Sunday, February 19, 2017

Potlucks, Performances and Writing

Potlucks fill me with anxiety. I never really know what to make. Last time I brought a salad and it was barely touched, which meant lots of salad leftover for Emory and me. This time I made cornbread. I figured it would be the easiest thing to carry. I didn't expect it to taste so freaking good, so Emory and I ate two pieces each. I put them in cupcake wrappers so it would be easy to handle in the food line.

At first, I didn't see anyone take anything and I was towards the back of the line. The cute platter I put it in (a wedding gift platter) was still untouched by the time I made it to the front. I took one, of course. By the end of the little party, there was still half of the cornbread cupcakes left.

I went back to doing what I needed to do for the day. When I came back to collect my platter, every single piece of bread was gone. So I guess the cornbread was a success. I now know the perfect thing to bring to functions. Super happy.

We had a super great performance on Friday night. I love being front and center and smiling out at the crowd and seeing them smile back. I love my team too. They make me laugh.

It rained Saturday morning, which meant a change in my usual morning plans. I should probably start cleaning the house anyways. Emory thinks our living situation will be much smaller in our next location. The "next location" isn't coming for another year, but last time we rushed it and everything got thrown into boxes, which was hell to go through later.

I can do this. I can let go.


Writing Update:

I plan to finish HKT. I've said it before, but now it's been a year in the making and it needs to be done.

PB 2 : I wrote myself into a hole, so I had to go back and work a few things out. There will be so many rewrites coming as very small details pop into my head. These tiny details change a few things that I have to carefully read through and make sure follows. I do outline, but mostly I sit and write out the conversations I hear in my head when I let the characters play out the scenarios.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Writer and the Street Walker

I'm not sure when I started noticing this woman walking her dogs. My early morning commute is both cold and dark, but every morning, there she is in a very sexy nightie, knee-high hose, heels, tiny top and no coat. The fact that it was nearly 40 degrees in the morning and she didn't have a coat, drew my attention.

Actually, a lot of things drew my attention.

Like how her super curly hair, pinned high and bouncing with her steps, looked red under the streetlamps. Like her choice of canine friendship, two fun loving dog breeds; a husky and a gold retriever. How she looked almost a hint masculine when I was within a certain distance of her. That she chose to walk during the morning rush hour minutes before the sun was set to rise.

How insanely interested I became of her. How obsessive that desire was to pull onto a side street so I could meet her. How utterly enamored I've become of this street walker with an ambiguous gender; which excites me.

She is this butterfly that I desperately want to have the thrill of catching; to feel the wings softly beat against my careful hold. Then I would be happy that I met someone so unique.

But alas, I haven't seen her this week. It's getting hotter and it's not nearly as dark any more at 6:20 a.m.

I wonder if I'll see her again.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Rummage Sales and Writing

Emory brought home these Girl Scout cookie flavored Cheerios and I ate half a box. Seriously. I sat on the couch and munched on dry cereal until I couldn't eat any more. Bad thing is; I think I made myself sick off them and we still have a couple boxes left. It's been almost a week and I haven't been able to touch them again without even feeling like I was going to be sick. Have you done that before?

 I'm starting to feel so domesticated. That's not my style. I mentioned my concern to Emory and he told me that he thinks my wild spirit is still there, just waiting for a chance to go. I asked a few people if they'd be interested in driving to California for a weekend. I really want to go to the beach and sit on the sand and read while the sun goes down, like I use to. I'm ready to just hit the road and go somewhere.

I spent the entire Saturday with Ann. She had the day off, so we went to rummage sales. I found two pictures frames for my brother for his office. I found a Wii game for $1. (I haven't tried playing it yet, so I hope it's in good condition). I found 2 search and find books which are like Where's Waldo. (I now have 4 unique search and find books). I bought 12 Mardi Gras beads for 50 cents. (I plan to give the beads out to everyone on Fat Tuesday).

We ended up meeting John for lunch and after lunch John came back to the commune to help unload the things Ann found. She got so much crystal for $6.00 and I helped her clean the glass. My favorite wine glasses in the mix say they are from Romania. They are so beautiful. The other set of wine glasses are purple with flowers painted on them. It's really cool that we found these items.

