Monday, December 12, 2016

Swords, Office Parties and Rummage Sales

Emory ordered a holder for his swords. We’re trying to find a place to hang it. I think it’ll be in the living room, but I don’t want it on the wall above the couch. For some reason, I just don’t trust the ghost that lives with us, and I don’t want him to knock it off the holder. Both Katana swords are in beautiful sheaths, but… just, in case…

I mean, the ghost hasn’t proven to be angry. It hasn’t tried to push us from the house. It just sort of creeps around and scares me. Emory is meh! on the subject. He has his doubts the apparition is real. I know what I see. Emory has doubts about the reptilian society that lives underground and he doesn’t think I should be concerned about the Kraken either. 

Another weekend has passed and we still haven't gone to Glendale Glitters. My office holiday party was Saturday night. My girlfriends decided not to go last minute. I was going to catch up with them later, but I got home and ended up playing Wii games until I passed out at 3:00 a.m. 

The weekend was busy and fun. I got a text at 5:00 a.m. Saturday that my friends wanted to go to rummage sales. By the time I got to their house (because they live more towards the center of Phoenix), they had Starbucks Chai Tea waiting for me. I love chai tea. We ended up playing with the puppies for an hour, talking for another hour and finally got out of the house to look at the garage sales. I bought some "Hillbilly" wine glasses. They are mason jars glued on top of candlestick holders. My aunt bought Emory some like years ago, but they are so cool, so I bought two more for a $1.00 each. 

I also bought a full season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force for $1.00. I had  a dream years ago that I was Frylock's girlfriend. My imagination captured the dimension of that world so accurately and it was comfortable. I'm sure there is something psychological behind this, but meh, it's a funny cartoon. I don't think there are too many cartoons on Adult Swim that Emory finds funny, so I'll be watching this season by myself. I also bought the first season of Prison Break because I'm so addicted to Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. I fell in love with their characters on Flash; Heatwave and Captain Cold.

Usually I avoid prison movies like I avoid mobster movies and horror movies with body modification scenes. My prison penpal would tell me the ends and outs of that life and it left me jittery, but I thought, "Just watch one episode and if it's too intense, that's it." But it was more suspenseful than intense... except for a couple of scenes that did leave me feeling super blah! My prison penpal is out now, so I will text him every couple of episodes to ask what the possibilities of "this situation" or "that situation" is. He didn't answer my last question. 

When we got back to the house, my friends made me lunch. It was so amazing. We laughed so much. I really enjoy their company.

Sunday, a bunch of us went for massages. Poor Emory kept falling asleep in the waiting room. The minute he got off work, we went straight over there for the massage. After that, I've been downloading music to my computer. Emory and I have been together for sixteen years, love about the same artists, but we haven't combined our music. Well, now I'm doing that, but it's going to take a few months since we don't have the time to just sit here and do it. I thought this weekend I'd be doing exactly that, but nope!
This is the first holiday for our neighbor without his wife. He'd been married for 30 years to her and she passed away with cancer. He's been giving me all their Christmas things and these items are gorgeous and well kept. I will treasure these gifts

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