Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nightmares, Comicon and Writing

Finally had a dream that mirrored Rick and Morty. This was bound to happen due to my unduly obsession I have with the show and all things multi-universe (which I realized is super hard to explain to my mother). I had a dream that Emory and I found a doorway that allowed us to jump from universe to universe within the perimeters of that “current time” and that “current location.” 

Dude, that was crazy because it did change little by little until the space became smaller and smaller. We couldn’t actually leave the location we were in so the farther “in” we went, the smaller the “current location” got. The people within our lives got really different too until the variations of them were almost unrecognizable. 

The thing was, at one point, the 2nd to last location we went was pretty violent and later within the tale, I hid in the closet to escape this man who was trying to murder us and poor Emory lead the man away. I felt like such a coward and tried to find a way to save Emory, but I couldn’t find him or the man. I tried to backtrack to keep us from jumping the multi-verses, but the doorway only allowed me to go back one jump, which left me in that darker, violent place. Those people told me I belonged with them and that I forgot who I was. 

This is terrifying. I never want to be the person I'd have to be to survive a world like that.

On a lighter note, I totally have a lab coat that I think Emory would be awesome in and I could pull of Morty! Perfect for a comicon convention!  I have way too many comicon costume ideas and not enough time to make the outfits.

Writing Update

EW: Finally set my butt in the chair, cracked my bubble gum and got to work! In doing so, I realized that page nine looked a little rushed and started ironing out the details a little more. I like the details better. Also, getting my groove on with more detailed violence. I guess fight club really has helped me with my fighting techniques in my stories. 

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