Wednesday, January 18, 2017

HillBilly Wine Glasses, Famous in the Men's Bathroom and Writing

I came home and Emory was watching this interview on a famous musician from his youth. I think Emory and I listen to a lot of the same music, but this is one person that has completely eluded me. The musician mentioned what it was like being famous. He listed a few positives on the topic, but it all went out the window for him when a man would stop him in the bathroom asking for a picture.

I turned to Emory: "I'm going to do that to Wentworth Milller when I meet him."

(because right now, I have a 100% pure obsession with him. "Pure" meaning that as a writer I love all the fine details he places on his characters, how these characters convey so much without words...)

Emory: "First off, WHY would you be in the men's bathroom?"

Me: *shrug* "You know me. I always end up in the men's bathroom."

Emory: "It's because you've usually been drinking when it happens."

Me: "Wait! There was that one time, hadn't been drinking when it happened."

Emory: "I thought it was the guy in the woman's bathroom that time."

Me: *thinks about it for a second. New thought comes to mind* "I'm going to make my lemon vegan pasta when he comes over!"
(In my fantasy, all my favorite movie stars are vegetarians and/or vegans. My fantasy! I can do what I want!)

Emory: "We're still talking about someone you have never met and might never meet, right?"

Me: "You know, I think a red wine would go good with that pasta... But who am I kidding? I don't know how to pair wine. Now, Sigourney Weaver I think, would be more for a white wine."

Emory: *chuckles* "Okay. I see you're some place else right now."

Talking about being someplace else. I haven't felt good for a few weeks, but this is the worse. It hurts to stand. The physical therapist said the pain wasn't in my bone, but more likely tendons and nerves or a number of other things. Still, it feels bone deep and hurts to put my weight down. I feel inadequate when I have to skip out of obligations, (like today) but I really didn't want to start acting out on the pain in public. Some behaviors are very hard to smile through.

We have a performance next weekend. I've been trying to keep everything scheduled, but I'm not doing so well on that. I went to the commune last weekend and brought all my materials with me so I could make tea while hanging out with members.

John and Ann came over last Monday and John brought a really great bottle of wine and veggie pizza. Ann and I still had practice for the demo team, so dinner was after our meeting. Would I do this again? Absolutely!

John's B-Day Surprise Wine!!  ALWAYS DRINK RESPONSIBLY

John brought his wine over and shared with us!! (These are called Hillbilly wine glasses)

Ann thinks we can make more Hillbilly wine glasses. I think I bought her some when I went to Jerome, one of our favorite spots out here to do wine tastings, though I love Sedona too. Ann usually mentions that there is something she wants to create and I get the joy of helping her search for these said items needed. So I have a feeling we'll be looking for candlestick holders.

OMG!!! One of my favorite people on this planet is getting married. I should totally make these wine glasses for her. So cute! So happy for her. I'm not into Hallmark, but occasionally I like a good love story. 

Writing Update:

I posted the next chapter on HKT, which makes me feel like I should watch more Batman movies. I use to be so obsessed with everything Batman, then I decided I really, really, really wanted to write for DC, then... boy this story is going to get long. Never mind! But I posted the next chapter and though I usually feel a mixture of feelings towards the end of a project, I'm actually feeling relieved this is almost done since I haven't been able to give my readers a constant update like I would've in the past.

I wrote a one-shot 5,000+ word story with two of my favorite characters and posted it. It hasn't been a full week yet and I'm already doing great on the "kudos" the "favorites" and the number of times the document has been opened and read. So happy.

HBA: I'm towards the end of this, but I'm going to need to reread and edit, which feels like a long couple of months ahead of me. I'm glad the characters are so loud right now. For a while, it felt like I'd lost all the voices, you know those voices! They're louder than Hitchens and Hitchen's is a jungle baby. She doesn't have an indoor voice, which is funny because I don't either.

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