Friday, March 10, 2017

Auditions, Hippies and Clothes

Ms. Jazz told me today, that she can almost see flowers growing in my wake. She told me I was born in the wrong era. She also told me that when she was in high school (probably the same time as my mom), that she would beat up people with my similar personality. Apparently, by definition, she was a greaser.  She says, though, that she really loves my energy. I personally think she just loves the stories I tell her.

I laughed at her joke. I can do that now, because the trauma of junior high is finally healing. I did; however, tell her that girls like her still do beat up girls like me. I had a tough time and that wasn't something that went away when I graduated middle school.

As my favorite 20 yr old would say "Keep doing you." She's so freaking darling. She makes my day and apparently, I make her day. I love her spirit.

I'm afraid to start auditioning. I dragged my feet with the pictures, then dragged my feet again at getting them looked at by a second person. I'm still dragging my feet to get them sent off for copies. Now I'm dragging my feet to book an audition. I told Emory this. Emory's advice "Then I guess you're going to have to face your fear." Damn. I don't want to.

So, seconds before I started writing this blog... I actually requested a time on Saturday for an audition. I'm nervous. Emory will have to coach me on how to cold read. I feel a little sick. Shouldn't I be excited? I use to love this when I was in my twenties.

Also, I've been dragging my feet to learn martial arts. I think it's time to get this ball rolling too. I mean, if I follow Emory's advice, which is "just do it." Wait, doesn't Nike shoes have that logo?

P.S. My shirts came in and they are AWESOME!!! Emory loves the atheist shirts I ordered him. I didn't show him the online options I found, so he had a pretty nice surprise when he opened the packages. I love his happy, surprised face. 

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