Thursday, December 08, 2016

Strange Sounds, Stinky Couch, Ghostly Pettings

Nothing like trying to get through your morning when you aren’t a morning person, and hearing wild, excited cheering through the walls. It’s muffled enough that I’m not so sure it’s real. It wouldn’t be the first time I thought something was happening when it wasn’t… actually it wouldn’t be the 100th time I thought that was the situation.

So I turned to my friend and asked. I had to, because the cheering is starting to get under my skin. I was a little afraid of her answer. If she didn’t hear it, then I would know that again, that my concept of reality is thin.  Her wide eyes spoke before her mouth did, “You hear that too? I thought I was freaking crazy.” 

Oh! Thank! Goddess!! It’s not in my head. 

There is a strange smell that is coming from the couch. It's been there for a few weeks now. At first we thought it was somewhere in the kitchen, then we blamed the dogs, but now, we are most certain it is the couch. Ann had a friend who had to get rid of a few things so she gave us this pretty leather couch which was better than the one we had to tape the springs down in. 

I seriously hope the dogs didn't bring something alive inside and it got scared, crawled under the couch and passed away. There is the sad chance that happened. I'd almost be more than willing to put up with stinky dogs for the next 10 years, then have something scared to death in my house.

Strange things, peeps!! Very strange things. I'm going into this hyper excited mode. I want to get back into the online role playing games. I think I'll spend my night playing some video games, instead since I'm super obsessed and not in a position to make good decisions.

It's getting pretty cold, but I'm determined not to pull out my snow jacket. This is Arizona, so I really shouldn't need something that thick, but the cold is unnerving to me. 

I swear something is petting my dog. He keeps twisting to lick someone I don't have the ability to see. Is it the ghost I share space with? Is it a fey?   

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