Friday, June 23, 2017

Litha in Arizona and Heat Warnings!

Arizona citizens have finally gotten the warning that the heat advisory is crucially dangerous. Warnings state that we should stay indoors after 10 am. in the morning. It's weird, because 111 degrees and 116 isn't even the hottest Arizona has gotten, BUT you feel it. Man you feel it!

Emory always asks, "Didn't you have the air conditioning on in the car? Why are you so sweaty?"

The seat belt maybe? Or the way the heat just radiates through the windows making you drip sweat despite the vents trying to keep you cool. I have the knob all the way up, which I usually can't stand because I'd rather be warm than cold (it might be a muscle/joint weakness issue that makes the cold so uncomfortable). Either way, IT'S SUMMER IN ARIZONA!!!

But today, around 5:00 in the evening, it didn't feel so bad. Another co-worker said it was because we were so cold. I went out earlier today at like 10-ish am and I couldn't breathe it was so hot. I had to go back inside, but those five minutes spent outside left me thirsty as all get-out!!

Painted Bowling Pin from Goodwill for $2.00.

Same Night, Same Fortune!!
 So in other news!!! I was going to go hiking for Litha, but Emory was totally against that since we'd be hiking up on the mountain trails and I can sort of see that we could be pushing our luck. It gets so hot so fast, even though I planned to do this in the semi-dark and try to be at the top of the mountain for sunrise. But in the end, it's been uncomfortable out here. There is no shade out there either. We don't have the same type of trees and most of the places I've hiked doesn't have trees at all. It's rock, cactus and itty-bitty plant life.

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