Thursday, January 12, 2017

Manic High, Acting and Writing

Things are looking up... but that might be because I feel super charged. (Or I'm on a manic high, which is also a very big possibility) There are so many goals to achieve for 2017. I'd like to add to my art collection. I'm trying to fight my hording instincts and downsize on all the itty-bitty things, be more proactive with my goals and needs, etc.

The surprise birthday party last Sunday was so much fun. We had to help the commune, which felt crazy. I forgot what it was like when everyone was rushed to get things ready, but it's a really great team. Nurse Nadine had all the food ready. Emory and I had to stuff the balloons and tidbit extras into my car. That morning, Emory and I bought a bottle of wine for John. The fun thing about that man, is that he shops for wine like I do. If the label catches my eye, I want to drink the stuff inside it.

Emory and I are going to start reading scripts and practice our cold reading skills in front of the camera. It was fun getting a few things together for this. I think my excitement for the future is rubbing off on him because he's really in the thinking process too right now.

Writer Update:

Finished a very small 5,000+ word piece. I didn't think it'd be that long, but I rewrote it and I like the placement of all the words and the flow of the action. I'll be posting it soon.

KNT: this tiny project that ended up being not so tiny as it became novel length, is now finished. I have two chapters to edit, but the third one I'd been working on is ready to go. I will be posting all these chapters very soon.

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