Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Fat Tuesday, Yogurt Bar and Writing

I passed out a few hundred beads for Fat Tuesday! Woot! Woot! I had such a great time and so many people seemed really happy to get beads. It was not a slow Tuesday. The rain was crazy too. If we lived anywhere else, I might say it looked like tornado clouds. I actually forgot how to use my umbrella. I went through so many of them in Florida due to the wind, but out here, I don't think I've even used an umbrella once. I just run for it and the rain hasn't been that bad when I'm obligated to leave the house.

For the month of February, we've been going to the yogurt bar. I love that we get to taste all the different flavors, mix them and add what we want on top. My favorite yogurt mix was the apple pie flavor, which doesn't seem like a common monthly flavor. I usually add nuts, but once in a while I love my gummies on top.

I brought the wine the neighbor gave us, to the commune. Emory and Ann tried to open it, but the cork fell apart. The wine smelled funny, so we were going to dump it, but our Italian friend said he wanted it. About four days later, I remembered to ask him how it went, and he said once he got the cork out of the top, the wine actually smelled rancid, so he strained it a few times, but it looked disgusting so he didn't try it. Sadly, I still have 40-ish bottles left. I told my friends I wanted to throw the bottles away, but to my surprise, they said they wanted to give it a try. I warned them. They still want to do it.

Finally got my professional pictures taken. I love Martin. He's such a sweet man. I know he's taken some pictures for our performance group, so I was excited to have him do my head shots for future auditions. However; it was the same Saturday as the Boot Scooters monthly party. I showed up early with my mom. Martin met us there.

I felt a little weird because I brought so much with me; makeup, different clothes, samples of what I wanted. I've been avoiding these parties, so suddenly showing up with bags of things seemed a little wrong. People wanted to hug me and tell me they were excited I finally came. I had to tell them I wasn't really there to party. I used the excuse that I left my better half at home and it wouldn't be fun without him. That is partly true, but also, these things give me anxiety. I don't like talking about my anxiety. It's just a weird topic.

Writing Update

HKT: Finally finished! I took the 3 day weekend and got the final chapters done. It feels really good to say that. It also feels good getting all the feedback on the story. The comments and kudos from readers makes me smile. I love when people can hop into my world.

OS: I'm working on the third chapter. I didn't think I would go back and start editing this soon, but yesterday I did just that with the first page. I like this rewrite. I want to make each chapter almost a standalone, but I think I missed the mark with chapter two.

CSAN: Also working on the third chapter for this story. 


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