Saturday, July 15, 2017

UFOs, Fireworks and Storms

It's July and the monsoons are starting to blow in... or at least the muggy weather, dark skies, dust storms and the smell of rain. When will it actually rain? In our desert, that's a toss of the dice. Sometimes it only sprinkles for like 5 minutes.

The storms are exciting because it changes the densely hot atmosphere. After living in Florida, I actually miss a good, hard tropical storm. Not only did it leave the air electric, but my very spirit felt energetic. Maybe that's what happens when you're used to places that get very little rain like Arizona and Nevada. It rains in California, but not as bad in the seven years Emory and I lived there. After we left, there were a few issues with flooding.

Certain parts of Arizona has had very bad flooding. You wouldn't think that flood insurance is important out here, but it is. There was one really weird year that our freeway on this side of town got shut down because the water got so high and the flood grates couldn't expel the water quick enough.

This year, we didn't really do anything with fireworks. We had a quiet meal with the commune in Scottsdale. I am so grateful that Jeffery always tries to include a meal plan for me because he knows I'm not interested in the BBQ ribs, hamburgers or hot dogs. This time he bought two different veggie burgers which was super sweet, because I'm actually 100% okay about bringing my own food, but he always wants to host at his 100%.

It was funny because while we were there, Jeffery or someone in that house (though I highly suspect it was Jeffery) had found an HBO channel that was all about aliens; coverups, theories, eyewitness reports, abductions. I found a little UFO with a face on it for Christmas one year and gave it to him. This Christmas buy was due to the fact that earlier that year, Ms. J laughingly said, "Jeffery trimmed that entire hedge because he saw a UFO in that direction and he wants to wait for it, while sitting down."

Jeffery is just cool that way. He's given me a huge perspective on life and wonderment. He's really made my life fun.  :)


Charles Gramlich said...

Storms energize me too. and we get plenty of them here in Louisiana.

Christina E. Rundle said...

Charles! :)

I remember seeing some of the aftermath photos you've posted with the storms that come through. Very intense and beautiful, I bet.