Wednesday, February 01, 2017

AZ Parties, White Canary and Writing

Last Saturday, Emory and I went to a hosted SAG event. It was up by the mountains so the atmosphere was picturesque. There were little gifts at our place mats which was exciting. Emory and I ordered tea. Everyone dressed nice. I think I was the only one present as her hippie-dippie self. I pull off the 70's pretty well too.

There was some awesome giveaways during the commercials. The whole event was new and I need more "new" in my life. I freaked out when I walked into the jujitsu studio. I want to be a little more like the White Canary and a little less like the mild mannered Clark Kent.

Just kidding. Clark Kent can still leave his house and do amazing things. As for me? New people give me panic attacks. I need to fight this! Stand up and become a warrior!!! (Can you guess who's been watching a hella-lot of action movies lately?)

P.S. Can White Canary and me be friends? I so want to go dancing with her. I promise not to be spastic on the dance floor. Those years might have left me. Maybe.

I absolutely can NOT listen to any more creepy pasta stories. I tried, but I'm seriously freaked out right now. It comes and goes, but this has been lingering. A few nights ago, I settled into the bed alone, (since Emory has a weird schedule) and felt a hand sprawled out over my back. It felt like Emory had leaned in and was quietly seeing if I was awake by touching me. It was such a "I'm familiar with you touch," and it sent goose bumps down my skin because I felt loved and excited. I turned, expecting it to be Emory, but I was alone.

I turned the nightlight on after that. I don't like when the ghosts touch me. It's just strange to "feel" something there and expect it to be from this world where my eyes can register the gesture with the person. Not being visually there flips the experience.

Writing Update:

Too many private little standalone stories on my mind. Been enjoying writing them, but I need to get back to my own projects. Been "shipping" some people lately. In other words, I've been distracted.

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WWF: 84 paged edited /107 total in story: I'm currently working through a romantic scene. So many delicate words have to be spoken here. I have a character is very skittish.

TS: I rewrote the beginning, need to work on the rest of it. Want it to be fairly violent and dark. I can already feel it pulling on my heartstrings knowing what will happen to the players in this world. I like things dark.

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