Nurse Nadine came home at this time while we were unpacking and she helped Ann clean this antique yellow dresser and I helped her move it. Then we moved this antique sewing machine into her room so she could put her television on it. She still has that huge doll house in her bedroom. They got the miniature railing fixed. It's a long project getting the doll house put back together like it was over thirty years ago.

Writing Update:

PC: Paused on this since the story is taking a possible new route. Need to map it out and make sure it's not leading into a hole.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Blog Visitors from Around the World

Hi friends from around the world! These are my top visitors this week!

United States                 Indonesia                   Germany               Romania
France                           Singapore                   Spain
China                            Chile                           Poland

There are so many countries right here that would be exciting to visited! I'm so glad to have all of you coming around. And my friends from the United States, so excited to have you all here sharing my ventures too!

Do all of you have blogs? What would you like to see more of here? What's going on in your lives? How many of you are witches? How many of you are writers, actors, artists, play sports, do yoga, amateur cooks, backpackers, surfers, scuba divers, closet dancers/singers? XOXO

I went to a few rummage sales and I found this Arizona guidebook. I really want to start taking some days off and go see these places before we hit the road again. I didn't know there were so many neat spots. However, I need to wait until the snow melts because some of these cool places are north and are closed during the winter.

Also, the fair is in town and it sounds like they have a dinosaur display! Wheepee!!! I love dinosaurs. Who doesn't right? It's one part of my childhood that still excites me; I mean besides dogs, cotton candy, vacations, surprise lunches, cosplayers, Marvel/DC television shows... Okay, a lot of things excite me.

I bought a few new Wii games, so I decided to have a game night last night. I'm surprised I'm even awake right now. It's such a huge addiction. I could play Wii for hours... which I did last night with my guests. I found more people who like video games, so I might have another game night but make it a party.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

AZ Parties, White Canary and Writing

Last Saturday, Emory and I went to a hosted SAG event. It was up by the mountains so the atmosphere was picturesque. There were little gifts at our place mats which was exciting. Emory and I ordered tea. Everyone dressed nice. I think I was the only one present as her hippie-dippie self. I pull off the 70's pretty well too.

There was some awesome giveaways during the commercials. The whole event was new and I need more "new" in my life. I freaked out when I walked into the jujitsu studio. I want to be a little more like the White Canary and a little less like the mild mannered Clark Kent.

Just kidding. Clark Kent can still leave his house and do amazing things. As for me? New people give me panic attacks. I need to fight this! Stand up and become a warrior!!! (Can you guess who's been watching a hella-lot of action movies lately?)

P.S. Can White Canary and me be friends? I so want to go dancing with her. I promise not to be spastic on the dance floor. Those years might have left me. Maybe.

I absolutely can NOT listen to any more creepy pasta stories. I tried, but I'm seriously freaked out right now. It comes and goes, but this has been lingering. A few nights ago, I settled into the bed alone, (since Emory has a weird schedule) and felt a hand sprawled out over my back. It felt like Emory had leaned in and was quietly seeing if I was awake by touching me. It was such a "I'm familiar with you touch," and it sent goose bumps down my skin because I felt loved and excited. I turned, expecting it to be Emory, but I was alone.

I turned the nightlight on after that. I don't like when the ghosts touch me. It's just strange to "feel" something there and expect it to be from this world where my eyes can register the gesture with the person. Not being visually there flips the experience.

Writing Update:

Too many private little standalone stories on my mind. Been enjoying writing them, but I need to get back to my own projects. Been "shipping" some people lately. In other words, I've been distracted.

<--fan being="" code="" distracted.="" fiction="" for="" nbsp="" p="" writer="">
WWF: 84 paged edited /107 total in story: I'm currently working through a romantic scene. So many delicate words have to be spoken here. I have a character is very skittish.

TS: I rewrote the beginning, need to work on the rest of it. Want it to be fairly violent and dark. I can already feel it pulling on my heartstrings knowing what will happen to the players in this world. I like things dark.