Friday, May 19, 2017

Rubber Ducky, AZ, Unicorn Candy and writing

I like to collect little bath-time rubber duckies. Thought I’d just throw that out there. I was at Walgreens looking for something and stopped thinking when I saw the little rubber duckies inside cupcake sleeves. Super adorable! 

I also saw small floating plastic boats. I think my nieces and nephews are a little too old for these toys, but I do have two nieces that like to make storybook lands in the pool. I had to bite my fingers to keep from buying the sailboats. I think I’ve bought like 100s of toys for them and they leave the toys in the sun. 

The Arizona sun  quickens the shelf life on plastic/rubber/fabric and can make it useless a couple of months or a year. Can’t leave things in the sun out here. I did notice the Hawaiian style plastic mugs have made it through the last three years at the pool side for them. The little rubber food toys have bit the dust.

Man, wish I bought the little unicorn candy sprinkle toy out in Vegas when I saw it. It’s like a little kitchen buddy and I like making sweets. AND I love unicorns so it’s a win-win situation!!
I now have two of the coolest looking little wood dolls, wrapped in dyed twine and with little bowls balanced on their heads. The little bowls have veggies, so they are perfect for what I need.

I did a little cleansing ritual for the two dolls and stuck them on my very small shrine, which is starting to get very colorful. I haven’t burnt the incense I just bought at the festival. I actually bought some stones for my table too. Every time I look at these items, I think about the great trip we had through that town.

Writing Update

EW: 13/49 pages edited. Woot! Fixed some pesky little grievances and feel so much better about the direction of this story. 

Untitled Legends of Tomorrow concept I’m playing with is now up to 9,000 words. This is a lot bigger of a project then I thought it would be.
Tomorrow thinking I’ll work on my TS novella and try to shape it up a bit on the sides.

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