talked, took tons of photos and then eventually,  had to leave because Emory had to get back to work the following night. 

We left around 8 am that morning. The drive back was much quicker. Less stops and I actually drove a little. I don't usually drive because the medicine helps aid in how quickly I fall asleep in a car, but the drive was absolutely safe since I had coffee and Emory to keep me awake. I think I chatted the whole drive until we switched, but once we did switch, my knees were so locked tight, it hurt to walk around the car and be a passenger again. 

We ended up walking around a little Navajo store. I love all the shops along the road and wanted to see if there was anything for my table. I found such a gorgeous rock. It's so utterly beautiful. I was telling Emory I need to stop buying all these rocks/polished stones, because they will last for my entire life span and one day soon, I won't have room to put all of them. Still, I see such pretty rocks and get completely obsessed with having it. It might just be the witch way! 


TS: 720 words written. I'm still at the beginning with this, but the story is coming together a little better. I think I started the original a little too quickly, which was how I envisioned the comic book starting. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Route 66, Flagstaff and Winslow AZ

I was invited to a wedding in Albuquerque New Mexico. It’s roughly a seven hour drive from Phoenix, AZ. We didn’t leave as soon as we thought we would. It took another hour to figure out if we had everything we needed. I still forgot my dancing boots since this is a southwestern wedding. 

Our first stop was in Anthem, which is hard to explain the location of. A new grocery store on his route opened up and he wanted me to check it out. It has a wine and beer bar! If you want to make your shopping experience better, drink a little. I would’ve gladly moved into that store! They had everything from a hot deli, cheese bar, huge bakery, a clothing section, etc. Food wise, Emory said it has the same things our stores have, but I don’t know. Something about that place just screamed FAR MORE EXOTIC!

Fry's Grocery Store Anthem, AZ
 We stopped in Flagstaff for gasoline and ice green tea. We made a small detour to the mall, since we use to live in Flagstaff for school. I wasn’t planning on buying anything, but then I saw Spencer’s and had to stop. They had a few Rick and Morty items and MAN!! It was hard not to just grab a basket and do some major collecting. Instead, I bought a glass Rick and Morty jar with a lid to keep my smelly herbs contained. I also bought a bag of incense.  Love my Rick and Morty stuff! Actually, this is officially my very first thing to own!  
It was HOT in the valley where I’m from, so when we debated on bringing coats… we actually didn’t and regretted that decision immediately. It was so cold in Flagstaff and beyond. We stopped in Winslow, Arizona if you remember the song: Take it Easy from the Eagles:

Well, I’m a standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona and such a fine sight to see. It’s a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford slowin’ down to take a look at me. 

"Take it Easy" from the Eagles, Winslow AZ
 So Emory got his picture by the “flatbed ford” which is pretty fun that it’s sitting right there by the statues and a Route 66 sign. The town itself seemed extremely small. We got a few pictures then went right across the street for some soft serve ice cream. There was a hotel in that vicinity that my mom wanted me to check out. It’s one of the last standing hotels marking a generation that has long passed, but I can’t remember what the hotel was called. We didn’t make it because it was already pretty late in the day so we continued on the road.

There are so many things we wanted to stop at, but decided to add it to a list and come back when we have some vacation time together. Emory’s work schedule is wonky so he doesn’t have as much freedom as I do. 

Flagstaff, AZ

Friday, May 19, 2017

Rubber Ducky, AZ, Unicorn Candy and writing

I like to collect little bath-time rubber duckies. Thought I’d just throw that out there. I was at Walgreens looking for something and stopped thinking when I saw the little rubber duckies inside cupcake sleeves. Super adorable! 

I also saw small floating plastic boats. I think my nieces and nephews are a little too old for these toys, but I do have two nieces that like to make storybook lands in the pool. I had to bite my fingers to keep from buying the sailboats. I think I’ve bought like 100s of toys for them and they leave the toys in the sun. 

The Arizona sun  quickens the shelf life on plastic/rubber/fabric and can make it useless a couple of months or a year. Can’t leave things in the sun out here. I did notice the Hawaiian style plastic mugs have made it through the last three years at the pool side for them. The little rubber food toys have bit the dust.

Man, wish I bought the little unicorn candy sprinkle toy out in Vegas when I saw it. It’s like a little kitchen buddy and I like making sweets. AND I love unicorns so it’s a win-win situation!!
I now have two of the coolest looking little wood dolls, wrapped in dyed twine and with little bowls balanced on their heads. The little bowls have veggies, so they are perfect for what I need.

I did a little cleansing ritual for the two dolls and stuck them on my very small shrine, which is starting to get very colorful. I haven’t burnt the incense I just bought at the festival. I actually bought some stones for my table too. Every time I look at these items, I think about the great trip we had through that town.

Writing Update

EW: 13/49 pages edited. Woot! Fixed some pesky little grievances and feel so much better about the direction of this story. 

Untitled Legends of Tomorrow concept I’m playing with is now up to 9,000 words. This is a lot bigger of a project then I thought it would be.
Tomorrow thinking I’ll work on my TS novella and try to shape it up a bit on the sides.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nightmares, Comicon and Writing

Finally had a dream that mirrored Rick and Morty. This was bound to happen due to my unduly obsession I have with the show and all things multi-universe (which I realized is super hard to explain to my mother). I had a dream that Emory and I found a doorway that allowed us to jump from universe to universe within the perimeters of that “current time” and that “current location.” 

