Saturday, May 13, 2017

Acting, Theater and Writing

The first theatrical show I remember being in was possibly while I was in the fifth grade. We had this “free period” where kids who had electives got to go outside the class. My best friend at the time was learning the violin. I had no problem being left in a classroom with a few other students to just read or do homework … though I’m not positive that’s what I was actually doing. I had a real knack for entertaining myself which doesn’t mean doing what the teachers wanted.

This theater teacher came along and the students who were happy twiddling their thumbs got thrown into her class. The first show I was in was called “Wow! Great Boom Box.” I played an intelligent, Grade A student, who wasn’t willing to give bullies her homework.

This has been a bumpy road full of pipe dreams, but hey, I wasn’t willing to just handover my hopes and dreams. I’ve gotten turned down on so many things. However, I did have a chance to be in: Shel’s Sister, Alice in Wonderland, Thurber’s Carnival (which sealed the deal for Emory and me), Wizard of OZ, Peter Pan and Wendy, Nut Cracker and a few others.  As I am getting older, I feel like there are a few shows I’ve completely forgotten. I don’t even have the cast photos anymore.

Alice in Wonderland

My mom asked me why I don’t audition in Arizona. It’s a topic that concerns her. I told her that I keep looking, but everything that comes through requires a musical talent, which is something I SEVERELY lack. Mom responded by telling me that my niece auditioned for a talent show that requires singing, which was a talent she also SEVERELY lacks (by her own admission). When my mom asked her, “What did you do?” my niece replied, “I just did it.” Impressed, I asked my mom, “Did she get placed in the show?” My mom said, “She sure did.” 

Well, that’s pretty cool for my niece who is seven, but I’m still not going to audition for musicals. 

The last one I did was Peter Pan and Wendy and a stage mom told me “You really should try to set an example for the younger actors by singing on key.” In which I had to laugh because she thought I was being a pitchy off-key singer on purpose. Seriously. And to add to that, I don’t want the pressure of being a role model. I’m tired of trying to keep my imperfect life all rosy. It’s not perfect, starting with the fact that I honestly can’t sing. I’m fine with that. Making noise still makes me happy, so I’ll still do it with music, but if someone is $$$ for tickets, that’s on them. 

Peter Pan and Wendy
Peter Pan and Wendy

I told the director that I couldn’t sing when they offered me the part and they wanted me in the show despite this. I'm so, so glad I got the chance because years later, these people are still in my heart.

Writing Update

TS: still untitled: 1549 words written / 50,000 word goal. Still trying to decide if I’d rather make this a novella. I started the beginning over and kept falling into the same issues, but I think I have a better grasp on what I’d like to accomplish with it. So far, no plotting, though I have a very clear idea for the beginning and the first major character direction shift. 

OS: 3/? Chapters. Added chapter 3 finally. This is a story I updated every April, but April came and went and I barely got it edited. That’s right. This story is now 3 years old, but it’s just a side piece that makes me chuckle.

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