Thursday, June 01, 2017

Expensive Medicines, Bouncy Balls and 80's to 90's Horror Movie Favs

I’m not on my ADD medicines. It cost $$$ more than what I’m able to make when added to my other medicines, so I have to find another way to keep totally on point. 

There is this new toy made for students with ADD, but nothing about the advertisements make me think it’d be the same as throwing a tiny bouncy ball a few times until my attention is back (which is what the counselor suggested I do). 

So long story short, I usually listen to all the political channels I miss throughout the day, on Youtube, and that usually keeps my head straight at work, BUT Youtube eats up the data on my phone, so I got this great idea that I’ll just download some of my favorite movies to the media player, so at least the noise will be; comforting, familiar capable of drawing my focus and hopefully keep me from going bonkers with my diverse anxiety triggers.

So, first movie I downloaded (2 hr process by-the-way) was Spirited Away.  I’ve seen this a million times. Not distracting at all… except I do this thing when things get too sentimental too fast. I totally break down. So yes, I’m like bawling and nodding my head (wearing headphones so no one even knows what’s going on right now) and just thinking 

WHY!!! WHY did you forget you get this way with this movie!!! 

So, I’m going to try and make a better decision on the next downloaded movie. 

I’m so hankering for something from my past. My girlfriend and I went to the theater no less than 9 times to see Billy Zane in Demon Knight, so I really think I might download that movie to my phone next. 

Demon Knight kicked started my obsession with Billy Zane. Our favorite line was “Humans aren’t worth the skin they’re printed on.” We loved that movie so much.The only thing I think I couldn't really sit through was Titanic and mostly because it was a love story and I'm not the type of person to sit through a romance. 

Absolutely feel like pulling teeth if I have to watch romance comedies, Hallmarks, and anything focusing on Valentine's Day. I do like Last Holiday, which Emory claims is a romance... Actually, he might be right.

We also loved Fright Night, which we watched so much that the color faded out of my VHS tape. One day we stuck it in to watch and it looked like a black and white film that turned so white you couldn’t really tell what was going on, but the sound still worked great. So because of all this, I can’t really tell what I have to watch first. 

I have my urgent anxiety reducing choices: Earth Girls are Easy and Love at First Bite. 

I have my "bored as hell need to stay out of trouble" choices: Gone in 60 Seconds, Italian Job, Ocean's 11. Side Note: Emory was talking about one of my top movie choices, and I asked him which one and he told me to guess. Within two guesses, I said Italian Job, and I was right. Dang! So was he! He really knows me. 

I have my "crap, is this my reality" choices: Howl's Moving Castle, Rick and Morty seasons, Spirited Away, Venture Brothers.

Okay, this list could continue!

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