Sunday, December 04, 2016

Doll House, Animal Rescue and Writing

I've been helping Ann put together her doll house. I pulled all the tiny toys out of it, dusted everything off and had a chance to put things back in. It's rocking cool! She had this doll house for thirty years and she's ready to let it go. She's thinking about selling it for $200 dollars. I think she should put all that money away for a cruise. I'm not real sure what her end goal is, though we're both trying to downsize a lot.

Ann's Doll House

I have a few toys I've kept since I was sixteen. I don't know if in another fifteen years, if I'll be ready to let them go. Some of these things have such strong memories attached to them. I've been watching shows on hoarding and though I am probably at fault for collecting too many things, it has to be my decision to let it go. I'm not there yet on so many items.

I've also been watching animal rescue videos. I'm so grateful for all these organizations that take the time to capture strays and take them to the vet so they can get healthy and adopted out. My mom said our old sheriff would prosecute anyone who abused animals. That might be one of the most redeeming qualities in a person. I seriously want people punished for putting an animal through the things I've seen on these rescue videos.

My rogue rescues: Mozart and Typo

Writing Update:

WF: 69 pages edited / 121 pages in total single spaced: I've been day dreaming more as the fight the world comes to life in snippets.

I've organized my files and hopefully I haven't lost anything. I want to make this process easier instead of opening my file and having 678 documents sitting there for me to chose what to open. I have so many writing projects. I just need to sit down and do this now! 

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