Monday, December 26, 2016

Gifts, Religious Practices and Writing

I decided this year that I'll be a little more forthcoming of my religious practices. It's a strange feeling because for so long, I believed that it was best not to talk about being a witch. I'm scared of the return of the burning times, but then again, some people might say I'm a little paranoid and a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Emory doesn't buy into conspiracy ANYTHING, so he does help ground me.

This year, I gave Yule gifts and one of my higher ups asked, "did you mean to give me a gift?" I told her, "yes, it's Yule!" and she wanted me to explain. Explain it! I've never really explained it to anyone. I know what the dictionary says, but as for my own beliefs... so I tried to explain it. I don't know if I did a great job, but she did seem to understand when I said it wasn't something I talked about because I didn't want to be treated differently. Later, she wrote me a letter thanking me for taking the time to answer her questions.

The only thing I'm really focused on right now is that spring is coming, though ironically, it's finally cold enough to wear a coat. About a week ago, wearing a coat by noon was suffocating and hot. I bought a fun little sweater dress that I think I showed a few times on here. Well, on December 24, as we made our rounds to all the families and communes that celebrate Christmas, it was freezing! Absolutely, utterly, terrifyingly freezing!!! And I wore that little dress without hose or anything because I expected it to warm up, even though it'd been raining. Nuts on my end.  My teeth were chattering away.

I got so many fun little gifts this year. At the Scottsdale commune, Lady Jodi and Sir Jeffery bought me a little spell book. It's so cute and utter fluff. It's just a cute little thing to sit somewhere. I flipped through it and it's got the cycles of the moon and all that cute beginner information in it. I love it so much. PLUS!!! It's the first witch gift I've gotten from a non-practitioner. Made me feel loved.

Writer Update

PB: Book 2: 1800 words written / 25000 word goal. I swear I already wrote the beginning of this book. It's a vivid memory so where did I put it when I'm usually so careful with my work? Anyways, writing a new beginning and though I'm not sure I like it, it's easier to edit something that's already there. So back to work!

WF book 2: 72 pages edited/104 pages to go. Yes, the book shrunk. I deleted so many pages in the middle that I felt was a mess. Tightening that old belt as they say. 

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