Dude, that was crazy because it did change little by little until the space became smaller and smaller. We couldn’t actually leave the location we were in so the farther “in” we went, the smaller the “current location” got. The people within our lives got really different too until the variations of them were almost unrecognizable. 

The thing was, at one point, the 2nd to last location we went was pretty violent and later within the tale, I hid in the closet to escape this man who was trying to murder us and poor Emory lead the man away. I felt like such a coward and tried to find a way to save Emory, but I couldn’t find him or the man. I tried to backtrack to keep us from jumping the multi-verses, but the doorway only allowed me to go back one jump, which left me in that darker, violent place. Those people told me I belonged with them and that I forgot who I was. 

This is terrifying. I never want to be the person I'd have to be to survive a world like that.

On a lighter note, I totally have a lab coat that I think Emory would be awesome in and I could pull of Morty! Perfect for a comicon convention!  I have way too many comicon costume ideas and not enough time to make the outfits.

Writing Update

EW: Finally set my butt in the chair, cracked my bubble gum and got to work! In doing so, I realized that page nine looked a little rushed and started ironing out the details a little more. I like the details better. Also, getting my groove on with more detailed violence. I guess fight club really has helped me with my fighting techniques in my stories. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Acting, Theater and Writing

The first theatrical show I remember being in was possibly while I was in the fifth grade. We had this “free period” where kids who had electives got to go outside the class. My best friend at the time was learning the violin. I had no problem being left in a classroom with a few other students to just read or do homework … though I’m not positive that’s what I was actually doing. I had a real knack for entertaining myself which doesn’t mean doing what the teachers wanted.

This theater teacher came along and the students who were happy twiddling their thumbs got thrown into her class. The first show I was in was called “Wow! Great Boom Box.” I played an intelligent, Grade A student, who wasn’t willing to give bullies her homework.

This has been a bumpy road full of pipe dreams, but hey, I wasn’t willing to just handover my hopes and dreams. I’ve gotten turned down on so many things. However, I did have a chance to be in: Shel’s Sister, Alice in Wonderland, Thurber’s Carnival (which sealed the deal for Emory and me), Wizard of OZ, Peter Pan and Wendy, Nut Cracker and a few others.  As I am getting older, I feel like there are a few shows I’ve completely forgotten. I don’t even have the cast photos anymore.

Alice in Wonderland

My mom asked me why I don’t audition in Arizona. It’s a topic that concerns her. I told her that I keep looking, but everything that comes through requires a musical talent, which is something I SEVERELY lack. Mom responded by telling me that my niece auditioned for a talent show that requires singing, which was a talent she also SEVERELY lacks (by her own admission). When my mom asked her, “What did you do?” my niece replied, “I just did it.” Impressed, I asked my mom, “Did she get placed in the show?” My mom said, “She sure did.” 

Well, that’s pretty cool for my niece who is seven, but I’m still not going to audition for musicals. 

The last one I did was Peter Pan and Wendy and a stage mom told me “You really should try to set an example for the younger actors by singing on key.” In which I had to laugh because she thought I was being a pitchy off-key singer on purpose. Seriously. And to add to that, I don’t want the pressure of being a role model. I’m tired of trying to keep my imperfect life all rosy. It’s not perfect, starting with the fact that I honestly can’t sing. I’m fine with that. Making noise still makes me happy, so I’ll still do it with music, but if someone is $$$ for tickets, that’s on them. 

Peter Pan and Wendy
Peter Pan and Wendy

I told the director that I couldn’t sing when they offered me the part and they wanted me in the show despite this. I'm so, so glad I got the chance because years later, these people are still in my heart.

Writing Update

TS: still untitled: 1549 words written / 50,000 word goal. Still trying to decide if I’d rather make this a novella. I started the beginning over and kept falling into the same issues, but I think I have a better grasp on what I’d like to accomplish with it. So far, no plotting, though I have a very clear idea for the beginning and the first major character direction shift. 

OS: 3/? Chapters. Added chapter 3 finally. This is a story I updated every April, but April came and went and I barely got it edited. That’s right. This story is now 3 years old, but it’s just a side piece that makes me chuckle.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Painted Box and Dreams

I've been having a lot of dreams lately where I'm in the car having conversations with my grandma. She is everything I remember; feisty, pretty and assertive. Her hair is a pretty silver and her floral tops are always bright. I have that moment where I know she's not really here and this conversation can't really be happening. She's been dead now for a year, but I inform her of everything, wanting her opinion and well-wishes. She's always happy in these dreams that I'm not 100% convinced are ONLY dreams.

Science still doesn't know why we dream, at least that's what a science video on Youtube said. I love all those things on science, but lately, with all the theories on multiverses and dreams and 2D in theory with 4D = creatures watching us that we can't see... What I'm getting at is, sometimes this doesn't feel like a dream. I have a lot of those and I often wonder, if there are multiverses and when I die in them, where does that "me" go and does it just wait somewhere for the rest of my individual selves or my energy to reconnect?

And if so, then why can't I be speaking with my grandma in a car with the light so bright that I can't actually see where we're driving?

She seems pleased with everything. I told her how everyone is doing, but she knows. I miss all the sugar she had at her house. We recently visited and I went in search of said sugar, but there wasn't even a cookie. I was forced to eat frozen yogurt, which never would've happened if she still lived on our plain.

I'm sharing this because lately I almost feel like the world is a beautifully painted box and everything within it an illusion. It's one of those days when nothing feels real like I could easily shatter the illusion.