Sunday, May 07, 2017

The Desert, Palm Springs and Traveling

I opened the fridge this morning and there was no coconut milk... Had to eat the cereal dry.

Finally got to throw some things in the car and hit the road. I use to hate the desert when I was a child. I wanted to have a green house in the middle of nowhere and start planting all the pretty things that would grow bright green, shady and produce flowers.

Now that I'm older, I love it for what it is. The warmth that comes through the car window helps me day dream about what it would be like to be a tarantula crawling over that warm sand. All the tiny hairs on my body would feel the tiny particles of sand as I passed by. I was thinking about this for a few hours, which lead into what kind of tarantula would I want to be, there are so many. It lead to many more discussions on eight legged creatures and their lives.

I really wanted to get out of the car and lay in the sand/dirt/rocks (it's a desert) and just feel the earth at my back and the tiny particles under my palms and fingers. I wanted to get out and hug all the bushes. My love for them just bloomed so hard while I stared out the window listening to protest songs.

We made a lot of stops this time around. I think almost four. I love Palm Springs. This was the first time we stopped and there are so many tours in that area. We went to a Witch Festival and I did end up buying a few items for my table.

Writing Update

I brought all my notebooks, but I didn't do any writing on this trip.

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