Monday, March 20, 2017

Mini-Movies, Documentaries and Writing

I've been wanting to take some short scary stories and make them into even shorter mini-movies that are a couple minutes long. I have no idea how to accomplish this so I guess it's going to be by trial and error. I've been chewing my bottom lip and pondering over some of the trickier things like graphics and stage gore. Even if this is a complete failure, it'll be something fun to do.

I was listening to the only radio talk show I find entertaining in the morning, and the hosts were fixated on a "type" of woman that drove them nuts. One said, "She's the one that never gets invited to parties." and then imitating a female voice said, "I watched this documentary..."

I sat up a little straighter in my car and said, "I'm that woman!" Seriously... I am. I have no idea how many times I've started a conversation with, "I watched this documentary last night;

that aliens are angels and demons visiting earth...

there is this race of lizard people living underground...

people have passed into parallel universes on accident...

there is sugar in everything we eat and we will never escape this addiction...

you wouldn't believe the size of this giant snake that use to exist...

there is proof that aliens have lived on mars..."

So long story short, I can't prove I've learned my lesson from this. I really enjoy the documentaries I watch because even if they aren't true, the possibilities are endlessly exciting.

It's already the Spring Equinox! So excited people. I want to go feel the sun's heat on my skin as I lay on the grass. Flowers are in bloom. Baby birds should be chirping soon!

Writing Update:

I am slowly editing two online stories that I want to finish sometime this year. Originally they were one-shot stories, but I let the reviewers excitement for additions to the story twist my arm. I like the challenge of extending the story without losing the interest of the readers. No word goals for either online story.

PB: I'm working on the 2nd novella for this series. I had a solid outline for it, but the beginning didn't feel right. As I started to change a few things here and there, the original outline suddenly didn't fit the new direction I really wanted to go. I'm at 6,000 words. 25,000 word goal.

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