Saturday, May 27, 2017

Albuquerque Wedding, Bio Park, Bugs and Writing

Albuquerque, New Mexico! Is freezing! 

My mom laughed. Her answer to this was, “You should know to bring a coat when you’re leaving Phoenix. Phoenix weather is not the EVERYWHERE weather.”

We made this mistake once before when my aunt told us to pack for an AZ winter. Mom and I packed super light and then ended up needing snow coats because we weren’t use to anything under 60 degrees. In the future, I don’t believe Emory and I will make this mistake again. So utterly, surprisingly cold for that weekend, but so beautiful! I just felt mesmerized by Albuquerque. 

the road into the city!
We got to spend a little time with the soon-to-be married couple. Probably about 45 minutes to be exact, then we found a little pizza take-away within walking distance of our hotel and ended up with a veggie pizza at 11:00 pm. The pizza was so delicious. I ate until I literally felt sick. We slept as much as we could then got up for a quick breakfast and headed over to the Bio Park where we planned to meet Jen.

This park is so incredibly awesome! It’s a little of everything; exotic animals, aquariums, gardens and a building full of bugs!! My favorite topic:; bugs, gardens and FROGS.  

The wedding was such a blast. It was a southwestern wedding so she had a mariachi band. OMG! I spelled that right on the first try! The joys of living in the Southwest! This is a culture I absolutely love. The music was a booming part of the fun. They aren't just a band either. They know how to really engage the public.

mariachi band to the side
The whole wedding was beautiful. There was plenty of things for me to eat, though I had gotten something to eat a little earlier because I wasn't sure how many vegetarian things she would have. We talked, took tons of photos and then eventually,  had to leave because Emory had to get back to work the following night. 

We left around 8 am that morning. The drive back was much quicker. Less stops and I actually drove a little. I don't usually drive because the medicine helps aid in how quickly I fall asleep in a car, but the drive was absolutely safe since I had coffee and Emory to keep me awake. I think I chatted the whole drive until we switched, but once we did switch, my knees were so locked tight, it hurt to walk around the car and be a passenger again. 

We ended up walking around a little Navajo store. I love all the shops along the road and wanted to see if there was anything for my table. I found such a gorgeous rock. It's so utterly beautiful. I was telling Emory I need to stop buying all these rocks/polished stones, because they will last for my entire life span and one day soon, I won't have room to put all of them. Still, I see such pretty rocks and get completely obsessed with having it. It might just be the witch way! 


TS: 720 words written. I'm still at the beginning with this, but the story is coming together a little better. I think I started the original a little too quickly, which was how I envisioned the comic book starting. 

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