Sunday, February 19, 2017

Potlucks, Performances and Writing

Potlucks fill me with anxiety. I never really know what to make. Last time I brought a salad and it was barely touched, which meant lots of salad leftover for Emory and me. This time I made cornbread. I figured it would be the easiest thing to carry. I didn't expect it to taste so freaking good, so Emory and I ate two pieces each. I put them in cupcake wrappers so it would be easy to handle in the food line.

At first, I didn't see anyone take anything and I was towards the back of the line. The cute platter I put it in (a wedding gift platter) was still untouched by the time I made it to the front. I took one, of course. By the end of the little party, there was still half of the cornbread cupcakes left.

I went back to doing what I needed to do for the day. When I came back to collect my platter, every single piece of bread was gone. So I guess the cornbread was a success. I now know the perfect thing to bring to functions. Super happy.

We had a super great performance on Friday night. I love being front and center and smiling out at the crowd and seeing them smile back. I love my team too. They make me laugh.

It rained Saturday morning, which meant a change in my usual morning plans. I should probably start cleaning the house anyways. Emory thinks our living situation will be much smaller in our next location. The "next location" isn't coming for another year, but last time we rushed it and everything got thrown into boxes, which was hell to go through later.

I can do this. I can let go.


Writing Update:

I plan to finish HKT. I've said it before, but now it's been a year in the making and it needs to be done.

PB 2 : I wrote myself into a hole, so I had to go back and work a few things out. There will be so many rewrites coming as very small details pop into my head. These tiny details change a few things that I have to carefully read through and make sure follows. I do outline, but mostly I sit and write out the conversations I hear in my head when I let the characters play out the scenarios.

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