Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Rummage Sales and Writing

Emory brought home these Girl Scout cookie flavored Cheerios and I ate half a box. Seriously. I sat on the couch and munched on dry cereal until I couldn't eat any more. Bad thing is; I think I made myself sick off them and we still have a couple boxes left. It's been almost a week and I haven't been able to touch them again without even feeling like I was going to be sick. Have you done that before?

 I'm starting to feel so domesticated. That's not my style. I mentioned my concern to Emory and he told me that he thinks my wild spirit is still there, just waiting for a chance to go. I asked a few people if they'd be interested in driving to California for a weekend. I really want to go to the beach and sit on the sand and read while the sun goes down, like I use to. I'm ready to just hit the road and go somewhere.

I spent the entire Saturday with Ann. She had the day off, so we went to rummage sales. I found two pictures frames for my brother for his office. I found a Wii game for $1. (I haven't tried playing it yet, so I hope it's in good condition). I found 2 search and find books which are like Where's Waldo. (I now have 4 unique search and find books). I bought 12 Mardi Gras beads for 50 cents. (I plan to give the beads out to everyone on Fat Tuesday).

We ended up meeting John for lunch and after lunch John came back to the commune to help unload the things Ann found. She got so much crystal for $6.00 and I helped her clean the glass. My favorite wine glasses in the mix say they are from Romania. They are so beautiful. The other set of wine glasses are purple with flowers painted on them. It's really cool that we found these items.

Nurse Nadine came home at this time while we were unpacking and she helped Ann clean this antique yellow dresser and I helped her move it. Then we moved this antique sewing machine into her room so she could put her television on it. She still has that huge doll house in her bedroom. They got the miniature railing fixed. It's a long project getting the doll house put back together like it was over thirty years ago.

Writing Update:

PC: Paused on this since the story is taking a possible new route. Need to map it out and make sure it's not leading into a hole.

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