Sunday, June 04, 2017

Philip the Knocking Ghost

I was invited with a small group of friends, about six of us, to sit at a seance. I use to try doing seances with my friends when we were in junior high, so the concept isn't new. I had a pretty decent idea on the rules of a seance; hold hands, "repeat after me", don't break the circle, don't let go of anyone's hands.

My friend sat in the circle announcing that we would be calling on Philip the Ghost. I immediately laughed, "You're not talking about the Philip experiment from the 1970's are you?" It's a cool story and all, but Philip isn't real. The experiment results were interesting though.

My friend confirmed that it was. That she wanted to see the energy humans could create. I'm mentally out now, but curiosity gets the better of me. There were six of us after all, though the experiment took months before there were results. I just didn't think we'd be able to bring this energy out.

It was set up with white candles, dark cherry incense and no protective spell; the host wasn't really a practitioner. I wasn't too concerned. After all, this was only an experiment on the human mind. What would we be actually calling on? Philip is a made up persona made by Canadian parapsychologists to focus on human mental energy; a poltergeist made from combined brain waves or wherever humans get that strange power.

Phew! Me scared.... nope. Not on this one.

And as they turned off the lights, leaving only the fire dancing on the candle wicks, something inside me twisted in my gut and up my spine. Yeah, I guess I'm scared that something will touch me. I can imagine ghostly fingers pressing through my flesh and gripping my spine.

"Philip, are you there?"

"Are you there Philip?"

"Philip, are you there? Knock on the table."

I'm mentally singing my pagan chants... because something knocked. It wasn't on the table. It was on the wall right over my head.

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