Monday, March 06, 2017

Vegan Shirts, Drunk Lunch and Future Trips

I love morning surprises! Julie brought me a hot chai tea from Starbucks. I'm not really sure if it had almond milk or coconut milk, but DANG! it was so delicious. We discussed drinks in the past and I think I mentioned that I liked either, but that I don't drink cow milk.

I finally did some online shopping for shirts I've (forever) had my eyes on. I bought two vegan shirts, a few funny writer shirts and a pagan shirt! Pagan Pride!!! Yes, extra exclamation marks because being a garden witch is such a peaceful path. However; all the wrong information circulating about this path is disconcerting.

One of my favorite stores has a whole 1970's fashion on their racks. I think I'll have to head back and get a few new shirts and another dress. I missed the bohemian clothes they had a few years back. By the time I saw the clothes line, there was nothing in my size.

I ordered some herbal supplements per the suggestion of my holistic horse doctor friend. This is my first week taking them. He has a lot of faith in the medication, though every time I see him, he usually has a great deal of suggestions. Sometimes my stomach feels like a medicine cabinet.

It has been a very fun start to March. I went to Scottsdale for lunch. Actually, I only asked Jack and Farmer Bill if they wanted to meet for lunch... but we're talking about the commune, so, long story short, Jeffery called wanting to know what time I'd be over.

This is funny because Jeffery is at the second commune in Scottsdale. I told him I hadn't thought of a time. I was just going to show up. It's actually in my family handbook; Section Two of Book Seven: Those who fall under this family line may forever show up to any function at any given time they choose.

Emory and I showed up at the time dragged out of me. I guess the second commune decided to come and a few people from the commune down in Phoenix came. There is another commune that I don't really visit too often out in Surprise, but a few people showed up from that location too. It was great. We laughed so freaking hard. Farmer Bill said he'd come over next weekend.

Our best bartender said "This is breaking tradition."

The tradition? The three communes usually meet 2 times a year, October (for the celebration of our grand commune leaders) and again at Christmas. It was pretty surprising that everyone showed up for this lunch and then people pointed to me and said I was the one that made the phone calls. I think they got this wrong. I called Jack. Farmer Bill called Jeffery. Jeffery called me. Ann called me and told me to call Mike. I called Mike. I did not call anyone else so all those people who showed up must have been texted. I love how information flies through the channels here.

Emory thinks I should get out to California. I know a few people out there and one of them might come to the airport to pick me up. I've lived out there on and off my entire life. I'm not sure why I'm suddenly dragging my feet on visiting. There is no reason to be so terrified of everything. I really want to get past this before I become a shut-in.

We're going to Las Vegas this month!! I wish Emory's friends could meet us there. Last time, it was such a freaking blast. Might be too cold to hang out by the pool, but with our weather, one would never know what to expect.

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