Sunday, December 18, 2016

Yule Consumer, Elf Poop Cookies and PARTIES!!

Went holiday shopping. I say holiday because I practice Yule, but the majority of people in my life celebrate Christmas. I'm looking for a happy medium.

Target wasn't badly crowded, but enough to get my anxiety going. Ann was with me and she had some very distinct things she was looking for, so we started in the children's section. We found this super funny little toy that is basically like the hot potato game with child humor. I also found a super AWESOME shirt that was 100% not my size! There are so many Star Wars related items out.

There was even a shirt that had Yoda saying, "I'm not an elf." So cute. Speaking of the holidays, I was looking for a fun recipe. I love making things for my witch friends and this year will be no different. I found some super cool recipes that I shared with a friend who asked for some ideas. I think she might be my Secret Santa and was poking around for some ideas.

I love hitting up the cooking aisle. Emory and I want to make cookies. At first we were going to make unicorn poop cookies, but now we might make green and red elf poop cookies for our nieces and nephews. I think they'll find it funny, though it could encourage the behavior their parents are trying to get them to stop.

The Boot Scooter Christmas Party was a blast! Some friends gave me a little peach wine and I realized it might be one of the few white wines I like, but even that small glass made me feel like I had a few. We do this thing called the "white elephant" where you get a number and when your number is called, you can take an unopened gift and open it for the whole room to see, or you can steal a gift someone already has, but you can only steal 2 times. 

Emory's gifts got stolen a few times right out from under him so he had to go back and steal other people's gifts. No one touched my wine, which I originally stole from my mom. The wine my mom really wanted got stolen from her and it wasn't the wine I originally took from her, which ironically was the Peach Wine I had an earlier taste sample of. She had a red wine from Washington that she really wanted to keep and a player took it from her. So she stole wine from the tallest man in the group. I swear, he might be part giant, but he does a mean impression of Little Red Riding Hood. What is always popular with these people; any animated stuffed animals, Mickey and Minnie Disney items, country stuff, alcohol beverages, animated Christmas toys and blankets.

Emory in response to Irish Cream: "Look, you can pour it over ice cream."
Me: "No! The last time I mentioned that I put tequila over ice cream, they called me an alcoholic! Apparently you're just supposed to stop at drinking liquor..."
Emory: "That's ridiculous. You are not an alcoholic."
Me: "You promise?"
Emory: "Yes."
Me: "Can we get some ice cream on our way home?"   

Mom: "I want to buy wine tonight, but I'm worried about how I'll feel in the morning."
Me: "So get the wine and only drink 1 glass."
Mom: "We NEVER stop at one glass."
Me: "We, as in you and me, or we as in the family?"
Mom: "We, as in you, me and the family. It's not in our nature when wine's involved."
Me: *thinks about it* *snaps fingers* "I'll come over and split the bottle and you'll have less to worry about!" 

Well, sadly, must end the post here. I have to be at the station early so we can test the new computer systems. Nothing like the "merge" to disrupt a perfectly great weekend! BUT, Ann is cooking a turkey tomorrow and everyone will be at the commune to eat. I will bring some of my tofu. I still want to eat, just not what they're having. :) Also!! Bought some Milano chocolate cookies!! Emory said we could squeeze it into our budget, but after the "season" we're going to have to tighten our purse strings.

Couldn't find any more pumpkin rum for Rob and Lisa. Apparently once the world realized this existed, all the supply at the stores ran out.   

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