Saturday, February 04, 2017

Blog Visitors from Around the World

Hi friends from around the world! These are my top visitors this week!

United States                 Indonesia                   Germany               Romania
France                           Singapore                   Spain
China                            Chile                           Poland

There are so many countries right here that would be exciting to visited! I'm so glad to have all of you coming around. And my friends from the United States, so excited to have you all here sharing my ventures too!

Do all of you have blogs? What would you like to see more of here? What's going on in your lives? How many of you are witches? How many of you are writers, actors, artists, play sports, do yoga, amateur cooks, backpackers, surfers, scuba divers, closet dancers/singers? XOXO

I went to a few rummage sales and I found this Arizona guidebook. I really want to start taking some days off and go see these places before we hit the road again. I didn't know there were so many neat spots. However, I need to wait until the snow melts because some of these cool places are north and are closed during the winter.

Also, the fair is in town and it sounds like they have a dinosaur display! Wheepee!!! I love dinosaurs. Who doesn't right? It's one part of my childhood that still excites me; I mean besides dogs, cotton candy, vacations, surprise lunches, cosplayers, Marvel/DC television shows... Okay, a lot of things excite me.

I bought a few new Wii games, so I decided to have a game night last night. I'm surprised I'm even awake right now. It's such a huge addiction. I could play Wii for hours... which I did last night with my guests. I found more people who like video games, so I might have another game night but make it a party.

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